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#H50 Episode 8:13

At some stage over the years, we did not cover all the episodes of Hawaii Five-0 with pictures and some thoughts on it. For a few of them, Paula actually made drafts with screencaps, but I just never wrote anything with the picture, to do a post of it. This is one of them.

I do not plan to say anything about the old episodes, now that the show is done, but here is just a short synopsis to remind you of what the episode was about:

When a man accused of killing his wife threatens to kill himself, Grover reveals how he was once on the brink of suicide himself.

As you can see, for a number of beautiful reasons this episode made me forget a multitude of sins and kept me engaged throughout.

Even the clothes can’t hide that sexy body under it – it actually brings out the natural “superhero” look, I would say ….

Wow, just wow!

And these last pictures just once again shows us, Alex so naturally being Steve.



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