#H50 season 10 dvd extras, gagreel and Alex´s interview

Yesterday some lucky US fans got their dvds and shared the little glimpses of stories behind the scenes. As always, I was eagerly waiting for the gagreel, even though they have gotten shorter each year, there was some nice moments to chuckle at 🙂

All videos shared by Jill, thank you

The gagreel:


From the shorelines video, found this Chi bit with Alex funny 😀


And maybe the best part from all the extras, Alex´s full interview. He always intented the show to go on for 10 seasons.


And finishing off with some Alexpressions 😀




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30 responses to “#H50 season 10 dvd extras, gagreel and Alex´s interview

  1. Petra Schörfke

    I adore him so much …. I am speechless right now 🙂

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  2. Just incredible thank you so much for that. my only wish is that we could of seen and experienced more of alex’s vision of hawaii 5 0 bet it would have been different than Peter’s. Hope he comes up with a new project and adventure in Hawaii .

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  3. D. Havard

    That was great. Thanks for the share.

    He’s such a sweet , talented guy. Here’s hoping he moves on to something even better.

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  4. agentd6

    Very thoughtful and sole seeking comments from Alex. I think his comments on PL are certainly worth noting as the firing and details came after this was all finished filming. However, they don’t surprise me at all. I think for some Peter was certainly supportive. For others not so much. However this interview definitely reflects that as the show was wrapping up, Alex was happy and relaxed. I think we all have had those feelings before as we end a long journey in some form. I sure hope this craziness we are going thru had been good to him for spending time with his wife and little ones!

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  5. Having watched previous gag reels of Hawaii Five-O, it looks like Alex has quite the goofball😆!

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  6. mamayorkie

    The Doris saga may have been the dropped story line he referred to in that interview he gave a couple of years ago when he was worried about his injuries and wasn’t sure he could go on after season 8.

    Also, he seems to have a good relationship with PL and acknowledges the support he was given to write his own farewell to his mother. So all the comments about how his wishes were disrespected by the EP may just be fantasies held by some of the fandom with no real basis in fact. I imagine the set was like every other work place–some people get along with the boss and some do not. From his interview, it looks like Alex and Peter dealt well with each other.

    I have not ordered the DVD yet. I will likely do that in a few days, I have just been amazingly busy and it was not my first priority. The only thing I purchased online recently were groceries and they weren’t even for me!

    Was there no interview with Scott? PL? Anyone? I really hope so.

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  7. Marcela Rizo Almenara

    Thank you for this!!! I have no words! I made a transcript of the interview. If you want me to send it to you, please tell me how and I’ll be glad to do that. I would really like to contribute something to your amazing page.

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  8. gracenotpark

    I love his voice. He has the sexiest voice.☺️

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  9. Squeee! This is such a perfect birthday surprise! Thank you, FOYeur, Paula and Jill!
    The interview is incredible and manifested (is that a word, lol) again why he fought through fatigue, hurt, long work hours and possibly other stuff: because all the more than 200 people behind the camera had a job because of the show.
    And at first he wanted Steve to kill his mother? Oy, he really likes it dark, right?

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  10. Patricia Light

    What an incredible person Alex is i love the way he portrays McGarrett (i remember seeing some of the original series with Jack Lord) – i am a late comer to Alex and his career. Stumbled on Hawaii Five-O in season 5. Here in the UK (on free-to-view tv ) they are on season 9.


  11. cindy gasper

    Thank you ladies for posting these. I got my DVD yesterday. I was disappointed there was no action extra as there has been on other dvd’s but I guess no time to put it together. I loved seeing how stuff like that was made. but the interview with Alex makes up for it….. I am a latecomer to this website. I am seeing everything on here for the first time. so thank you for all you do on the site. Truly enjoying it! I was surprised while watching the interview, he wanted Steve to kill his mom. I was like…was that for real? lol. but I’m glad the powers that be did not do that would have just opened another can of worms for McGarrett. I think he did a superb job at closing that storyline. I loved what he said about his creative process and that his best work was late night/early morning… and stating Malia would tell him to turn the light off….. so cute…. he is just so personable and let’s us know he is just like us… a regular person some celebs tend to forget that.
    the gag reel was so fun to watch all the goofiness. I’m sure he kept everyone in stitches. I know I would have been…… seeing the wrap announcements of Ian and Chi made me cry. they both made touching tributes to the show. the extra’s in the dvd are truly worth watching..

    thanks again ladies for all you do!

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  12. CassG

    Thanks Paula this was great! Many thanks also to Jill for the videos! Loved Alex’s interview as I too love his voice…..ohhhhhh that voice!🥰

    Well H50 is done and his focus now will be on his two young boys. It will be interesting to see how long it will be before he’s back at the helm on a project and what that project will be. I don’t think it will be anything in the near future because of his committment to family. We’ll just have to sit tight and wait and see what the future holds for him. I wish him the best always and I’ll be sitting and waiting.❤

    LeiCa Happy Belated Birthday!🎈

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  13. CassG

    LeiCa ooops! I was thinking I was a day late. Sorry.😏 Happy Birthday and enjoy!🎈🎈

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  14. Nancy 13

    Happy Birthday, LeiCa! Hope you had a good day & I hope the rest of this crazy year is also good for you! Thank you Jill, Paula, & Foyeur for this fantastic website. You really brighten my day. Hope all here are healthy & stay safe. Also that this crazy covid thing gets over with soon. NY is now in a good place & I hope the other states start following NY’s example of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, & social distancing (even though it is hard). Love & Peace to everyone.

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  15. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing. What a touching goodbye to Steve McGarrett and loving tribute to the island and people of Hawaii. I hope Alex is enjoying quality and quantity time with his family. For us, I hope he’s able to find another project to share with fans when he is ready.

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  16. Scott Huskey

    Writers Need to Get their “”Butts”” in Gear even if it means “”Video chatting”” on Another Good Show Like H5O. That Crew Was GREAT “”NOTHING will Beat It”” But Can at Least TRY !!


  17. Just wanted to say a big „thank you“to Alex O`Loughling for doing that awesome interview and to Marcela for writing it down.
    I started to watch H5O only a couple of months ago (season 9 in Germany) and immediately got hooked. Sorry to see it end now. I´m still trying to catch up with all the episodes on dvd though.
    All of the cast are really good in doing what they do to make the series interesting but I especially got hooked by a certain commander named McGarret who was portraied as being quite a complex, strong and sensitive character with a weird sense of humour and some stubborn control issues which drove his friends crazy. After reading and listening to quite some interviews I know by now, that being hooked was to a large amount because that character was portraied by an highly talented actor who comes across as being a crazy, funny, genuine, intelligent, honest, loving and caring person in real life with a slight obsession for having to go to the emergency room more often than it´s good for him. ;-).

    So, thank you Alex for your dedication and for all you did to the show, even writing a script and direct!

    Good to hear him say that he is calm with what he has accomplished and that it turned out the way he wanted. Glad he has found a place to call home on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. I wish him a wonderfull time with his family and with whatever he is doing right now and just enjoying himself and I hope that darn crises we are facing right now will not impede (expr.?) him from living the life he wants to live. Maybe/hopefully we will see him on a new project again one day.

    And btw: killing off McGarret´s mother is a real great idea 😉 ….. but I feel that was really a bit too dark. Because if he had done so he had to deal with the consequences which very likely would destroy him. Good they did it the way they did. For me that episode was absolutelly one of my favourites because I really liked the story which was intelligent, fast paced, intensely emotional with a couple of very strong images (starting with the „dia de los muertos“ scene with all the crowd and him heading into the opposite direction./ The scene where Steve spoke to his mother for the first time. He was in a squatting position and it felt like he was still that young boy./The dream story -same here. /The scene when Doris was killed. I´ve never seen someone display that amount of different emotions at the same time. I still have goose bumps when I think of it./The scene when he was sitting there alone at the airport and they took Doris dead body away and he was still fighting for her – goose bumps feeling.)
    Sorry for the long ramplings and my mistakes in English….. . 😀

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  18. Arlinda Desotell

    I have not gotten mine. I miss my fix of Alex O’Loughlin. I have watched HFO since I can remember. There is nothing more than looking forward to Friday night, I would fix popcorn, turn off my phone and sit watching my HFO. Why, did it have to end. I understand everyone had their reasons and want to expand their wings and fly. That doesn’t mean you had to take I’m ok with reruns for now. My heart will never be the same. A great big fan.


  19. amytemple9815

    I would like to make a correction to my previous message. I wrote “Alex has quite the goofball😆” I meant to write “Alex IS quite the goofball😆”. Just wanted to make it known that I’m not a perve😁! I’m a fan but I’m not THAT kind of fan!😁


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