#AlexOLoughlin Congratulating The Class of 2020

We got a nice surprise tonight 🙂

A clip with Alex!

Thanks to HIDOE808 on twitter. They shared this video of Alex.

Graduation season kicks off this week with schools like Campbell High, Maui High and Mililani High hosting their virtual and drive-through celebrations.

Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin is the next celebrity who would like to share a special congratulations to the class of 2020! #HI4PublicEd

Link to Video:



What’s up class of 2020!

Guys, I just wanted to shout-out and a make a video for you guys to say – Congratulations.

This is a huge time in our lives, when move onto the next phase – whatever we chose to do.

And this is a really weird time to be doing it – in this pandemic affected world.

And I just wanted to say to you guys – Don’t let what’s happening in the world hold you back, okay. Let’s look at it as a blessing to give us a little more time to focus on what we want our next steps to look like.

I’m really proud of all you guys. Congratulations.

And I hope to see you out there soon!

Very wise words for all of us.

Hoping for even more Alex pop-up surprises



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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Congratulating The Class of 2020

  1. Rosemary

    What a sweet pop up post! He looks so good and relaxed too. Always positive and inspiring. Love him! Good work girls!

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  2. teachergrl23

    Alex looks so rested and happy, rocking that salt and pepper beard. I love hearing his natural Aussie accent more frequently now, since he doesn’t have to switch between Aussie and American anymore.

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  3. CassG

    This was a very nice surprise!!! Thanks much.😊 He looks fabulous!! 😍 So good to see him post H50.

    One of the many things that’s so great about Alex is his giving heart and spirit. Always willing to be there for so many causes not to mention his generous nature with fans. Never boastful just doing it in a very real and caring manner. Miss him much!!!❤

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  4. What a pick me up. Alex looks hot as usual and oh that voice. He is once
    again using his huge heart to help and inspire others. I love his words and will take them to heart. Thank you so much for this

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  5. Thank you so much for this pleasant surprise in these crazy times. It’s good to see him happy and relaxed. I love that his message to the grads also applied to his situation. Can’t wait to see what his next steps look like. He really is so grounded and giving. There isn’t anything I don’t love about him. Sure do miss him though . It’s comforting that there will always be something about Alex , whether it be past or present , on this sight to fill that void! Thank you for that!

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  6. amytemple9815

    An inspiring message from one very classy guy! Hollywood could learn a few lessons from him.

    And I agree Alex is rocking the salt and pepper beard!😁👍

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  7. I agree ladies .I also enjoyed the comments. Our Alex is “ONE IN A MILLION’ Thank you for posting this.

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  8. Kelbelle

    Seeing this made my day. How lovely to see Alex still on the radar and some Aussie accent showing. Thanks ladies for being super sleuths x

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  9. Trish

    Very well said and it is very inspiring for all the young ones who strive to give their best for our world to have better future. It’s good to see him fresh and happy and he’s doing well after the Hawaii Five-0 series… hope to see him doing another series with different genre…

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  10. It is so wonderful seeing that he not only gives his time but that he does not go with some average, ordinary, meaningless bla bla. His words are well thought out, he has taken into account the current situation.
    That reminds me of his speech at “Relay for life” (if I remember the title right…), when the rain and storm made a mess and he used them spontaneously as an analogy in his great impromptu speech.

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  11. Nancy 13

    Thank you for this! Alex looks so relaxed. It was nice of him to give words of encouragement to all the new grads. In my area, they are using outdoor drive-ins with a stage for the kids to walk across & get their diplomas. Actually he gave us all words of encouragement!

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  12. Cassiopea 1000

    Thank you for this delightful surprise, FOYeur!

    “Let’s look at it as a blessing to give us a little more time to focus on what we want our next steps to look like”. On those days this infernal pandemic makes me feel down, I will remember these wise words, and I will use them to comfort people around me when they need it.

    What an extraordinary man! I love him !!!

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  13. Linda Martin

    I SOOO miss Hawaii Five-0 on Friday nights!! Have watched the show since its beginning! Miss you and the gang!!! Please come back!!!


  14. Veronica napier

    Congrats on ur 6th anniversary,u have more and more to look forward 2 and that they bring even more happier times for u.I loved his aussie accent and it was a very nice surprise with the pop up posts.


  15. Kathysr

    Thank you, Alex, for posting a positive, spiritually uplifting and hopeful message and for honoring high school students who are graduating in the spring of 2020. Your message may reach high school graduates all over the world. Your loving message is a blessing and a beacon of light for us all.


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