#AlexOLoughlin … in the air again

It looks like we got more information about where Alex flew off to, 2 weeks ago. From some of the indications back then, it looked like he was on his way to Seattle and that seems to be true.

At the time there was also information that indicated that he was traveling with others, and from the latest picture, it looks like Beulah was one of those traveling with him.

Beulah’s videos to his wife on IG Stories earlier, indicated that he was horseback riding somewhere. And also that somebody familiar to his kids, which he called uncle Jim, was with them.

One can therefore make the assumption that Alex and Beulah went for a nature adventure for 2 weeks. And my guess is that some of their other friends or business partners were with them.

Picture from Micah Hatchie posted yesterday:


Dropped my sister off at the airport today after a fun few weeks up here in Washington! And look who she runs into.. @hawaiifive0cbs actors @beulahkoale and Alex O’Loughlin. Have a safe trip home Gem! We love you and we’re glad you got to come up and visit for a bit! #alexoloughlin#hawaii50

Alex and Beulah look relaxed and we hope they had a good time together. Maybe using the open air to do some brainstorming about new career options for the future ….. We as fans can only hope.


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46 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin … in the air again

  1. Alphamumma39

    I really really hope this is a glimpse of positive things to come.
    I kinda guessed he was headed to Seattle, which seems to be an amazing place, and is on my bucket list along with New Orleans and of course Hawaii.
    My ultimate goal is to have a cabin in the woods, near where I can see Orcas in their natural habitat.
    I am a loyal supporter of getting them out of captivity and back where they belong.
    Hearing this news today has made my morning so much better.
    Beulah has a few projects coming up according to IMDB, which look and sound amazing, and even star some of his Hawaii five o co stars.
    So excited to see what is next! 👏👏👏

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  2. Alphamumma39

    Maybe it was more than a lads break away?
    Maybe it was a working holiday?
    I could really see Alex starring in or even producing/writing/directing a series like The Order or Legacies?
    He does love all that paranormal stuff, vamps, witches, werewolves, etc.
    Plus its approaching Halloween. 🎃👻


  3. It´s nice to see those guys. 🙂 Whatever that break away was about, it´s good to see them healthy and enjoying themselves. They, especially Alex, deserve a nice holiday after that strict lockdown in Hawaii. And maybe we are lucky and he is doing some working/planning for a new project, too.

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  4. If Alex was there, why was he called Uncle Jim? And what is the name of Beulah’s wife? I want to see him on the IG.


  5. Anyway, I think – Alex looks pretty tired in the picture. 😦 Do I see it well?


  6. Thank you all ALWAYS for awesome news and pics on not only Alex, but his friends….so cool they are getting to relax….thank you and aloha!! I look forward to more of your stories!!!!

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  7. Audrey Manasterski

    How exciting for those in the Seattle area. Maybe they’re scouting for locations????? Unless they just needed to get out of paradise and check out what the rest of the world is doing in the cooler climes.
    Thank you for the update.


  8. Leni

    Since the Trident Adventures guys were there, I assume it may be a scouting mission to open a branch in that area or to see how another adventure company is doing things so they can use the model for their business. Just a guess.


  9. mamayorkie

    While Alex was apparently on good terms/friends with everyone he worked with, only Beulah became his true brother. So glad they found that relationship. It is a gift I doubt many in that business get.

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  10. Kathysr

    Awesome to see Alex and Beulah out and about! I have no idea what they’re doing. Maybe it was a big family outing with wives and children. Maybe a combination of vacation and business venture? Alex has finally had the freedom (and a lot of time!) to plan future projects – Acting, writing, directing.

    Hopefully, wonderful new projects are on the horizon for Alex and Beulah. Maybe they’re planning to star in something together. That would be awesome! Love those two.


  11. Love seeing him together with Beulah. As I said in my Let’s pic(k) Steve of the last episode: Old friends since the moment they met!
    Thank you, Ladies!

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    • Yes, you can hear in Alex’s comments about Beulah that they made a deep connection.
      I think they might have the same kind-hearted spirit and passion for family and the important things in life. And similar work ethic.


  12. CassG

    Alex and Beulah do appear to be kindred spirits and that’s a beautiful thing. Its good seeing them together again.

    Thanks much for the viewing pleasure.😊

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  13. cindy gasper

    Awesome. LOL I wished I had known. I would have gone to visit family in Seattle.. LOL…. excuse me that was me fangirling…. that is a beautiful part of the country. they had a well deserved trip for sure. Hope they were able to relax and have fun whatever their reason for visiting.

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  14. Kathysr

    Just saw two short videos of Beulah riding a horse in the mountains (maybe from his Twitter or Instagram?) He comments on “Jim” being on a horse in front of him. He also comments that he misses his wife and baby. Maybe they took a wilderness trip? They’re somewhere in the mountains in rocky terrain, the horse is walking along a trail stepping on lots of rocks.


  15. Belinda Stough

    Alex O’Loughlin I truly do miss watching Hawaii Five-O that was an awesome show I have watch TV for years on different TV series are you going to come back on in a series or are you going to do something else I do miss seeing you and the cast from Hawaii Five-O you are awesome as a vampire awesome as a doctor but I loved you and Hawaii Five-O please let us know you have a lot of fans in a little town in Alabama called Alexander City Alabama best of luck safe travels and God bless you and your family


    • Hi Belinda
      Please remember this is a fansite and we are not Alex. We do not have personal contact with Alex and he does not read messages here or respond to people anywhere online.
      As a fansite, we rely on news in the media and reports on social media about Alex’s career.
      As soon as we see any information in regards to Alex’s future projects, we will report it here.


  16. Cassiopea 1000

    It may well be that this trip is for business purposes as regards Trident, whose activities are rather limited in Hawaii. But while I understand Alex and Beulah’s wish to expand their firm, I selfishly would have preferred their trip to be related with the entertainment business. There’s little chance we’ll see Alex on screen again if his new main concern is expanding Trident everywhere in the US. I can imagine all SEALs turning to Trident for a living when they retire from the Navy!

    Joking aside, it’s good to see these two so close. There was a post in this site where Beulah spoke of Alex as if he were some sort of big brother. Incidentally, lately B. has grown a moustache or beard (difficult to see with the mask). Just to keep in tune with Alex? I wonder.

    Speaking of masks. Even if it is only for the few minutes needed to take a snapshot, I can’t help feeling uneasy when I see him wearing his dangling from his ear or under his chin. It’s so, so easy to get infected, plus he has asthma, which makes him particularly vulnerable. Well, I expect he knows what he’s doing.

    Keep safe, all of you, and wear your masks!


    • Interesting that you speak about him having asthma – I doubt if he still suffers from it. He never mentions it in later years and I think he has outgrown it.

      I highly doubt if Alex and Beulah will ever start working at Trident adventures on a day to day basis or in any capacity. It is clear from all the postings that they are never involved in any of the daily work activities there.


  17. Diane Rieck

    Yes..please bring back Hawaii 5-O. PLEASE!!!!!!


    • Sorry, but nobody reading your message here, can help you with your request.
      And we as Alex fans support his decision to leave the show.
      Hawaii Five-0 already took a lot of his time and occupied a decade of his career.
      Time for him (and fans) to move on …..


  18. Vince Frabotta

    Bring back Hawaii 5-0.Come back with Dano and the team.


    • Sorry, but nobody reading your message here, can help you with your request.
      And we as Alex fans support his decision to leave the show.
      Hawaii Five-0 already took a lot of his time and occupied a decade of his career.
      Time for him (and fans) to move on …..


  19. Kate Rose

    thankyou for keeping us to date and letting me join it was nice to see them both


  20. Magnólia

    Tenho esperança que vai conseguir um trabalho que lhe traga reconhecimento e felicidade.
    Vivemos um tempo difícil talvez demore um pouco mais. Mas vai acontecer!
    Por tudo, obrigada Paula e Foyeur 🎶 🎸

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  21. Alphamumma39

    Now the Trident tattoo on his finger makes sense. 😏
    I miss seeing him on TV, but it is what it is.
    He seems very happy being a man of leisure Foyeur, wouldn’t you agree?
    He deserves all the happiness in the world, and a well deserved break.


  22. Alphamumma39

    Currently watching season 3 of Siren, and it occurred to me that our boy Alex would make an excellent Triton(male siren) and its a role he hasn’t played before.
    I would certainly find looking at his specimen of Aussie muscle rather pleasurable. 😍
    Anyone want to mock up a picture to see what he would look like? 😉


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