#H50 – Being deleted ….

In a number of interviews, Alex mentions that he did not really watch any Hawaii Five-0 episodes, apart from the times he had to watch the season openers at SOTB every year.

That always makes me wonder if Alex ever knew how many, and which scenes, never made it to the final cut on the show? And how that made the show different for us as viewers, to that which they actually shot as actors?

Some of those scenes sometimes explained things we never knew, or gave us a storyline and a character with a different angle.

Here are a few from Season 7 :

From Episode 7:01

  • Danny just donated his liver to Steve. And then this…..



Steve: Oh, hey. I’m going to need you to donate something else now.
Danny: What’s that?
Steve: A piece of your ass. The Governor just took a giant bite out of mine.

From Episode 7:07

  • Catherine fetches Steve to help rescue his mother in Morocco. This is he breaking the ice about her being in the CIA.

And some goodbyes:

  • this commentary from Episode 7:13 – Alex on saying goodbye to Masi and his character, Max.


You know, it’s weird when you lose someone that you have been with for a long time.

And it was very touching, because Masi’s character is … is … and Masi, are both … they’re not … he’s not the most emotional person.

And that scene was like … it was really real man.

There were tears falling out of him. And the scene informed  what was  actually happening in our lives. And it was … was very touching …..

Hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane … of that which never happened, because it got deleted. There is a number of other deleted scenes, especially a lot with one character – we will post that at a different time

As we do with Moonlight and everything else that Alex has ever done, we enjoy looking back at what was.

But for those who keep on begging for the show to still go on, or come back – please don’t …….. it is done.



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9 responses to “#H50 – Being deleted ….

  1. I can only imagine how much good stuff never made it to the final cut, or to the deleted scene scrap pile. For example, in episode 8.24, in the flashbacks scenes when Joe and a badly wounded Steve are in Afghanistan, we see Joe cover Steve with rocks to hide him. In the CBS promo photos, we see Steve pop up out of the rocks and shoot at someone, maybe saving Joe’s life? I wish so much we could have seen that piece of action, or somehow know what took place then.


  2. mamayorkie

    I would love to see all the deleted scenes. I know some are cut because they are either redundant or too long to fit into the finished episode, but I wonder how many got cut because PL didn’t want to get too far ahead of his story in order to keep the fans both happy and guessing. (and/or confused!)
    I am at peace with the ending and also do not believe this series will be coming back for another 20+ years with a different twist and another cast. It is over— fun while it lasted but its time for the actors to move on to new exciting projects and the fans to follow those they respect and admire if they wish.

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  3. D. Havard

    I just got through watching Whiteout, again. 😆

    5 O ended well. It was a great 10 years. Thanks for the memories.

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  4. Kathysr

    Thank you FOYeur for these gems. I don’t buy the season DVDs so I never get to see all the wonderful extras included each year. I’m waiting for the blooper reel from Season 10. Do you have other scenes that you can post? They’re greatly appreciated. Especially love the one where Steve needs a new rear end! I laughed out loud at that one. I can identify with that scene!

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  5. Would you describe what conversation is going on between Steve and Danno in the first part of Season 7?

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