Great to see #AlexOLoughlin – Inspiring us to work out

We were expecting a long silence after our last post, and then this little video popped up to cheer us on 😀 Thanks to Egan Inoue instagram for sharing this little glimpse of Alex 🙂


Hey, what’s up, guys. It’s Alex O’Loughlin here.

I just did one of coach Egan’s insane workouts. It’s so good. He totally nailed me with it.

And listen, he is giving free online classes for the rest of this week.

So if you haven’t already, jump on – do some free classes.

And check out Egan Inoue’s workout programs on where you can stay fit and healthy during this epidemic.

So go and get them.



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21 responses to “Great to see #AlexOLoughlin – Inspiring us to work out

  1. Janno

    Soooo good to see and hear him again!!

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  2. amytemple9815

    Glad to see Alex is looking well. And I am happy to take back what I said yesterday about wishing he would take a nice long break. It’s always good to see him no matter what.😁😁

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  3. Costanza Dossi


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  4. Dear Alex! It’s so good to see a fresh video with it.Thank you so much for always delighting my heart and dear Alex with a video.<3


  5. CassG

    Wow!!! Thank you for this surprise!! He looks amazing even after an insane workout!!😍 Kudos to Egan Inoue!! Just a glimpse made my day!❤

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  6. Great News to have a glimpse that he’s doing ok. …A Big Thank you for sharing the video!! Greetings from Buenos Aires

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  7. D. Havard

    “Just when you thought you were out, he pulled you back in”. 😆

    Lovely man. Glad he is well and….sweaty. 😁

    Thank for the glimpse.

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  8. This is lovely to see!!! Thank you so much.

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  9. Sorry for posting it the other day, Paula and FOYeur. But I was so excited and I thought because it’s so short you’re going to just post it on Instagram. And did I say I was excited? I mean, we had the pink beast.
    Awesome that there are people like him who are looking so good after an intense workout. I’m not one of them. Why isn’t his face red like a tomato? Why doesn’t his hair stick in all directions? Okay, that’s stupid. He does look awesome with his hair sticking in all directions. Silly me. We all know that.
    Thanks so much for the screens, Paula! ❤️
    (*ducks* Maybe you could snap the pink beast? Or was it too fast? The beast is fast and flexible but never shy. *ducksandruns*)

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  10. Cassiopea 1000

    Alex follows this site after all. At reading the previous post, he took pity on us and decided to do something so FOYeur and Paula had some new stuff to feed us. Dear adorable, sweating, blinking, pink-beasted man!

    I haven’t checked the date of Egan’s message on IG. I much prefer to think that my piece of detectivesque reasoning is sound and that Alex cares for us all to the point of submitting to a session of Egan’s arduous coaching instead of lying by his pool.

    Don’t make too many plans, FOYeur and Paula, the man won’t let you rest!

    And thank you both, and leiCa too, for this welcome and unexpected treat.


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  11. So great to see him looking happy, rested and tan. And sweaty!


  12. Dq

    He needs a sweatband and a shower. I can help with him both.


  13. Tânia

    Thank you.


  14. We love Alex O’loughlin to much and would you like to see in another vídeos, he’s amazing.


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