The Actions of some #AlexOLoughlin and #H50 ‘fans’ ….

Usually, I don’t let these things get to me, but this did ….

After spending many, many, many hours to get our transcript post up yesterday, this happened….

A fansite for Alex, seemingly now run by people with no integrity or morals (most probably somebody who would edit Alex’s body from his pictures, to replace it with the bodies of other men), just copied our transcript and posted it on their FB page.

And on top of it, even claiming how hard they had to work on it …. and even adding our other transcript into their previous post about the first video that announced the upcoming interview.

They have a lot more followers than us, and that following was built by previous site owners, long before we even started our site here. But those site owners, like Tiffany who started it, clearly had much more integrity than those at present. The sad part of it is that many of those followers won’t even know or mind about it – they will just comment on how lovely they are for doing it. 

This is all I will say about this.

You can go there and see for yourself and judge on your own ….

(Screencap of their post)

Please know they are not us and they are not affiliated with us. They just used our clearly recognizable transcript without even an attempt to credit … 

And thank you to the fans with integrity who brought the matter to our attention.

We do not want to post negative stuff on here, but like I said in the beginning, we could not just let it go.

There is nothing any of us can do about such behaviour and actions.

All I know is that last night I slept well, knowing that I had done my best with my hobby on this site – by doing yesterday’s transcript post. Doing something that involves Alex O’Loughlin who, we adore and have a lot of respect for ….. 

And remember, this has got nothing to do with Alex personally. What happens among fans is not his business. This is just us being sad because of actions of other fans …. 


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12 responses to “The Actions of some #AlexOLoughlin and #H50 ‘fans’ ….

  1. vanduyn

    That’s some straight up bullshit 😡

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  2. Deb

    That issue has been corrected. There’s a post on the page and it says that the person who did it has been removed. I have a screen cap of what they said.


  3. Muriel OLIVER

    Merci pour votre travail , fans d ‘Alex j’ai découvert votre site pas longtemps .
    Quel beau travail que vous faites , j espère que vous allez continuer malgré se qui vient de se passer
    Merci merci 🤙

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  4. Well, I’ve never been to this site and for sure won’t if someone without any kind of integrity (who claims to be an Alex fan!!! WOW) can post unfiltered stuff.

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    • That fansite is actually not functioning at the moment, apart from the FB page that post regularly.
      Quickly posting something of FB is a lot easier than taking the time to create a post on a blog – as you would know.
      Not sure how something like that would happen and ”other” admins don’t see it ….

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  5. CassG

    It’s unfortunate that unscrupulous people exist where the best intentions should always be first and foremost esp when dealing with the public. For some it has become a way of life. That’s why I love being here because of the honesty and integrity that is maintained here for the purpose we are here. Thank you for that FOYeur and Paula.❤❤

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  6. Helma

    Thank you so much for all the news 😘

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  7. It’s probably the same people who make those creepy fan videos about Alex on YouTube!


  8. Audrey Manasterski

    Unconscionable actions by interlopers. Very sad to hear. I hope this has now been rectified and you’re all set to get back to doing what you do well. XXOO


    • It did not and will not affect how and what we do here, thanks Audrey.

      An apology and credit were given – all though we are not really convinced that the truth was told about the person who supposedly posted, and that she was now no longer admin on the page. Because as far as we know there is only one person running that page …
      But that is their problem and if people still want to support the page, that is their choice.


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