From #AlexOLoughlin´s lips

I guess we all think we are capable of lots of things and …… we all are.

But unless we’re surrounded by people that are prepared to sort of bet on us, then most of the time we don’t get a shot, in life.

– Alex O’Loughlin 

(Speech at private screening of Epi 10:07)

September 2019

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15 responses to “From #AlexOLoughlin´s lips

  1. Thank you for sharing this today. It’s my b’day, and although it’s been lovely, I’ve been getting gifts and flowers since yesterday, it’s also been a bit off. Weird how life can turn out and this is just the thing I needed to be reminded of. Means a lot to me today, abd I wanted to especially thank you even though I know you didn’t do it intentionally to remind me of something I needed to remember 🙂

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  2. PS… I get e-mails from this site now, and the e-mail is from ‘Alex O’Loughlin…’ – the rest doesn’t fit into the space 😀

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  3. CassG

    Somehow I missed this blog and I don’t know how that happened!! I love it and I esp love his caring and thoughtful words expressed to all involved. I love him more!!❤

    Thanks much Paula. I also love the gorgeous pics of Alex.😍 Made my day!😊

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  4. Wonderful quote.
    One thing AOL for sure is good at (besides acting of course) is making friends. Real friends. Qualitiy people attract qualitiy people. And that leads to the second part of his words.

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  5. Magnólia

    Muito verdade!
    Adoro a sua lucidez com um grãozinho de loucura!
    Grata Foyeur e Paula por tudo.
    Por aqui todos os dias vejo Steve como se a série não tivesse terminado.

    Saúde para todos!
    🕊️ 🕊️

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  6. showactors2021

    I am a new fan of Alex O’Loughlin and Hawaii 5 O. I have seen some comments from people that really surprise me. I have not had the privilege to meet him, and yes I would, what I can tell and read articles about him and family he is a great person, loving father, awesome husband. Wish more would be like him. Very into his kids and wife, love that. I am a crafter and made a 5 0 keepsake, trying to figure out how to get it to him. I love his work with skids and charitable causes.

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