Ally Invited to the Set of #H50 – Dec 2019

Just a small feel-good post for the day!
Another Make A Wish come true on the set of Hawaii Five-0

Ally Tamayose’s Journey (12 December 2019) 12/6/19-12/11/19. After Kapiolani Medical Center appointments, Ally was invited to the set of Hawaii 5-0! She and Keely got to watch Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, and Eddie shoot a scene and then toured the studio. Thank you to Alex from the Hawaii 5-0 crew and Jodi from Make-A-Wish Hawaii for coordinating such an awesome experience!

Happiness all around


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One response to “Ally Invited to the Set of #H50 – Dec 2019

  1. Alex’s incredibly kind, loving face. It doesn’t seem hard to hug.Adorable the way Alex looks.


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