#AlexOLoughlin – Blue Ohana #H50

Great to see Alex!

Much Mahalo To One Of Our Loyal Customers & Friend, Chris Who Surprised Us & Gifted This Hawaii 5-0 Star With Our Blue Ohana Shirts & Mask!
Chris Is A LEO Supporter, Community Advocate & Likes To Spend Time At the Range. He Also Gets To Hang Out With Steve McGarret From Time To a Time. Awesome & Much Love To Chris & Alex!


Who is 808 BLUE/MonTEEZ Apparel:

– Clothing (Brand) – Local & LEO Ohana Owned. Bringing clothing to your Ohana & showing support for all Hawaii Law Enforcement & First Responders.



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31 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Blue Ohana #H50

  1. I live in a cop family, so I very much appreciate this post. Most people are smart enough to know that there are “bad” people in every profession, including law enforcement, but the good cops far outweigh the bad. Please, if you see a law enforcement officer, thank them for keeping your community safe. And thank you Alex for Backing the Blue!

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  2. Audrey Manasterski

    Awesome 👏 👏👏👏👏👏🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

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  3. CassG

    Alex as always giving of his time and himself. Especially good seeing him post H50 because he is sorely missed. ❤
    This was a treat. Thanks much.😊

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  4. Smart and decent human beings wear masks. It is called caring about other people. Thank you, Alex!

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  5. Oh, btw, any ideas what he is doing with this lead pencil? Like everyone, he has some time on his hands, maybe constructing or building some stuff. Makes me think of him talking about building his deck. Or the picture with him, sweaty and dusty using an angle grinder at Grappling Unlimited.


  6. lindae5o

    Thanks, Foyeur. Nice to see Alex is using good sense, and following safety advice. I miss our honey so much!!

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  7. Rosemary

    Thank you girls and thanks to the clothing company. It is wonderful to see Alex! Been missing him so much! He looks great!💖

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  8. thanks for this and he is handsome as ever behind that mask. Hugs


  9. AlexOloughlinlover

    aww Alex is so sweet and giving


  10. My son is a CHP Officer. I really appreciate seeing this. God bless Alex!!!!!!


  11. Doreen Woodman

    I have always loved Hawaii five o brilliant program and brilliant actors love to meet all of them one day here in uk I will be at the front of queue if they come to London


  12. Jeana darc

    Adoro nao pode terminar beijos adoro todos mas o Maguereit esse e sem comentario


  13. I watched Hawai five 0 for 10yrs if Alex wanted to another 10yrs that would be great. Ha ha I would always watch it. I am gonna miss the show very much. Maybe in 10yrs do reunion of the show. I appreciate the whole cast and crew putting on a great show.


  14. Rev Frances Hutson

    Loved H50, Shame it’s over with. What are the cast members up to?


    • The worldwide pandemic prevents most people in the entertainment business from doing much at the moment…..
      We do not really follow anybody else, other than Alex. You will need to find details of the others somewhere else, sorry.


  15. Helene

    Come BACK. Please miss you all so much…


  16. Steve Hobbs

    Please come back and reboot Hawaii 5.0 after you are healed completely Alex.
    I so loved that show AND the fact that a fellow AUSSIE was cast in it.
    I know it is a long shot that this will ever happen…but I live in hope.
    If this can not happen….then so be it….in that case…just get back to perfect health mate…and have a great life.
    You have the very best wishes that I can bestow on you good sir. May your life and the lives of your loved ones be forevermore blessed.
    And thank you for the many hours of absolutely fantastic entertainment during your time on the show.


    • Hi Steve
      This is only a fansite for Alex and we have no personal contact with him. I doubt if he will ever read any comments here.
      In the past, Alex has said that he does not want to do same characters more than once – highly doubt if he will be interested to do Steve McGarrett any day soon.
      Actors do not want to be seen for one character for the whole lives.
      We sincerely hope that he will find something else great to do for many more years to come.


  17. I will miss seeing you and all your buddies on Hawaii Five O.


  18. Diane Rieck

    I love, love, Hawaii 5-O was heart broken when it ended! TRULY HEARTBROKEN!!!!!!


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