#AlexOLoughlin – it’s a transitional period of my life


The boys of PacBleu posted the full Alex O’Loughlin interview on their YouTube channel.

We aim to post the transcript parts that were not in the original edited version, as single clips during the course of the next week or so.

This is the first of those clips. We felt it kind of answers the question that fans might have about Alex’s future career …

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They asked him what he has been doing and he mentioned some things, but then we get to this part ….


Alex: Three scripts that I am playing with a little bit. They are three very, very different stories. And one’s a television script and two are films. They are not at any point worth …. they are not developed enough to share right now.

But …. I think this period of time, because I have been working so long, really without breaks. This time has been kind of like a healing time for me. Like it’s been great to just do nothing and just focus on the kids and Malia and myself as well. And just kind of get quiet.

Read a lot of books. I have been reading a lot of books and reading other people’s scripts. And just sort of they to see, because I don’t know what’s next …. I don’t know … I don’t just want to jump on something next. You got to be careful what you do next .

I don’t know if I’m going to do anything next. I don’t know. So it’s .. I’m a little kind of in no man’s land. You caught me in a transitional period of my life

Link to the video clip:


Thank you to the boys for posting the full interview.



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21 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – it’s a transitional period of my life

  1. Cindy

    Thank you for transcribing this. I know this has been a question of mine. He deserves all the time he wants to take. It’s well deserved. I do hope at some point we do get to see him in a new project. Sounds like he is working on his own scripts as well. I miss seeing him on my screen in real time. Thank you again for your hard work.

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  2. See… he might be writing… ‘playing around with…’ – that’s what I call it when I have an idea but it’s not set in stone, I’m not really sure what I’m doing with it.

    Limbo land can be a nice place to visit. Good for him. He should wait until he finds something that really speaks to him, grabs him. In the meantime, there are so many books to read.

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  3. marcerizo

    It’s good that Alex is enjoying a well deserved break, enjoying his time with his wife and enjoying time with the kids. But I won’t deny that I love the idea that he’s already considering new projects and glimpsing what his professional future will look like. It’s really exciting. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

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  4. lindae5o

    Thank you Foyeur, for this little gem of a clip. It gives us hope that there is the possibility of something coming in the future. I’m not exaggerating when I say the prospect of never seeing Alex in front of the camera again, would be devastating. He’s a lovely man, with incredible talent!!

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  5. Alix

    Je pense que nous avons plus de chance d’entendre parler de lui comme scénariste, réalisateur ou producteur que de le revoir comme acteur. J’ai l’impression qu’il était lassé de son métier d’acteur. Et de plus, ses expériences en tant que réalisateur ont été couronnées de succès. Maintenant qu’il a goûté à cela, je pense qu’on le verra moins comme acteur.

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    • I am not so sure that Alex was tired of acting – For me, it felt more like he was tired of being McGarrett, because it took so much of his life being that character. And with the material given, there was not much more he could do with it – apart from at least writing and directing that one story to gave his character some meat.
      As far as writing, directing, and producing goes, I feel he will try his hand at all of them. But acting will still be his main source of income, while he still develops the others.
      In the end, a number of actors who also directed their own movies and also TV shows, did great with it. And I feel Alex can do the same – his passion for good stories will help him there.

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  6. I watched the whole thing. So much better than the cut version. Loved the Stalin part – LOL! This is what I meant previously about this sort; they just come out with it. Gave me an idea for a short play, but I’m inviting a number of ‘Stalins’ from all over the world, just to have a little chat. I’m thinking of calling it ‘Talk to Me’ – educational, satire comedy.

    I’d invite Homer. I want to ask him about Iliad and Odyssey. It would be fun if he came and said ‘I didn’t write those. I have no idea how said I did.’ I think I’d be like ‘Aha, okay, get out of my house’.


    • Yes, that question about “whom he wants to meet” was good. 🙂 His choice was interesting, although I don´t know some of the people ge mentioned. But the ones I know, that he mentioned would certainly be “nice” to meet to find out what was on their minds. I just don´t know whether I would be able to just sit there and talk to them knowing what they did. I once had the “chance” to talk to a diehard Neonazi and I was not able to stay calm.

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      • People he mentions as far as I can tell: Bill Burr (comedian – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1xgXJ5_Q34 ), some obvious ones (Jesus, Hitler), Muhammad Ali (boxer), Jimi Hendrix (musician), monks from Tibet, and then he says Stalin… It cracked me up. As far as dialogue is concerned, I don’t think this can be improved: “I’d love to sit down and speak to Stalin and be like, dude, why? Why?! Why genocide? Like, just talk to me, talk to me.” – LOL! But it’s also the way it’s delivered. I could say this word for word but it wouldn’t be the same.


        • Yes. So I got most of those names.I didn´t know Bill Burr. Thank you for your help in this. 🙂 Well, maybe those boys should really ask him to think about a list of, let´s say 10 people, he would like to meet, alive or dead.

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          • You’re more than welcome. Apparently, he’d need 24h to make up a list of 7. But he reminds of those kids, when they ask for one sweet and you say yes, the next thing that flies out of their mouth is: “Three, three, three…” Then they grow up and they’ve invited 4 people to dinner ‘next week’, but… two days before the dinner they inform you that two more are coming, so you say ‘Oh that’s fine, I’ll just add a couple more potatoes or whatever.” And the day before dinner, somehow four more people are coming and the next thing you know you are telling him to get the big pots down from the top shelf of the pantry and the extra chairs from the basement – LOL! So I think if he had 24h the list would be considerably longer. Then again, I might be wrong.


        • *Can’t be improved – sorry, typo


  7. cathy

    Merci pour toutes ces retranscriptions. Je pense qu’il n’a pas envie de se lancer dans n’importe quoi et qu’il préfère attendre LE bon projet qui va l’emballer sans doute avec un aménagement de sont temps libre car il ne veut plus vivre à 100 à l’heure. J’espère qu’il trouvera un beau projet.

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  8. Just watched the full interview on youtube and it was nice to see the full version. I can just second what I already wrote last time with an add: He is truly a great guy and I really hope, we will see him again. And he is also a really good actor and now director and writer. He is good at all 3. But I think, we won´t see any of this while that pandemic lasts because he has a “job”with his family where he is needed more than usual at the moment and, as he said: he needs to rest and heal after the last ten years of hard work. Let´s hope, he can enjoy his well deserved break even though this pandemic situation will stop him, like many of us, to do what he loves most like doing BJJ and stuffand have a good time and that he comes back one day hopefully to acting and maybe directing and writing and maybe even doing his own stuff. Maybe he might even consider to do an autobiographical film. In the meantime, I hope, we will get to see a glimps of him now and then just to know, he is still doing o.k. and hear what he is up to. And I hope, he will let us know about his future plans when he knows them regardless of what he chooses to do. In the end, he has to do what is the best for himself right?

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  9. CassG

    I am very happy that Alex has several scripts that one or all may be possible projects in the future if he chooses. This time is golden to him cathartic even. He can focus on his family and himself like he would want to probably for the first time in awhile and that is cool….I love that.

    I hope his quiet time will renew him to again do his thing when he feels the time is right for himself and the fans who love him. We all know he certainly has the talent for sure not to mention all of his other attributes.❤

    Thanks FOYeur. This was a treat.😊

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  10. Cassiopea 1000

    Thanks for sharing this, FOYeur.

    I’m mightily relieved to know he is just in a transition period and not considering living off private income for the rest of his life.

    This pandemic, with all the restrictions it entails, especially for him living in Hawaii, is at least giving him time, a valuable asset in his professional field, where projects are born and must be carried out immediately. You know, Time is Money. I mean, once the project is mature, they don’t give an actor nine months to decide if they want to star in that movie or TV show.

    Of course I have no idea at all about his financial situation, but I think he does not have the need to rush into any project just for money. Being able to afford the time to study projects thoroughly means that, whatever he’ll do next will be good, whether it be as an actor or as a writer, director or producer.

    Like the rest of you, I hope that we’ll see him again as an actor. I agree with FOYeur that he was tired of being McG, not of being an actor. But if he decides to focus his career on other fields, we’ll simply have to learn to support him in a different way.

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    • “, I hope that we’ll see him again as an actor. ……..But if he decides to focus his career on other fields, we’ll simply have to learn to support him in a different way.”

      Well said! ❤


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