They Say … #AlexOLoughlin love & respect his wife & children

Another one of Alex’s talents – doing the hairstyling of Tena, the hairstylist of Hawaii Five-0.
But what strikes me the most about her fun post and video of Alex, shaving her hair, is the beautiful comment about him which she added to it.
Once again it says so much about him as a person.
  • From Tena – October 2018

I am often asked which is my most favorite actor, I have worked with…by far, for his integrity, his leadership, his heart he wears in his sleeve, his love & respect for his wife & children & personally for his mad styling skills... no other than Mr. Alex O’Loughlin  #hawaiifiveO #mcgarrett #alexoloughlin #mcG #hairstylist #hawaii #hawaiifiveOCBS #gostylin #hi50

  • From Tena, talking about Alex directing his second episode on Hawaii Five-0 in January 2019 (Epi 9:17)

Such mad respect for this Gangst’a leading man, who’s directing our 1st episode of the year!  #alexoloughlin #babyblue #focus #hawaiifive0 #cbs

  • She also needed to help Alex (and Scott) age for Episode 8:10

Swipe left to see how I helped age Steve McGarrett last season on Hawaii five-O! From inspiration photos, measurement for the wig & touchups on set.   #behindthescenes#hawaiifive0#stevemcgarrett#hairstylist#hawaii#alexoloughlin#ilovemyjob#local706


2015-Season 6, Hawaii five-O welcomed me into their Ohana. This was/is my dream job with the best Cast & Crew of my career! ( On the island my grandmother grew up on, God rest her Hawaiian soul…) swipe left to see a glimpse of my first episode! #ohana #hawaiifiveo #alexoloughlin #hairstylist #aloha #hawaii #mahalo #bts


Tena worked as a hairstylist on Hawaii Five-0 for 4 years. (From Seasons 6 to 9)

You can scroll through her Instagram page and see all her comments about some of the other people on the show – including some beautiful comments about, Michelle Borth, Sarah Carter, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia and Scott Caan who helped her style someone elses hair on set.



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4 responses to “They Say … #AlexOLoughlin love & respect his wife & children

  1. Oh, I remember this. So wonderful words that showed me (again) that I chose the right guy for my fangirling career 😁.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cassiopea 1000

    LOL! I made the same choice as you and have received nothing but satisfaction and pleasure for that. Being a fan of Alex is really rewarding! Never having to fear that he will do or say something that might expose him to contempt, dispproval or aversion makes him easy to love.


  3. I have seen Alex and Malia and what I saw between them was real and beautiful. They are both gorgeous and both are kind and gracious.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      I well remember when you shared that funny and lovely experience with us. I also remember how I was consumed by pure envy. So I am asking you: Is it really necessary for you to remind us so cruelly that you are one of these lucky girls who have had the extreme pleasure of being kissed and hugged by Alex while the rest of us can only sigh like a typhoon with our eyes glued to our screens?


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