They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is a Natural Leader

“Alex is a natural leader. He takes control and makes things happen on-set – and in his personal life too.

He’s The General, and I think that comes across in this role.”

— Scott Caan,

“Hawaii Five-0″ co-star

in Men’s Fitness,

August 2011



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23 responses to “They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is a Natural Leader

  1. Yes, the natural leader! Scott saw it very well! But in addition to Alex, Scott too! Two real alpha males


  2. helen

    Very good actor and for looks a 10 !!!!

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  3. lindae5o

    Alex was the perfect choice, in every way possible, to play Steve McGarrett.
    On another subject, I just saw that the Season 10 DVD set will be available on July 28, at Amazon. I hope that isn’t just for the US.

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  4. Dq

    I lost it at “he controls and makes things happen”. Sweet dreams for me tonight. Only disagree with about 2 alpha males. There can be only one alpha. That’s why they are the alpha.

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  5. Kathysr

    Alex is way more Alpha than Scott. Scott deferred to Alex. You can see it in their body language. Alex was the natural leader on the show. You can’t have two leaders constantly bumping heads. Scott was smart enough to not create tension and unrest on the set.

    They might have had disagreements about how to do scenes because both actors had powerful viewpoints for their characters. Scott was just like Danny–argue like crazy and then let Steve do it his way. I always loved those scenes. Danny/Scott ultimately let Steve/Alex take the lead. That’s my perception of their dynamic. Let Alex have all the headaches and responsibilities of being the leader. It’s a heavy load.

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  6. Cassiopea 1000

    Sure, there can only be one alpha man in a team. If there are two, the weakest one must take a step back. That is, provided he is intelligent, which Scott is. Had he fighted to be the pack leader, the strain between him and Alex would have rubbed off on Steve and Danno.

    And Scott is right when he says that Alex is a natural leader. I mean, I’m sure that Alex did not arrive on Day One with his sword in his hand to assert his right to be the leader. It’s simply that real, genuine leaders are natural leaders.

    That’s why I believe Alex will develop big projects in the future, this abhorrent pandemic permitting. Maybe not those we would like, but big projects after all.

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  7. Alex is a fantastic actor and my favorite ! HAWAII 5-0 was my favorite show too! Miss all of these guys. Keep up the good work Alex! ALOHA FROM Arkansas! P.S. He is the cutest guy on planet earth, just thought I’d throw that in too!

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    • Marian Simonetti

      I also love Alex and agree that he is so talented and
      kind but I also feel that Scott deserves so much more respect than he gets….he is so multi talented…he always nails every emotion and if you ever watched the Fan Forum at the end of Season 6 Alex himself said that Scott has integrity and is the most honest person he’s ever met and he will do ANYTHING for you…I really think Scott has been dissed…maybe because in the last few seasons he missed some episodes to go back home to be with his daughter who was born in 2014…but when he was there he gave 100%…I respect him for putting his family first…and I also think that P.L favored Alex over Scott…every interview I’ve seen it’s all about Alex..
      which is not Alex’s fault…My opinion only…


      • Cassiopea 1000

        How strange you have chosen this site to voice your disappointment at the poor recognition that, according to you, Scotts receives both as a person and an actor.

        This blog is all about Alex, not H50, so you hardly can expect to find comments about Scott, criticizing or eulogizing him, here. Nor about any other member of the cast, for that matter.

        I personally like Scott and find him a very good actor, but I’m not a big fan of him, so I don’t follow his career and private life as I do with Alex. But I’m sure he has many, many loyal fans like you and that there are blogs specifically dedicated to him that can make you happy.

        As to PL favoring Alex over Scott, I disagree. PL has favored other shows of his over H50, which he has promoted poorly except for the first seasons. I, and other Alex’s fans as well as far as I recall, have precisely complained that PL didn’t give Alex the recognition he deserved.

        So you see, we ALL think OUR favorite star isn’t getting enough words of praise from the powers that be and the media. It’s up to us fans to make up for this via dedicated blogs like this one.

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  8. Yes, he is a natural leader. Good leaders, real leaders are natural leaders. I wouldn’t describe him as The General, he does not need to be ‘commanding’.
    He leads ‘on screen’ so to speak because he is expressive, detailed, in-depth and always in the moment, never phoning it in. This is why he owns the screen, even playing opposite to children or animals (what is a killer for most actors if you ask me 😉 ), and at the same time is letting the others do their thing too.
    And he leads ‘backstage’ by example. He is generous, humble, kind, caring about all the other people who had a job because he did his job, never phoned it in, never wanted or bargained special treatment; he fulfilled his exhausting schedule for ten years, 6 and sometimes 7 days a week and not just some days per month.

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    • For me, the difference is – He ‘IS’ the General, and not he plays the general over others or acts like a general.
      Somebody who “plays” a role needs to act commanding and force some sort of leadership. But somebody who is a good “General”, just leads naturally without having to be commanding. 😀

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  9. Carol Nelson

    He is a great actor and he needs to be back in his own series. Did not his partner in Hawaii show. I will volunteer to give him a kiss.


  10. Maty Ndiaye

    I love the guy, and I enjoyed watching him. Please please please, bring back “Hawaii Five O”.


  11. Oh yeah!

    Alex is a great Actor.


  12. I can’t say that he’s cute, Sext and a 10!

    I’m straight and don’t Date Men!

    Thank God!

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  13. Lemar

    I’m rewatching Hawwii Five O


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