#AlexOLoughlin – BTS for TV Guide Sexiest Photoshoot (2008) – Transcript

In May 2008, Alex appeared in TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars issue. He needed to do a photoshoot to get his picture for this issue.

This is a video taken at this shoot.

And of course, the question was – what makes you feel sexy?


Alex: What makes me feel sexy?

Oh, I don’t know.

Comment: That answer in a bit. And the more important question would be, who is this sexy male TV star?

Australian import, Alex O’Loughlin, is the lead of CBS’s vampire detective drama, Moonlight.

Alex: I think that the person you are with makes you feel sexy, you know. Like my girlfriend. You know, I mean being adored by someone else makes me feel sexy.

Comment: With his newfound fame, this Aussie hunk isn’t letting it get the best of him.

Alex: My exposure to the general public has definitely risen, ‘cos so much …. so many more people know my face now. So, I guess it kind of changes a bit. It hasn’t changed the way I think.


The Photographer for the photoshoot was Rodolfo Martinez

Click on the link to can see the actual TV Guide Magazine article here:

#AlexOLoughlin – One of TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars – 2008

And this is what co-star Sophia Myles had to say for the article:

“I’m immune to Alex’s hotness. I see more of him than of any boyfriend I’ve ever had. I’m very privileged because of that, but since I see him so much, I’ve overdosed on his hotness. It’s just the norm.

But other people become weak in the knees around him. They start blushing. They drool. He has that Johnny Depp thing, a special sparkle that’s just magic. How do you define it? The young girls love him, the older ladies love him, and the gay guys love him.

He’s really good at expressive movement and loves musical theater. He’s also up there with the greatest comedians I’ve ever known. I go home with stomach pains from laughing so hard. It’s constant. He’s kind of crude.

English and Australians have a great connection when it comes to humor, and we can be outrageous. You couldn’t put some of it in print. Americans don’t know what to do with us, but I like that.”

– Moonlight co-star Sophia Myles

TV Guide,

May 2008

And this is Alex’s reaction to watching this video during an interview:

You can see the full interview here:

#AlexOLoughlin on TV Guide’s ‘TV Watercooler’ – 28 April 2008


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19 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – BTS for TV Guide Sexiest Photoshoot (2008) – Transcript

  1. Yes, Alex is very magical! Everyone loves him! Maybe that’s why the gays wrote about him and Scott! Of course, neither is true, no matter how much they want it to be true! 😀


    • I doubt if anybody who actually writes any of the gay slash porn about Alex & Scott, or Steve and Danny, are actually gay.
      Most of those writing and reading it, are middle-aged housewives.
      A few of my own gay friends and family only laugh at it, when they hear about it.


      • mamayorkie

        Exactly—middle age old biddies who fantasize about themselves and Steve McGarrett and would rather see him in a relationship with Danno than any woman because he is not a real threat their daydeams.

        The gay baiting was always offensive.


        • In the later years, I actually read an article that called it shipper- baiting. And I found it a more accurate wording.
          That baiting did not get gay people to watch the show – it actually offended many of them.
          That type of baiting is aimed at shippers and getting them to hang on and watch, for that one day when the ships might come true. Or to get just that glimpse to initiate some fanfic.
          Unfortunately many thought the fanfic was real (canon), or might become real at some stage.


          • Cassiopea 1000

            I can understand middle-aged housewives that daydream. Daydreaming is the only way to escape from routine and boredom when you don’t have a rich life of your own. It has the incomparable advantage that you can twist your dream and stretch it endlessly to fit your needs. Moreover, it hurts nobody. So far, so good.

            Now when it comes to writing gay porn involving the man of their dreams, or manipulating pictures of him to show him nude, then I think of sick, unhealthy minds. What do these people hope to achieve with this stuff is beyond my understanding.

            No celeb deserves that, especially those who, like Alex, shy away from public exposure.

            This being said, our Alex is extremely good-looking and hot, but that’s because Mother Nature decided it that way and he can do nothing about it. So we are entitled to melt with pleasure when we see him on our screens. All very respectable and lady-like, even if sometimes our minds may take a naughty turn!


            • Those who have been following us over the years and read all our posts will know that we are no prudes and we have posted most of the naked stuff that Alex ever did – in all its glory. Some maybe not so lady-like. And we have produced a lot of fanart as well.
              But for me, it is just not right to portray something naked or sexually suggestive, which an actor never did. Or to create pictures that fool fans who might think it is real.


              • Cassiopea 1000

                LOL! FOYeur, you should see my face when a I see a suggestive pic of Alex. It’s anything but lady-like. I salivate, I sigh, and I make a variety of ‘mmmmm yum yum’ noises!

                I all for enjoying any part of Alex’s anatomy he is willing to share with us, but only what HE is willing to share with us. After all, I don’t see the difference between enjoying and admiring Michelangelo’s David and Alex. What? A guy admiring the David in all his nudity is a learned woman who loves art, and a guy who admires Alex in his half nudity is a perverse woman? No way!

                So don’t hesitate to share any spicy pic of Alex you can find, FOYeur, lol!


      • Yes, a user named H50 Europe has written a gay short story about them on Twitter. I read it a bit and found it disgusting.


        • Yes, Gabi, who is H50 Europe, and I don’t really see eye to eye about a number of ways to do fangirling.
          We kind of have a long-standing feud about her way of making fake photoshopped pictures (manips) of Alex.


      • I’m sorry, but that’s how they really write about them.


        • I do not really care what other fans write or read – everybody has there own views on what to do and should be free to do it.
          But some actually felt that that should have been part of the show. And blame Peter for not doing it as they wanted it. And some even believe that Alex and Scott wanted a McDanno romance to be part of the show.
          While they and Peter actually made fun of those fantasies on the show and even in interviews – those fans kept thinking that it would become part of the show. Never realizing that they were joked about and made fun off.


          • Szuzy

            Oh yes! Many are waiting for Steve and Danno to warm up! It was obviously silly to think of such a thing! And I really, really liked the end! 😀


  2. How on earth do you find these BTS video gems? Good job!


  3. Dq

    Nice pics. But still thinks he looks sexier as he ages.


  4. D. Havard


    You ladies need to put a warning label up. I nearly had a heat stroke!

    He does look good but I agree he’s even better looking now.


  5. amytemple9815

    I streamed Moonlight a few months ago. Very first time I had ever seen it. Was hooked instantly! Very, very good show! Definitely going to be buying the DVD set! Alex OLoughlin is just a very talented actor! And I agree that he is better looking now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kathysr

      I just watched Moonlight a couple of months ago too. WOW! I love Mick’s look – more sensual, less ripped, with gorgeous long, thick, wavy hair. Mick was more vulnerable and emotional than Steve McGarrett, which gave Alex a much greater range of emotions to play. Alex was fabulous on the show.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Szuzy

    Best of all, we have a TV channel that constantly broadcasts episodes of the H50, so I won’t be left without Alex!


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