#AlexOLoughlin On Being ‘Green’ – back in 2009

Alex attended The Bash charity event to benefit teen patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on 17 May 2009

  • Present was the Mother Nature Network (MNN), who gauged the level of greenness in Hollywood.

Alex informed them that he not only conserves water and recycles, but that he also rides his motorcycle whenever he can, instead of taking the car. I just try to be conscientious. I try to be resourceful and frugal with what I use,” he said.


(Fanart by Paula of a picture from Dec 2006)



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12 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin On Being ‘Green’ – back in 2009

  1. Christine Nonn

    What is Alex doing now a days in 2021??


    • He sleeps, he wakes up, he showers, he eats, he jogs, he goes for swims, he reads to his boys, and some other stuff he mentioned in his latest interview which we posted a few days ago – AND all the other stuff normal people do during this pandemic …….

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    • I don’t think anyone knows, but I wonder if he’s reading the next James Bond script????? 🙂


      • Yes, exactly!
        Nobody knows apart from those really close to him.
        Unless there is a press announcement or a sighting of him somewhere doing something public, everybody is in the dark.
        If there is any news we will of course share it here – that is what we do. If we don’t share news, then there are none….
        AND I highly doubt if he will again read a Bond script ……


        • Why do you doubt he’ll read a Bond script?

          Alright, if he’s not reading Bond, I wonder if he’s writing? And if he is what genre? – rom-com, crime, thriller, mystery, drama, true story… Hmm


          • The Bond ship sailed 15 years ago already and I doubt if he would still be interested in it at this stage and time of his career and life. But I can be wrong.
            And also with the reports of all Daniel Craig’s injuries as Bond, I would not want to wish that kind of physical harm on Alex’s already battered body.

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  2. My dream world: These organisations are better understood, and they exist in an environment that fits them perfectly; we know which ones we can trust and which ones we can’t so that we are happy to get involved, and it makes us feel great to be a part of them. No wonder I feel like a failure. This is what I would like to accomplish before I die.

    On another note; I think I’ve seen Alex involved with a number of causes… Organ donation? Is that correct? If it is, it is a big, huge task. Explaining to people why they should register as donors is… yayiks! Did he read a baby book for a charity? I saw that somewhere, but maybe it wasn’t for a charity. It was cute though. He got really into it, even though the book wasn’t all that.


  3. Cassiopea 1000

    Why is it that I’m not surprised that back in 2009, even before he started to live in ‘green’ Hawaii, Alex already took care of environment and that he recycled?

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