#AlexOLoughlin – When Steve McGarrett Gets Interesting

“What’s great is now I get to play with a character who’s off-centre and out of his element with this new information about his dad.

Because he’s such a know-it-all and he’s good at everything and figures everything out, it gets really interesting when a character like that all of a sudden doesn’t know which way to turn.”

– Alex O’Loughlin

Australian TV Week

8 October 2011



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3 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – When Steve McGarrett Gets Interesting

  1. Cassiopea 1000

    Yes, and that led to the festival of Alexpressions (thank you for the word, leiCa!). While in the very first epis, Steve kept a professional countenance, sometimes amused/exasperated by Danno, sometimes thoughtful, but always in tune with his new work, as he discovered loose ends concerning his dad, he started to have puzzled, surprised looks. He really looked as if he didn’t understand what had happened and why.

    Another actor would have relied solely on his lines to convey the fact his character was at a loss to understand what had happened. Alex, instead, used his face. The lines were there only as a complement to his facial expressions. I say this because they are re-runing H50 from S1 here in Spain, and I can see the subtle changes epi after epi.

    Alex is really an excellent actor, I tell you !!!

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  2. Yes!!! Cassiopea I agree alex is a master at facial expressions . If you ever get the chance to see Moonlight you will really see it, You are so lucky in Spain to relive the magic,

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      Well, there are always the good old DVDs. Then you can also enjoy the special features.

      As to Moonlight, I always remember him with his eyes closed, his head turning slowly, his nostril quivering… So supremely sensual…

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