2922 Days of Fun – We Are Eight ( 8 Years of Sharing #AlexOLoughlin)

WOW – we made it to 8 years! And what a pleasant ride it has been.

All because of a very special individual – Alex O’Loughlin

Why do people become fans? What would inspire you to follow the career of an entertainer? What are your expectations? Why would you start a fansite like this, or any other social media fan account/ page on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc? What motivates you?

For me, it was to learn as much about Alex and to make sure we share the most accurate information about him as possible. All while sharing as many beautiful pictures and other footage of him as we can find  –  me writing articles in a language that is not my own and Paula creating beautiful fanart in pictures and gifs.

Looking back over the years I thought about those things we encountered along the way ….

You get all types of fans – Serious fans, seasonal fans, serial fans, selective fans &  (p)sychotic fans.

  • Serious fans – those who would follow a career though many years and different projects.
  • Seasonal fans – fans for a specific role and as soon as that role ends, their fanship ends.
  • Serial fans – those who become fans of everybody.
  • Selective fans – those who over many years, found that one person you think is worthwhile to invest time and money in.
  • Psychotic fans – Unfortunately we have seen too many of those over the past years, not to know that they are also out there.

Lucky for us most of those who visit us here and comment are wonderful fans, with a good sense of humour and love for Alex.

Far would it be from me to try and tell somebody how they should fangirl, why they should do it, and for how long they should do it. A few weeks back I saw someone suggest that now that Hawaii Five-0 is over, fans should leave Alex in peace and no longer post stuff about him. I found it an odd notion.

Some sort of fangirling that I have found odd over the years.

“Loving” the object of your affection so much that…….

  • You would start a fake account in their name, acting and communicating with other fans as if you are the object.
  • Creating fake pictures of your subject; and with that putting them in an untruthful false picture. Pictures that create a false image of who they are or what they have been doing (Not talking about general and clear and fun fanart here – talking about false nude pictures, false pornographic pictures, false relationship pictures)
  • You don’t want them to be happy in a relationship and constantly starting false rumours about their relationships and break ups.

That kind of “love” leaves a big question mark with me 😕

Why are we hereStudying Alex O’Loughlin Intensely?:

  • We felt we found a subject interesting and worthwhile to explore.
  • We want to create fun with fellow fans.
  • We want to cover as much of the past, as well as report on the present and hope for an even better future.
  • We want to report on all projects and stories around him.
  • To explore his physical beauty, his beauty as a person, and the beauty of his art.

Let’s celebrate Alex together and hope for many more wonderful projects in entertainment for him ….



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34 responses to “2922 Days of Fun – We Are Eight ( 8 Years of Sharing #AlexOLoughlin)

  1. Rosemary

    Congratulations on 8 years! Thank you for all your hard work! I just love all your searches and studies and am really glad you’re still at it. Happy anniversary !😘

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  2. joan

    I love to see your posts in my inbox. I need some fun and whimsy to leaven the grim news alerts.
    Thanks for all you do!

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  3. jeanette

    I’ve been a fan of Hawaii-50 since the original series in 1968 when my family moved to Hawaii. We would periodically see the cast filming scenes for the show around the island of Oahu. Then about 5 years ago I joined a Pinterest group who followed another actor and during that time discovered Alex and the new version of Hawaii-50. Then I found your page while searching for more info about Alex. I look forward to his future projects.

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  4. mamayorkie

    Happy eighth anniversary. I think the proper gift is either a bronze candlestick or a linen tablecloth. Or maybe just a plain “thank you for all you do” is fitting.

    Most fans are relatively peaceful and benign. Thank you both for having such a light touch when some of us go a little crazy or wielding a large club when some of us go a lot crazy!

    I cannot understand why someone would want to start or perpetuate a false rumor about anyone since the object is to harm a person they profess to admire. It is really sad because lies have a way of being repeated enough times until some unwary people believe they are true.

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  5. Janno

    Congrats on 8 years!! I fall into the Serious-Selective category as I’ve followed Alex since the beginning of his Moonlight days. And sure I’ve ‘liked’ other celebrities, but Alex is the only one I actually love!! I’m not the psychotic type of fan, I don’t think he’s my boyfriend, I know that he’s a real person and doesn’t exist just for me. I respect his privacy and RL relationships… I want him to be happy in his life! One thing I’ve never understood are the fans that feel the need to make things up about him, especially his personal life, that actually puts me into a protective mode!! One thing I like about AOL:IS is that you have and show integrity – Alex deserves it.

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    • Well said Janno darling!!

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    • Audrey Manasterski

      Beautifully said Janno. I too started with the ads for Moonlight, before it aired. I saw this gorgeous man and wanted to know more. When it was cancelled, I was so upset, that I got involved with People’s Choice awards, was on a lot of site about Moonlight. Met so many people one of whom is my BFF Mary Enriquez.
      I even travelled to England during the Moonlight, Angel, (I can’t remember the other shows that were involved) convention in at Heathrow Airport. Even though Alex had to cancel, I travelled all the way there & met a lot of really great people. That was where my quest to follow Alex started.
      I’m also not one of those fans that have to know everything about him. I don’t, I’m a quiet fan. My conversations with him have been brief but meaningful, to me.
      Now that he’s no long in any show/series, I wish him a good & happy life with his lovely family.

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  6. CassG

    Happy 8th anniversary FOYeur and Paula! Thank you both for having this terrific sight for us true fans who adore Alex. For all that he is and represents this is the best place to be to get the real and true deal of what’s going on with him as far as I’m concerned. If there is anything that appears off base we can depend on you FOYeur to set the record straight and you do a hell of a job with all that you do…….you both do.
    True fans love and adore their chosen one not create fake news and falsehoods to distort their image. People who choose to do that need serious help for their underlying problem(s). I had to put my two cents in about that.
    Anyway I look forward to all that is yet to come from you about our Alex. Bless you both for giving us this great site to come and share our feelings and thoughts and have some fun moments too.❤❤

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  7. karinnotmcnerd

    Congratulations on the great run! I’m not on any social media sites so miss all the negative stuff. Your posts share news about Alex with love and respect. He is always in good hands with you two.
    Sending you virtual hugs. We’re all getting good at those these days!

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  8. cathy

    I particularly appreciate this site because it is attractive despite the lack of news. It is undeniably the best site on AOL. thank you also for the transcription work.

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  9. Coby van Duijn

    I am not following you for so long, but like everything you send me and what i find on Pinterest. ❤
    Keep on posting.
    Kind regards of a great fan from the Netherlands. Mahalo and Aloha 🤙

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  10. lindae5o

    Congratulations on your 8th Anniversary. AOIS is the best Alex site around.
    I am definitely of the ‘selective’ fan variety. I have been intrigued by Alex since before Moonlight began. I hope he will have a new project before too long.
    Thank you, Foyeur and Paula, for all you do for us fans!!

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  11. amytemple9815

    I fall into the “serious fan” category but I have seen fans who fall into the “psychotic category”. To be completely honest, they can be creepy especially on YouTube!

    Alex O’Loughlin is a very talented individual and I enjoy watching his work. Yes, I think he is very good-looking but that’s where it ends with me. I think Alex and his wife Malia make a lovely couple and I sincerely wish them a long and happy life together.

    I am looking forward to Alex’s next project but I do hope he is truly getting some much needed rest.

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  12. I only discovered Hawaii five-0 and Alex last year. Since then, I have examined every part of it and tried to find out everything there is to know about it.
    I love Steve’s character. And Alex is an amazing man who is truly a perfect male beauty. But at least I love Dann in the H50. I’m sorry, I know the only topic here is Alex, but I can’t miss him either.
    I read all the posts with interest, even if I didn’t comment.
    Thank you for your work and I look forward to continuing.

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    • Marian Simonetti

      I also love Scott (Danny)….I know that this is an Alex
      site but I really think that both of these multi talented and kind men were the heart and soul of Hawaii five0
      for 10 years. As much as I loved the show I wouldn’t watch it or a spinoff if either one was missing…..each of these guys are so talented and together they are pure perfection…hopefully they will work together on a
      project soon….

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  13. Thank you dear Paula and FOYeur for 8 marvelous years .”A giant thrill ride” that I hope never ends .Love and hugs to you both!!!

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  14. happy 8 years . i have followed Alex since before Moonlight. He is the only star I follow. Also the only one to send me a autograph . He has a kind and loving heart, I love how you respect him and honor him. Anyone that doesn’t isn’t a true fan , Please keep posting as I truly enjoy all that hard work you girls do to bring us more of Alex. Aloha May the rest of our lives be filled with Joy,

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  15. marcerizo

    Totally agree!!! Fortunately, the fans (and friends) that prevail, are those who wish the happiness of the person they admire… We wish his success as well as the success and happiness of all the people he loves.
    These friends “send” good vibes and do not rejoice when he suffers or has a bad streak.
    We don’t criticize his decisions (regardless of whether we agree with them or not), because, like each of us, he also has his own story and his own reasons and motives.
    Good friends are those who understand that everyone has their own place under the sun and that we are all together in the same boat…
    Those of us who have followed his career over time… we’ll always be here, no matter where he goes or the project that appears around the next corner… we’ll always be here, while he grows spiritually and physically, because he’s worth it.
    Congratulations to both of you for 8 years of professional work and genuine admiration for Alex’s work, I hope we’re all here for a long time… and to the toxic fans: please go away!

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  16. Audrey Manasterski

    Congratulations on 8 years 🎉 that’s awesome 👏 👏👏👏 Always enjoy reading everything you write. I don’t always reply, but put these in my Alex file, so I can go back and read all these interesting things. ❤️

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  17. Willow

    Congratulations on 8 years and many thanks to you both, Paula and FOYeur. Sending hugs.

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  18. Cassiopea 1000

    8 years of love for Alex already! I’ve known RL relationships that haven’t lasted that long!

    Your ‘’Type of Fan’’ classification is really neat. I’d only add the Fanatic-Frenzied Fans category – those who love Alex in such a crazy intense way that their love cannot be sustained as it is such an exhausting exercice. Here they are during a few weeks or months commenting with demented fervour and then they suddenly disappear.

    Many of us here come into the Serious-Selective category, the word ‘Serious’ not to be confused with ‘Boring’. In fact, I’ve LOLed many times when reading hilarious comments (once when I was alone in a crowded bus reading on my cell phone. I was so embarrassed!). Sure some are Seasonal Fans and with H50 well behind us, they will soon start to fade away, others are definitely Serial Fans. But it doesn’t matter, as long as they show respect to Alex. And fortunately you are quick to nip in the bud any Psychotic Fan that may show up here, so we don’t see many unpleasant comments here.

    All in all, this site is perfect. I find verified information about Alex, I learn from many of you (I find intelligence, wisdom and analytical skills in many of the comments) and I laugh. Tell me, is there a better offer?

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  19. Matilda from England

    Thank you so much, you very very luv-eer-lee ladies. I started off as a fairly casual AOL fan and came here to find out more. From reading your wonderful in depth and, sometimes, downright naughty studies of him it turns out that he is far more than just another pretty face (although it has to be said, what a pretty face!! I will never tire of your photos of ‘dat face’). Unlike so many other actors, you get the feeling that AOL will not be the one making you embarrassed to be a fan because they do something questionable – he seems to have so much integrity. It is just a shame that there are fans that seem to be the polar opposite (in terms of their own integrity) of the man the purport to ‘love’ so much . . .Hmmmm . . .I share your views about these sort of fans and admire your patience and restraint when they comment on this site.

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  20. Well said and congrats on 8 years!! You´re running a remarkable site.

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  21. All I have to say is that you two, Paula and FOYeur are totally awesome. And you complement each other, you’re The.Perfect.Pairing. I think I’m going to ship you. What do you like better FOYla? PauYeur? Your choice!
    And don’t choose FoPa, that doesn’t sound right, no fault pas at all…

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  22. D. Havard

    Happy happy anniversary. I hope for many more pleasant years ahead for us all to follow Alex (respectfully).

    Thanks for all you do.

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  23. Sue

    Congratulations on your Anniversary! Many more. Please continue informing us about Alex. It’s so nice to know, that what you put out, is the truth. I’m sure Alex is enjoying his family. If his kids, are like my nephews, who are the same age, this virus is making Alex and Malia,crazy, with finding things for the boys to do.
    Take care and be safe.

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  24. Magnólia

    Muito grata, por estes 8 anos que tanto prazer me deram.
    Amo a vossa integridade e o rigor que colocam nos vossos artigos.
    Eu sou uma fã para a vida!
    Obrigada, obrigada Foyeur e Paula! 🍀🍾🥂🎻
    Saúde para todos!

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  25. Daniela

    Vielen Dank für eure großartige Arbeit, eure Recherchen über diese einzigartige Person und einmaligen Schauspieler. Ich bin fast täglich auf eurer Seite, finde immer wieder etwas neues und folge euch auch auf anderen Medien. Ihr macht eine klasse Arbeit!!! Danke nochmal dafür!

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  26. Nancy 13

    Congrats on 8 years & for all you do! I remember reading your site in Putney VT when I was babysitting my grand daughter & now she has a baby of her own! Time really flies! Thanks so much for the joy you bring with the articles & pictures. We need more good news & pretty Alex (who also has a beautiful soul) in this world now.


  27. Alix

    Félicitations pour ce 8ème anniversaire. Bises à toutes.


  28. gracenotpark

    Happy anniversary, ladies. And thank y’all sooooo much for keeping this lovely site running. Y’all do a fantastic job “intense studying”!❤️


  29. Kate Rose

    really lke your intense study of alex and you keeping us up to date with his work and life keep up the good work and keep me informed please


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