#AlexOLoughlin treats from #H50 season 2 photoshoot

Recently we have been seeing new unreleased photos posted by Jill on instagram. Taken from H50 season 2 photoshoot. Since not all our readers follow that social media site, we got permission to post the photos on our blog too. Unfortunately wordpress doesn´t allow to view the full uploaded size directly anymore, but opening our pic urls you can view for the gorgeous sized Alex and count his lashes if you want to (click on the link at bottom of pic for the url) 😀

For full size click here https://wp.me/a2BJKW-mQS

Added a few of my doodles…

Thank you Jill for sharing your gems ♥



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29 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin treats from #H50 season 2 photoshoot

  1. CassG

    Wow!!!! What a special treat!! ❤ I also clicked on the link to get that up closer and personal look.😍
    Thanks for perking up my day and good hearing from you as always. 😊 😊 Many thanks to Jill for sharing these great pics of Alex. 😊

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  2. marcerizo

    THANK YOU GUYS!!! as always, you made my day!

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  3. lindae5o

    These photos are gorgeous!! Thank you very much, Paula.

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  4. Audrey Manasterski

    Thank you these are awesome. I’ll put them with my collection. Cheers, Audrey

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  5. Alphamumma39

    Its a shame the tag you put on them is so big.
    Would have looked better being more discreetly placed or not as bold.
    Most professional photographers would put the tags in a lighter font and in a corner.


    • I do usually put our aol-is siggies smaller and often even fade the opacity. But with these pics, since they have been bought by Jill, I chose to make her siggy more clear. I just quickly made a brush for it and stamped these 😀 Btw we used to put our siggies down in bottom corner and reality was that majority of those pics are posted now with our siggy cropped out. So we made a decision to start stamping our pics around his shoulder area. But I would never ruin his face with a siggy 😛

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  6. Nancy 13

    Thank you! This made my day already & it’s only 10 AM here! Hope all is well with all the Alex lovers, staying safe & healthy. In the U S we are all waiting for the Election to be over with.

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  7. 1034.
    0.55 inches.
    Fight me on this. 😛

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  8. Cassiopea 1000

    This man is definitely coming from another planet. How else can you explain such beauty?

    Many, many thanks to you Paula and to Jilly too for sharing. That’s the sort of treats we need in these gloomy times.

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  9. Kathysr

    Thank you for these stunning photos of Alex. It’s amazing that they’ve remained unpublished. I’ve been counting those gorgeous eyelashes for years!!!

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  10. Yobre

    Thank you for these wonderful photos .

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  11. mamayorkie

    Thank you Paula. I totally understand and agree with your rationale as to where and why you put your mark on the shoulder. Sadly many repost other peoples property without giving credit so it is necessary.

    Hope everyone is well and staying safe, (The virus struck my daughter earlier this year and I was unable to travel to see her or care for her. She had to basically care for herself without infecting her family. No one else came down with it, thankfully. Just wanted to let you all know that you can have the virus without having all the symptoms. She never had a cough or shortness of breath and since she has asthma, I consider that a blessing from God. Oh, and 2 tests confirmed she has the antibodies, so there it is. Even young healthy people can get it, but now she is fully recovered.)

    This too shall pass.

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  12. Cassiopea 1000

    Dear mamayorkie, I’m sorry your daughter and you had to go through this nasty experience and glad the outcome has been so satisfactory.

    And thank you for sharing. Even if this site is dedicated to Alex, I’m sure he (and FOYeur and Paula too!) wouldn’t mind we use “his” site for other purposes than expressing our admiration for him if the intention is to remind us, once again, that nobody is safe from this virus.

    Let’s all look forward to the days when all this is over and we can meet here to share Alex’s work and life as we did before, with good humour, respect, and fun.

    Take care of yourselves.


  13. Caterina

    thank you very much
    they are wonderful

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    • Thank you Colorful Sisters.
      We take great pride in it and enjoy doing it.
      Hopefully, there will be many more years of enjoying and reporting on Alex as an artist.


  14. Alix

    Hello, I miss you Paula ans Foyeur. Give us news . Prenez soin de vous. Bisous


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