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#AlexOLoughlin complimenting #H50 guest stars

We have been posting a few short clips on our social media sites from the dvd box set bonus disc. We are lucky to have a friend, Jill, who very kindly shared the content with us. Thank you Jill!

I compiled some clips of Alex expressing his kind words on working with some of the guest stars. It comes as no surprise to his fans how beautifully Alex describes these encounters.

Also adding a couple of random fun clips from the bonus disc. I enjoyed Alex´s enthusiasm when the show started a decade ago. How did we never get to hear him whistle that world famous tune till now!

Sadly the clips are only SD quality, maybe one day someone will release these extras on bluray…

Let´s start with Alex´s heartwarming thoughts on these guest stars.

DDK and his bedroom tease 😛

P Diddy messing up his lines…

Nagging D…


Whistling that tune…

Hope you enjoyed these treats 🙂


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