#tbt – #H50 Represented at “Change of Command Ceremony at Pearl Harbor” (2014)

Posting some Hawaii Five-0, throw-back moments that we never covered before.

On 11 July 2014, Alex and Peter Lenkov, together with two other co-executive producers, Jeffrey Downer and Bryan Spicer were invited to attend one of the formal military ceremonies on the Island.

After three years as commander, Capt. Jeffrey W. James, transfer command of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to Capt. Stanley Keeve, Jr. during a change of command ceremony on Friday, July 11 2014

Here are some of the pictures from that day:

  • From Peter’s IG

(On the way to the event, Peter took and posted this picture)

The “Arizona Memorial…and Al”  #AlexOLoughlin



  • @jayahh_1of  shares this pic on IG

“A s/o to #AlexOLoughlin who stopped by our historic event”

  • Picture from Aiden (James) Laprete

There were a lot of these events which happened before we really regularly covered all the news around Alex and the show. We will be doing a few of these post during the weeks to come.



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8 responses to “#tbt – #H50 Represented at “Change of Command Ceremony at Pearl Harbor” (2014)

  1. Alex is the only civilian in a tie, and he looks gorgeous, but makes me smile when you think of the times Steve chastised Danny for wearing a tie in Hawaii! Thanks for these nice pictures.


    • Dq

      I don’t Alex is the only citizen there. He is an Auzzie. Even more impressive. He is the only one to show how to dress at such an solemnly event. Shame to any Americans there dressed as if as were at a picnic. On another item, the before with the last Instagram. When Alex was younger. The man on the boat and the other pic looks so much to Alex. Is it possible he be his father? Can anyone find how if my theory is true?


      • Sorry, but we are not really in the stalking and sharing of Alex’s private family here. If or when Alex feels comfortable to share pictures of his mom or dad or sister on a public forum, only then will we share such information here.

        And no, I doubt if any of those men are his dad. The one is the guy who posted the pictures and the other one also does not look like him, or old enough to be his dad.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Cassiopea 1000

          And that’s precisely why I feel at ease with this blog, devoided of all paparazzi stuff. Alex’s private life is PRIVATE. Would I like him to share more of his private life? Of course I would. But only on his own terms.

          The rest is the repulsive work of scavengers, sick malevolent people.

          Viva this clean and respectful An Intense Study!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Catherine McKeever

    It impresses me the tremendous initiative and respect Alex shows for the military and people in general by wearing a suit to such an important event. Of course I would expect no less because Alex has shown time and again the consideration and thoughtfulness he has for others.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      I cannot Like with the Like button, so I will Like with this comment. I agree with you entirely. And with CassG below: He is a real gentleman and would never make a faux pas.


  3. CassG

    Alex never ceases to amaze the depth of his true character. Always a gentleman and rising to the occasion. ❤


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