Happy Birthday #AlexOLoughlin

As usual, we begin celebrating Alex’s birthday as soon as 24 August starts in Australia.

During the course of our lives, we have these moments in time of celebrations. Celebrations to the end of a period that we have completed successfully. Then they somehow also serve as reset buttons to start over. To begin a new section of our lives.

I think this year more than ever before we saw the end of a certain way of life and the anticipation of what will be next for us all.

Even more so for someone like Alex who ended a decade of being Steve McGarrett successfully.

My wish for Alex would be that it will be the start of an even brighter future. A time of peace and love with his beautiful family.

But selfishly I also hope that he will seek out wonderful characters to portray, for us as fans to enjoy.

Happy Birthday,






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33 responses to “Happy Birthday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Cindy

    DITTO! Well said. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALEX! hope he has a wonderful looong day since it’s already the 24th in OZ.

    Thank you again for this wonderful site that keeps us occupied until until we get new news/pictures of our dear alex.

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  2. Beautiful words that I want to fully agree with. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alex and a beautiful bright future to come!

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  3. Christina Marie Levens

    Hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday. I wish you all the best on your special day.

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  4. Coby van Duijn

    Happy Birthday Alex. 🥰🥳🤙💋💝 🍹🍍
    Mahalo for everything you’ve done since your carreer started I enjoyed all of it very much.
    Hope to visit Ohau some day after this crazy covid-19 is gone.
    Have a great Birthday with your family, stay save and Mahalo again for everything.

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  5. Helen Wall

    Happy Birthday Alex, hope you enjoy your special day.

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  6. Happy Birthday Alex.Good vibes for your next project.Or movie i hope.Will always admire you!!!

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  7. Tanya Long

    Happy Birthday Alex and many more. I was looking at my H50 DVD’s. I miss you and the cast but I can look at you whenever I want.

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  8. Marion

    Happy Birthday and enjoy

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  9. Kathysr

    Happy 44th Birthday, Alex! Heartfelt wishes for a fun, relaxing day with family and friends and lots of birthday cake! Thank you for your gift of ten wonderful years as Steve McGarrett.

    And profound thanks to FOYeur and Paula for giving Alex’s worldwide fans the gift of this beautiful site to honor him. Best site in all of fandom!!

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  10. Rosemary

    Beautiful post for a beautiful man by a beautiful woman! I also wish everything good for Alex and a wonderful day. But I am also selfish and hope to see him soon! I miss him so! Happy Birthday to an awesome person! ❤

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  11. mamayorkie

    I wish him the gift of time.
    Time to look back at what he has done and time to look forward to what he wants to do next.
    And to be content that the present puts both in perspective and is the most important of all three.

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  12. I can’t leave Alex’s beauty without a word. Wonderful man, all his cartilage is beautiful! He who you embrace can only be happy. Only Shakespeare’s 2 lines come to mind when I look at him.
    “Sometime all full with feasting on your sight,
    And by and by clean starved for a look;”

    Thank you for the nice words about it. I just wish her beautiful and good, happiness, and an Oscar.
    Happy birthday Alex! Always be happy and blessed! ❤

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  13. Happy Birthday Alex from your “Pommienana” who loves you.

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  14. D. Havard

    Happy birthday. May you get everything you love. And love everything you get.

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  15. amytemple9815

    Happy birthday to one very talented man! Here’s wishing you a very blessed day and many more to come.

    God bless you and your beautiful family!

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  16. lindae5o

    Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Alex!!!! We miss you. Have a great time with your family!

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  17. mamayorkie

    I always forget to say thank you to FOYeur and Paula for this lovely site ——-probably because I was raised by Yorkies (who have no manners!)

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    • NO special reason to thank us Mama. We are just here to enjoy Alex with you.
      Unfortunately, no wifi for the past month and real-life commitments kept me away from doing any posts for a while. Hopefully, that will change now that I am connected again. We need to have some fun again!!

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  18. 44 never looked so good! [Just checked and my stupid autocorrect changed ‘looked’ into ‘licked’. What the hell is wrong with my autocorrect? Is there a kind of algorithm checking “hey, what word would leiCa like to write? Is she a licker or a looker? Does my computer think I am obsessed with the pink beast?]
    Hope Mr. O’Loughlin is enjoying a big fat, sugery, unhealthy, fancy Fruit Loop Cake right now! 🎂🍻

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      LOL! Computer algorithms are diabolical, agreed, but sometimes they’re wise as well. They know how powerful The Pink Beast is!

      And I agree too that the unhealthy Fruit Loop Cake is Mr O’Loughlin’s best option to celebrate his birthday, especially if it goes with a bottle or two of Gewürtztraminer wine. After all, he can afford to throw his healthy way of life overboard from time to time. Just look at him! More and more handsome year after year.

      My very best wishes to him for his 44th year!

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      • Oh yes, The Pink Beast is powerful. I always thought it needed its own credits. Like the Nostrils of Determination, the Profile of Perfection, the Eyebrow Roof and – of course – the Ass Roof, the Part where the Ass does its Thing, and the Lower Ass Shelf. 😉


        • Kathysr

          Thank you for your hilarious posts. I laughed out loud, a huge gift right now I have no idea what a Fruit Loop Cake is but I’d welcome a glass (or many!) of Gewürtztraminer wine, in honor of Alex’s 44th birthday.

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          • 😀 He once said that he loves fruit loops, that he has a weakness for them (don’t remember the interview but I am sure he said so..) So I thought about a fruit loop cake, googled it and tada! It’s a thing!
            But Gewürztraminer? You and Cassiopea can drink it. I think I’ll enjoy a cool glass of beer with Alex. ;-P Virtually. Prost!


  19. CassG

    Happy Birthday Alex!! Enjoy life and family!! Huge hopes on seeing you on a small or big screen again……..really doesn’t matter. What does matter is seeing you in action again. No rush!!!!❤❤❤

    Thank you FOYeur for putting it all so beautifully in a nutshell! Thank you and Paula also for keeping Alex still very much with us.

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  20. marcerizo

    I hope Alex’s enjoying an incredible birthday!!! He’s just like good wine… Improves over the years.

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  21. Magnólia

    Quero muito que Alex tenha saúde, seja feliz e tenha trabalho inspirador para que possamos vê-lo no seu melhor!
    Grata, Foyeur e Paula! 🍀

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  22. gracenotpark

    Awwwwww! Awesome birthday wishes from some of his fiercest and most loyal fans! I add mine, as well, to y’all’s. I bet this is a very peaceful birthday, knowing he has the day to himself, no work to report to, no lines to memorize, no jumps, runs, or pitfalls to prepare for. Have a lovely relaxing day, gentle man. Happy birthday.

    (But do look around for interesting new roles from time to time. That would be OUR birthday gift.)


  23. Happy Birthday, Alex! Have a wonderful, relaxing day surrounded by – at least in the virtual world – the people who are dear to your heart with time for yourself as well and a huge delicious chocolate cake despite of all the nonsense like tropical storms and pandemics and stuff. You are one of the most inspirational, humble, funny and gentle people I have „met“. May you sincerely be loved and cherished as a person and as an artist. May this day bring happiness, health and new opportunities in your life and may you be able to achive everything you hope and dream of. Always be blessed! You and your family stay safe!


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