New funny #AlexOLoughlin to cheer us up :)

Got alerted to some new pics of Alex tonight, posted by ausraura1. And asked her about the origin, they were caps from a tiktok video by Bella, aka belskib ∗ that seems to be a relative. It was posted a week ago.

∗ (She is Isabella – Malia’s niece)

Wanted to share these cute faces, all caps by ausraura1 twitter, enjoy 😀



Ps. our video is edited from the original, muted the music in case of copywright and also the end is flipped to keep Alex facing us the right way 🙂

And yes, it is Spike at the back in the video.


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19 responses to “New funny #AlexOLoughlin to cheer us up :)

  1. teachergrl23

    Bella is Malia’s niece, through her brother Mikala. I love seeing snippets of Alex with his family, he is totally the fun uncle.

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  2. AlexOloughlinlover

    aww Alex is so cute and adorable


  3. Szuzy Hill

    To my beautiful, how white is his beard. ❤


  4. CassG

    These are great pics….love them!!!! He truly looks amazing.😍 Makes me miss him that much more.😪 Thanks Paula for the treat.

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  5. Kathysr

    Ah Alex–gorgeous, relaxed, uplifting, goofy, loving, helping to lift all our spirits. Thank you dear sir. Love the short, neat beard. Glad Alex has lots of time to spend with his family. Wouldn’t we love to have him as our relative?

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    • teachergrl23

      I think he stopped with the bushy beards, because that gets hot when you live in Hawaii. lol I do remember him explaining once that he likes to keep his hair short (hence, the buzzcut in S8), because he lives in Hawaii and it gets hot. I’m wondering if that’s why he’s stuck to trimmed beards ever since, outside of having to grow it out for the Doris episode in S10. The short, neat salt and pepper beard always looks great.


      • I think at this time it is also not very comfortable to have a longer beard under a mask in the heat. Not a lot of space in a mask for too much hair


  6. Claire

    Love a bit of Alex but should be really be endorsing a tic toc video Where there is clearly no social distancing ?


    • teachergrl23

      We don’t know when this video was taken. Considering Mikala (Malia’s brother)’s family lives on the North Shore every winter, this could have been filmed before the pandemic. I’m sure they’ve been quarantined on Oahu this whole time. They usually live in Bali every summer. We don’t know the circumstances here, so we should really refrain from judging. People want to see photos and videos of Alex, now that the show’s over and those types of updates are scarce, since he’s such a private person.

      Alex was just pictured wearing his mask while out with a friend in Hawaii the other day. Hawaii lifted some of their restrictions and started reopening certain businesses a while ago. People can go to each other’s houses again.


      • Claire

        I can see that the video was done last week on Bellas tic toc account. In the U.K. where I’m from that would be frowned upon unles last it was people who lived in your house with you. Sounds like things are more relaxed over there which prob explains why some many states are in such trouble. Hope Hawaii stays safe 👍


        • teachergrl23

          Not so many states. lol You’re misinformed. If you don’t live in the United States, you really don’t know what the situation is over here. Please don’t act like you do. There are a few states that are in major trouble. New York is the epicenter, but a lot of states have lifted restrictions. Hawaii has one of the lowest COVID-19 numbers in the entire country.


          • CassG

            I am a resident of NY. It is no longer the epicenter of the coronavirus. It has not been for awhile now as the state has been and is currently reopening in. phases as our numbers have dropped tremendously. The current epicenters are Texas, Florida, and Arizona whose numbers continue to rise.
            According to the current data many states who opened up too quickly and vastly are in trouble now esp in the southern and western areas of the states.


        • teachergrl23

          Also, just because she posted it last week, it doesn’t mean it was filmed last week. lol People post videos months later all the time.


    • teachergrl23

      Hawaii residents are no longer under mandatory quarantine, unless they are returning home from out of state.

      Anybody flying into HNL (the only airport currently open in Hawaii) from out of state is subject to Governor Ige’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. That includes tourists who are visiting Hawaii and Hawaii residents returning home from out of state. When tourists land at HNL, they are required to disclose details of what hotel they are staying at, all their check-in information, etc. Hawaii residents landing at HNL I believe have to disclose their address. If they leave the hotel or their home during that 14-day quarantine and go anywhere, they can be arrested and fined up to $5,000.

      Hawaii residents traveling between islands are not subject to the 14-day quarantine. All other Hawaii residents are not under mandatory quarantine, either. The only Hawaii residents under the 14-day mandatory quarantine are those flying home from out of state. All tourists are subject to the mandatory 14-day quarantine once they land at HNL.

      So even if this video was recent (which we don’t know it is), they’re not disobeying Governor Ige’s order. Hawaii lifted some of their restrictions last month and started reopening businesses (but only certain types).


  7. Claire

    Btw, doesn’t bella look like her Auntie. Both beautiful ladies


  8. mamayorkie

    Thank you for this. A nice treat on a very rainy day.


  9. Nancy 13

    Thank you! Nice family pics. I love when he smiles.


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