#AlexOLoughlin complimenting #H50 guest stars

We have been posting a few short clips on our social media sites from the dvd box set bonus disc. We are lucky to have a friend, Jill, who very kindly shared the content with us. Thank you Jill!

I compiled some clips of Alex expressing his kind words on working with some of the guest stars. It comes as no surprise to his fans how beautifully Alex describes these encounters.

Also adding a couple of random fun clips from the bonus disc. I enjoyed Alex´s enthusiasm when the show started a decade ago. How did we never get to hear him whistle that world famous tune till now!

Sadly the clips are only SD quality, maybe one day someone will release these extras on bluray…

Let´s start with Alex´s heartwarming thoughts on these guest stars.

DDK and his bedroom tease 😛

P Diddy messing up his lines…

Nagging D…


Whistling that tune…

Hope you enjoyed these treats 🙂



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27 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin complimenting #H50 guest stars

  1. vanduyn

    You’re welcome 🙂

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  2. Cindy

    I love this. Thank you all that put this together. I love hearing him say the word naughty. Lol. The man is sexy from his hair to the tips of his toes. Now I see why!!!!

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  3. Alphamumma39

    Still no new news then from camp o’loughlin?
    I guess no news is good news I guess.


  4. marcerizo

    Thank you so much for this great gift! It’s amazing to see Alex and the way he evolved in all aspects over the years. It’s inspiring to realize the harmony that prevails with all of his fellow actors and all the crew. His physical, mental and emotional growth have made my respect for him and his work grow in the same way and at the same speed. We all wish him the best of luck in what he decides will be his personal and professional future.

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  5. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all. Here’s to a healthy 2021 🥂


  6. Cassiopea 1000

    First things first. A big thank you to Paula and you for sharing these treats. I really appreciate them, all the more so as I’m a perfect disaster at finding most of them on the internet. And even if they are not real news, Alex is such a level-headed, kind-hearted, and funny man that it’s always a comfort and a delight to hear him.

    And talking about news, you say there’s a lot of them from the O’Loughlin’s but that you decided not to share them here. Knowing you, I’m sure you have very good reasons not to do so, but this leaves me a little uneasy. I am usually an optimistic by nature, of the ‘No news, good news’ kind. Lately, though, I find that ‘no news’ too often means bad news. I guess this pandemic is driving me a little paranoid.

    But never mind. As I said, I’m an optimistic by nature, so all is well at the O’Loughlins’!

    With my best wishes to you all for this upcoming new year!


  7. lindae5o

    Thank you, Paula and Foyeur. It’s great to see Alex in all his beauty and kindness. I’ve always believed that he was the heart and motor, that ran
    The Season 10 DVD was thrown together haphazardly, and too quickly, in my opinion. There should have been extra features involving episodes 10.07 and 10.22, which held important events in Steve’s life. Alex’s talent was especially evident in those episodes. If the complete compilation contained such features, I would be tempted to purchase it, though I already have each individual season.
    I love the photo of Alex getting ‘spa’ treatment. It cracks me up. We all need
    ‘me’ time.

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  8. lindae5o

    2020 deserves the middle-finger salute. I hope 2021 is better. Happy New Year, everyone!!

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  9. Sharon S. Brown

    Have a Happy Holiday!! Happy New Year 2021!, God bless you. I miss Hawaii Five-O so much. 🎉🎊🥳🤗❤️
    Sharon S. Brown

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    Thank you for sharing. I loved it.

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  11. Kathysr

    Thank you so much for sharing Alex’s comments about his guest stars. I especially love his take on Carol Burnett! LOL, I had no idea she’s such a naughty lady. I bet she and Alex had a blast. I love those two together, absolutely love them. That’s one of my favorite relationships on the show. There was genuine, deep, heartfelt love there.

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  12. Thank you for sharing some of the treats from the box set. Like many others, I’m not able to spend that much money on dvds during this time of covid, so it’s been heart-warming to see some of the special Alex videos. Much gratitude to you!

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    • Apparently this box set is not worth to spend your money on, there´s only 1 hour of extra material that was new and the rest is just stuff you already got on the blurays or dvd extras already with each season.

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  13. Nancy 13

    Thank you very much for this nice surprise Christmas gift! It’s always nice to see & hear Alex. Hope everyone is staying safe & healthy out there. God Bless you all & Happy 2021.

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  14. Thank you so much, Jill, Paula and FOYeur for these extras! I really really appreciate you sharing it with us and putting it all together (what is so much work, I do know that, it’s not done in minutes!) I won’t buy the box, I am still pissed we didn’t get a director’s cut of 10.07 although a lot of fans asked. And I am pretty sure Alex would’ve loved to do it. But none of tptb obviously cared. Like always.

    These clips show AOL is one special guy; because, I mean, a man who can perform a decent whistle AND doing the hula hoop. Just think about it for a moment. … Okay. Enough. Stop. 😛
    And we got the single eyebrow, and some aussie tunes… sigh.
    The best part is about Danny’s nagging. I am so with Alex, so so much. Like he once said at a blessing, D is so tedious and annoying…
    Again, thanky you Ladies! And a very happy and optimistic start into the new year.
    I am so ready for 2021!

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  15. Yobre

    Thank you for sharing these treats. I enjoyed them very much.
    Happy new year !


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