#AlexOLoughlin Having Some Fun While Directing #H50 Epi 9:17 (Jan 2019)

In January 2019, Alex filmed the second of the three Hawaii Five-0 episodes which he directedEpisode 9:17.
Some interesting characters joined the cast and posted a lot of footage about it all – Michael Ironside, Nathin Butler, Tyron Woodley, Joseph Julian Soria
  • Posted by Michael Camp

mikeyyycamp Love these dudes. Blessed to be working with them and can call them life long friends now. 🎬❤️🙏🏻 #alexoloughlin#michaelironside #hawaiifive0


mikeyyycamp  Had to surprise my Aunt Tina. She’s always been a big fan of Alex and Hawaii Five O. I think this made her smile a bit. I really appreciate my good buddy Alex taking the time to do this video and can’t thank him enough for letting me be apart of Season 9 Episode 17 that he Directs. He’s insanely talented and an excellent visionary that really brings a script to life. Amazing experience and looking forward to many more! #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0
Link to Video:



  •  from Nathin Butler on IGStory
  • Posted by Nathin Butler on IG:

nathinbutler  Love workin with these crazy f#*kers! #alexoloughlin #michaelironside #hawaiifive0

Nathin Butler, Joseph Julian Soria, Tyron Woodley, Alex, Michael Ironside & Michael Camp

nathinbutler  Great mornin training sesh with ma dudes #jiujitsu #boxing #hawaii #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin

Joseph Julian Soria, Tyron Woodley, Alex & Nathin Butler


  • And Joseph Julian Soria Posted the same pictures as Nathin

jjsoria Last day of work on @hawaiifive0cbs . It’s been such a pleasure making new friendships and collaborating with these kids! So grateful for this experience! It’s been well worth the wait! You see, I’ve been holding out for years to come to Hawaii because I wanted to do so because of work. So I can have a #Workcation . And I’ve definitely made the most of this trip! #Aloha to the cast & crew of this show! And the #Hawaiian people! You treated me well! 🙌
Episode directed by #alexoloughlin#michaelironside#hawaiifive0

jjsoria  A little morning training with the fellas. #alexoloughlin #goodtimes #Goodpeople #jujitsu #boxing #mma #spar #TheChamp #tyronwoodley #UFC #hawaiifive0

  • From Lamart Logan – Celebrity Videographer
fasthandsproductions  🤔Hey…I thought I came out here to film some content, I didn’t sign a wavier for this shit! 🥴 #ChampCamp Hawaii-5o🌴🌊 alexoloughlin@twooodley #Bjj #contentcreator #hawaii50 #alexoloughlin
  • Tyron Woodley on IGStory
to full Video from Tyron Woodley
Link to our short video edit:
  • From Kurt Jones  – Cinematographer

First ep of 2019. Teaching my Director about focal lengths. “Show me a 21mm Al” 😂😂 Love working with this Mad Man !! #alexoloughlin


But the was not only footage from those who were in the episode, some fans also posted there pictures from the set.

  • From Dean Kawamura on Twitter
Dean Kawamura @El_Deano (#HawaiiFive0 sighting
  • From Smith and Kings Pub

Hawaii 5-0 will be filming outside of Smith & Kings today. We are still open for the college football championship game and trivia!

  • From ssarah_super on IG (Translation by Google)
ssarah_super #20190110 First post in 2019 🙂 🙂 It’s the first time I’ve seen a mid-hour in the aunt’s shop, and taking a mid-hour. I took a picture^_^;; Instead of dinner, eating snacks on a snack truck. Ordering –REGRAM # Mid # Hawaiian #Hawaii # Hawaii Five O # hawaiifive0 # Hawaii50 # season9 # 9 #CBS #Alex #AlexOloughlin # Alex Oh Se # kkuljaem # 🌴 # ❤️
(Looks like she loves the anti-aging app 😀 )
  • From Rin Rin (Translation by Google)

I love # Hawaii Five-O of the encounter to # shooting # macro Garrett met (ૢ⁼̴̤̆ ꇴ ⁼̴̤̆ ૢ) ~ ෆ me to say whether I will to take photos with your mobile phone after I got to shake hands, a moment Kyun death ♡ ŐωŐ) for the time being I was going to change from the pop 💕iPhone 7 to soon iPhone X I think that you’ll in this state ✌✌ (➲ ᗜ ➲) ✌✌ #Hawaiifiveo #Mcgarrett # Hawaiifive0cbs #Hawaiifiveoscenes # Hawaii50 #Alexanderolachlan #Fiveo # Hawaiifive0 # americantv #hawaii

  • From Ryoui.t (Translation by Google)
ryoui.t Discovered after eating rice in Chinatown ✨
#hawaiifiveo # Shooting site #alex #smile #Mcgarrett Let me shake hands and take a picture together… #Happy
day I came back and watched the continuation of hawaii five o 
  • From Dan Baumann on Facebook
Dan Baumann (15 January 2019 )

We had a great time with Hawaii 5-0 crew. And one very happy hotel team member posing with the star!

Thank You, Bee, for all the links (and some of the IG story screenshots)!

(It is always good to know somebody saved all the stuff during those times when I was not online to report on it here.)



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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Having Some Fun While Directing #H50 Epi 9:17 (Jan 2019)

  1. Can it be… can it really be… that Kurt Jones wrote Alex’s name right? I am stunned, I tell you… Stunned!
    I loved this epi although it didn’t have that much Alex in front of the camera. But he – again – did something different with his episode.
    And his spirit of ‘Do Less More’ does his fellow actors good.
    Funny thing that after all these years, after shooting that little short film with Nathin Butler (which was an Alexpressions feast btw) Alex was his director.
    As I can’t see the videos (or like your posts) on my PC for reasons unknown is there the Alex cuddles the baby video? If I remember right, that was during this filming? Because that killed me!
    (And Bee is always sharing! <3)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I was also surprised about Kurt using the o and not the a
      Not sure how to make an interesting post about the Nathin Short. – Have been waiting for some inspiration on how to do it 🙂
      Have you tried to click on the F of FB to see if you will be taken to the video?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Nope. There is no facebook link, or any link whatsoever. On my mobiles I can click it, not on my computer. Have that problem for months… I can like comments but not the posts.
        I always loved the Short Film, although it is a little bit disturbing. NB talks and talks, AOL says little to nothing but his facial reactions are just awesome. He kills it!

        Liked by 2 people

        • Have you tried logging out and back in again on your WP account?
          I had some weird stuff happening at some stage as well, because I never log out. Then when I did it everything was corrected again.

          Thanks for telling me about the baby video. I know Paula posted it at the time, but did not know it was from the set of this episode. Bee told me about other stuff from the set as well, that I missed. Seems I will have to do a follow-up post about it 😀

          Liked by 1 person

          • I’m always logging out, here and on Mostly after I’ve done my stuff. 😉
            I am not 100% sure about the baby video, if it was from the set, but it was the baby they had in the episode. Kai?

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Cassiopea 1000

    “He’s [Alex is] insanely talented and an excellent visionary that really brings a script to life.” – Michael Camp

    What perfect words! They are like a symphony to my ears or a Gauguin picture to my eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

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