#TBT – #AlexOLoughlin at University of Hawaii at Manoa – Relay for Life (2013)

 Relay for Life at University Hawaii at Manoa

  • Relay for Life is part of the American Cancer Society
  • As far as we know they raised over $77,000 with this relay in 2013.
  • What is it all about?:

Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Relay is staffed and coordinated by volunteers in thousands of communities and 27 countries. Volunteers give of their time and effort because they believe it’s time to take action against cancer.

Join us at these events to bring communities together to remember loved ones lost, honor survivors of all cancers, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society make a global impact on cancer.

Relay is a team fundraising event where team members take turns walking around a track or designated path. Each event is 6-24 hours in length and each team is asked to have a member on the track at all times to signify that cancer never sleeps. Cancer patients don’t stop because they’re tired, and for one night, neither do we.

Each team sets up a themed campsite at the event and continues their fundraising efforts by collecting donations for food, goods, games, and activities. This money will count towards their overall team fundraising goal.

  • Unfortunately there was no footage posted of the speech Alex made in 2013. We only have these few pictures.




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4 responses to “#TBT – #AlexOLoughlin at University of Hawaii at Manoa – Relay for Life (2013)

  1. lindae5o

    Thank you, Foyeur. We’re grateful that you are re-posting all these Alex treasures. He is such a sweetheart.


  2. Cassiopea 1000

    Yes, we are grateful indeed. It never ceases to surprise me how constant Alex is when it comes to give his time generously to support noble causes. He is not there to be in the picture and ciao, as too many celebs do. I can think of a few ones, who shall remain nameless, that I would like to drag into a hospital or to a catastrophe site so they can see what they are supposed to support. Maybe they would drop their flashy Colgate smile and stop worrying about their right profile to be photographed.

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  3. I remember this so well!
    It was so impressive listening to his off the cuff words, showing what an intelligent and kind hearted man he is. I translated it for our community and really tried to get the ‘vibes’ not only the words correctly what is never easy.


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