2008 – Interview with #AlexOLoughlin on WDEF News 12 for #Moonlight (Transcript)

In April 2008, news anchor at the time, Joe Legge, got to chat with Alex about the restart of Moonlight.

This is their interview:

Joe: Moonlight returns to WDEF News12 on Friday night with all-new episodes. The show features a vampire who moonlights as a private investigator, using his supernatural abilities to help the living. Alex O’Loughlin stars as that vampire, Mick St John, and joins us now. Welcome, Alex.

Alex: Hi. Thank you, Joe.

Joe: Great to have you here. You know, Moonlight’s been on hiatus for a little while. Can you give us kind of a quick refresher about the show?

Alex: Yeah, yeah. Well, it’s a show about a character named Mick St John, who is a …. Who met a woman in the ‘50s, and fell in love. And asked her to marry him and she bit him on the neck … on their wedding night. And, he kind of never looked back. And he is … he’s .. he’s a reluctant vampire. He’s not happy about this situation. And he’s sort of…. He’s never really come to terms with it.

But he’s learned how to live .. you know, in this modern world, with this curse. He doesn’t kill people. He’s learned new ways of getting blood and all the rest of it. And so, .. and he’s become a private investigator and he’s learned a way to use his powers for good. And to help … help the living. And the … there’s a bit of a love story in there as to.

Joe: Well some folks at home maybe thing. “Oh, Moonlight is just another SyFy vampire show”. Tell me why it’s more than that.

Alex: It’s much more than that actually. It’s  …. It is a vampire show, but it’s not …. It’s not like a monstrous vampire show based in fantasy. It’s … our sort of catchphrase is, “We walk among you”.

You know, and it’s … it’s about vampires who are maybe .. who are closer to humans than perhaps we’ve come across before. The make-up is very simple. And …  and we’ve tried to make them more accessible  … or accessible as a bloodsucker can be, I suppose.

Joe: [Laughs]

Alex: But … but … but it’s about … it has a wonderful … it has a wonderful love triangle in the show. It’s got a great romantic element. It’s got lots of action. For the guys … like I love the action in the show. And it’s got … and it’s got some really great dramatic storylines, you know.

Joe: You sure have some pretty committed fans. Going on to great lengths. Even organizing a blood drive, I heard about, to secure a second season.

Alex: It ‘s …

Joe: What do you make of it?

Alex: It’s fantastic.

Joe: Yeah.

Alex: I’m so thrilled. I mean, it’s just wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in anything that is philanthropic, you know, in its nature. You know, and you know, something to help the community.

And so, that it’s fan instigated … these guys have taken upon themselves to do this …. this wonderful thing. And now we’re affiliated with the Red Cross. And I am a spokesperson for the American Red Cross. And so… and .. and I’m delighted. And I’m also … it’s … it’s a great honour to be able to do this too.

Joe: Well, your character lives between two realities, the vampire world and the human world. Which to you have more fun, playing in?

Alex: Oh, the vampire world.

Joe: [Laughs] I know, obvious question, wasn’t it?

Alex: Absolutely.

Joe: Why so?

Alex: It’s … it’s so much fun. I mean it’s a real  … you know, it’s like inner child stuff. You really .. you really get … get to PLAY. You really get to let go of all your inhibitions. And when, I put the make-up on, and the eyes in, and the teeth in, it’s like I’m wearing a mask. And I can truly let go and transform into a different character. It’s like I … I can give myself the permission to do that. And so …. so, it’s terrific. You know what I mean. It’s…  it’s great fun.

Joe: Like putting on someone else’s skin.

Alex: Absolutely. It really is. It’s really great.

Joe: Well, Alex, we’ve got to run. Thanks for joining us today.

Alex: Thank you for having me.

Joe: Moonlight returns to WDEF News12, Friday night when Mick has to choose saving someone special or staying human. The show airs at 9 o’clock. And WDEF news, this morning continues in a moment.


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One response to “2008 – Interview with #AlexOLoughlin on WDEF News 12 for #Moonlight (Transcript)

  1. Cassiopea 1000

    What a great show and what a pity it was cancelled. We’ll never know if Mick and Beth managed to reconcile their two worlds and live happily together. I hope they did it after all, even if my dear mamayorkie thinks it’s practically pure incest.


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