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2922 Days of Fun – We Are Eight ( 8 Years of Sharing #AlexOLoughlin)

WOW – we made it to 8 years! And what a pleasant ride it has been.

All because of a very special individual – Alex O’Loughlin

Why do people become fans? What would inspire you to follow the career of an entertainer? What are your expectations? Why would you start a fansite like this, or any other social media fan account/ page on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc? What motivates you?

For me, it was to learn as much about Alex and to make sure we share the most accurate information about him as possible. All while sharing as many beautiful pictures and other footage of him as we can find  –  me writing articles in a language that is not my own and Paula creating beautiful fanart in pictures and gifs.

Looking back over the years I thought about those things we encountered along the way ….

You get all types of fans – Serious fans, seasonal fans, serial fans, selective fans &  (p)sychotic fans.

  • Serious fans – those who would follow a career though many years and different projects.
  • Seasonal fans – fans for a specific role and as soon as that role ends, their fanship ends.
  • Serial fans – those who become fans of everybody.
  • Selective fans – those who over many years, found that one person you think is worthwhile to invest time and money in.
  • Psychotic fans – Unfortunately we have seen too many of those over the past years, not to know that they are also out there.

Lucky for us most of those who visit us here and comment are wonderful fans, with a good sense of humour and love for Alex.

Far would it be from me to try and tell somebody how they should fangirl, why they should do it, and for how long they should do it. A few weeks back I saw someone suggest that now that Hawaii Five-0 is over, fans should leave Alex in peace and no longer post stuff about him. I found it an odd notion.

Some sort of fangirling that I have found odd over the years.

“Loving” the object of your affection so much that…….

  • You would start a fake account in their name, acting and communicating with other fans as if you are the object.
  • Creating fake pictures of your subject; and with that putting them in an untruthful false picture. Pictures that create a false image of who they are or what they have been doing (Not talking about general and clear and fun fanart here – talking about false nude pictures, false pornographic pictures, false relationship pictures)
  • You don’t want them to be happy in a relationship and constantly starting false rumours about their relationships and break ups.

That kind of “love” leaves a big question mark with me 😕

Why are we hereStudying Alex O’Loughlin Intensely?:

  • We felt we found a subject interesting and worthwhile to explore.
  • We want to create fun with fellow fans.
  • We want to cover as much of the past, as well as report on the present and hope for an even better future.
  • We want to report on all projects and stories around him.
  • To explore his physical beauty, his beauty as a person, and the beauty of his art.

Let’s celebrate Alex together and hope for many more wonderful projects in entertainment for him ….



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