Remember to catch #H50 on IONTV

The USA is still the biggest audience for Alex and Hawaii Five-0 and we would like to remind them that Hawaii Five-0 will be starting on IONTV on Friday,  8 January at 9/8 c AM – apparently for the whole day as far as we could see. 

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Take a trip down memory lane…..

We thought it might be interesting if other fans from around the world can let us know when and where Hawaii Five-0, or any of Alex’s old project is being broadcast on their country’s television.

We can then also do some promotion for it here and on our other social media pages.


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19 responses to “Remember to catch #H50 on IONTV

  1. Two episodes of Hawaii five 0 is on Skype every week day from 1-3pm. At the moment they’re up to season 9 and then once they’ve shown the last episode of season 10, they go back to the very beginning again. 🥰


  2. CassG

    Absolutely!!! Thanks much FOYeur! I’ve been rolled over with excitement ever since I saw it advertised on ION.😊 I can’t wait…..I feel like a kid! It will be great seeing Alex again from the beginning.💞💞 The void will be broken!😘😍

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  3. I already have several episodes set to record on my DVR and plan to record more! 😁👍

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  4. Deb

    Hi guys, for IONTV, H50 begins this Friday 1/8 with Ep 1.01 through 1.18 which ends at 2 AM, then on Sunday 1/10 they will be broadcasting Ep 1.19 to 2.07 again from 9 AM to 2 AM EST. They will be showing episodes every Friday and Sunday; Sunday appears to be the new/next in the series eps, and Friday a repeat of Sunday’s broadcast going forward. I CANNOT WAIT!!


    • Thanks for the info got my dvr all set to record it all , Husband and son told not to touch a thing. lol, Can’t wait to see that gorgeous man and hear his beautiful voice, Such a great gift , My eyes are failing me so I will be right upfront and personal with the tv lol so I dont miss an eyelash or a hip roil . Aloha and Hugs

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    • Thanks, Deb
      It is good to know that they will rerun again because not everybody can watch Friday and Sunday

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  5. Joy

    It’s being shown on sky one over here in the uk daily. My favourite program of all time. Love Alex ❤️

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  6. Monica

    Here in Argentina we watch Hawaii Five O on AXN on Tuesday nights… We watched 10.22 finale last October, though they also aired previous seasons everyday Monday to Friday 6,25 pm to 8.15 pm. and Thursdays 5.05 am to 8.00 am. (I got up every Thursday to watch them before go to work)
    Since October onwards they started airing them from S1 again every Tuesday night 10.05 pm to 12.00 am, keeping also the weekly schedule on afternoons and Thursdays…
    Last Christmas week we had H50 maraton, during almost all day for the whole week.
    Greetings to you all. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Monica.
      Good to know that it is well-loved in Argentina
      Can you maybe give us the name or link to your TV channel guide? We would like to know what is to come, because it will be no use promoting what already happened.


  7. In Germany reruns are on Sat1 each day during the week at 2 p.m. and on Sat1 Gold every Wednesday at 9.15. p.m. and there are also reruns on Kabel1 every saturday starting 8.15. p.m. (3 episodes). So we are very lucky at the moment. 🙂

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  8. Nancy 12

    Thanks for the info! I will be watching here in East Schodack NY USA.

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  9. Balkan – FOX Started on Monday 04.01.2021. from S1E1. at 20h or 8PM local time Mon-Fri. With repeats at 6:25 and 11:50 also Mon-Fri – 6:25 means ‘morning coffee with Alex’… We haven’t got the the episodes that start with Alex saying ‘Previously on Hawaii 5-0’ – those are cool 😀

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  10. Cassiopea 1000

    In Spain, we have the show from S1 to S6 and a few epis from S7, and back to the Pilot. On Tuesdays on a marathon basis, or daily in the afternoon. But they jump from one season to another, skipping many epis, so that if you have not watched the whole show, you do not understand it. Kono is married at 5 p.m., but at 8 p.m. she is still single, and so on. In addition, the epis are badly edited (I suppose they want to fit too many commercials), and sometimes the story does not make any sense at all.

    FOX also reruns the show, in order, in prime time. Very often but not on a regular basis. But at least you get the complete epis.

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  11. Cassiopea 1000

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that Energy is the channel with the epis in disorder.

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  12. Eva

    In Sweden you can watch H50 on a streaming service “Viaplay” season 1-9

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