They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is bound for great things.

Alex is mentioned in an article on 21 September 2020 in the Australian publication The Daily Telegraph.

It is a report written by Holly Byrnes of an interview with Tate Donovan.


Tate Directed Episode 10:18 of Hawaii Five-0 and this is what he had to say in the article about Alex:

“That dude … I was really impressed with him. He’s done that show for 10 years, but let me tell you something, every single scene, every single line, he is completely committed.

I guarantee you, he’s going to break out and do some great things.”


Alex as Steve in Episode 10:18 (Directed by Tate Donovan)


Let’s hope this statement, like many made by other people in the past, is prophetic and that the best for Alex’s career is still to come!!


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12 responses to “They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is bound for great things.

  1. I loved reading this about Alex! That’s right, he was very committed in every episode and did his best well! ❤

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  2. Alex said in his final interview that he brought everything he could to the table and I think, it showed in every scene and in all he did like acting, directing, writing … . He is incredible in everything he does. I´m very much looking forward to see what comes his way. ❤

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  3. I love that so many of Alex’s co-workers speak so highly of him. I, of course, think he has already done some great things🤩

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  4. CassG

    I’m betting on it that the best is still yet to come from Alex! He possesses much skill and know-how. I anxiously look forward to what he will bring us in the future. It will be great to hear from him and even better yet to see him again.😊❤

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  5. Alphamumma39

    I did a bit of figging around with regards to Sunday’s photo, and it seems the OP might work for Alaska Air.
    If that’s correct we might be able to pin down the destination Alex was headed.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      You’re a real investigator, Alphamumma! You should have joined the 5.0 team when you could 😄!

      Alaska flies everywhere, so it will be difficult to find Alex’s destination, that is if it’s a direct flight. Don’t fail to share the info with us if you manage to ferret out the mystery!


  6. Cassiopea 1000

    Thank you, FOYeur, for sharing this interview.

    I don’t remember this epi well, but it’s true that Alex put in his heart in every single epi of the show no matter what, even when he was in bad shape or when he decided to stop. There never was a hint of despondency in his work, though in 10 years of being McG, I think that at one time or other, he must have felt tired and bored. After all, he’s only human.

    But he’s a real professional, and as such, bound to be respected in the business, which is good for him and for us, as reliable actors are, or should be, more in demand that others with a weakest disposition. If I were a Peter Lenkov, let’s say, I would like to work with a pro guy who doesn’t need to be humoured, cosseted or boosted every now and then (I’m thinking, maybe unfairly, of an actor starring in a CBS show as I write these lines) and who arrives on the set every morning with strength and drive.

    So what with one thing and another, Tate Donovan’s words plus the flight to the mainland make me hopeful. I’ll try to adopt Mamayorkie’s zen attitude, though, and will prepare to wait until the time comes to know for sure. Patience don’t fail me! (Sigh: It will fail me, I know).

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  7. amytemple9815

    I agree. Alex O’Loughlin is one very talented man! We are definitely going to be hearing from him again.

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  8. marcerizo

    Indeed, with him, it’s not just about talent, there’s always an indisputable commitment to everything he does. There are not enough words to thank him for that commitment, because that makes his work simply amazing.

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  9. I just hope he is safe, well and happy at the moment and using the brilliant mind behind his gorgeous face to figure out what he wants to do next and WHY? and WHERE?

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