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#AlexOLoughlin treats from #H50 season 2 photoshoot

Recently we have been seeing new unreleased photos posted by Jill on instagram. Taken from H50 season 2 photoshoot. Since not all our readers follow that social media site, we got permission to post the photos on our blog too. Unfortunately wordpress doesn´t allow to view the full uploaded size directly anymore, but opening our pic urls you can view for the gorgeous sized Alex and count his lashes if you want to (click on the link at bottom of pic for the url) 😀

For full size click here

Added a few of my doodles…

Thank you Jill for sharing your gems ♥


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#AlexOLoughlin … in the air again

It looks like we got more information about where Alex flew off to, 2 weeks ago. From some of the indications back then, it looked like he was on his way to Seattle and that seems to be true.

At the time there was also information that indicated that he was traveling with others, and from the latest picture, it looks like Beulah was one of those traveling with him.

Beulah’s videos to his wife on IG Stories earlier, indicated that he was horseback riding somewhere. And also that somebody familiar to his kids, which he called uncle Jim, was with them.

One can therefore make the assumption that Alex and Beulah went for a nature adventure for 2 weeks. And my guess is that some of their other friends or business partners were with them.

Picture from Micah Hatchie posted yesterday:


Dropped my sister off at the airport today after a fun few weeks up here in Washington! And look who she runs into.. @hawaiifive0cbs actors @beulahkoale and Alex O’Loughlin. Have a safe trip home Gem! We love you and we’re glad you got to come up and visit for a bit! #alexoloughlin#hawaii50

Alex and Beulah look relaxed and we hope they had a good time together. Maybe using the open air to do some brainstorming about new career options for the future ….. We as fans can only hope.


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