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#AlexOLoughlin Talks #H50 Season 4 Secrets – back in Sept 2013 (Transcript)

One of the old interviews from way back in 2013, for which we have not posted a transcript here yet.

Hope you enjoy the old memories.

Alex: McGarrett is in a LOT of danger. He’s always in a lot …. He is in so much danger, this guy. I get anxious about it. I go home and I go to bed and I am like, “God, I’m so worried about McGarrett”.

Brook: [Laughs] Alright

Alex: I mean, look he is in maximum…. He’s in like a …. what do you call those prisons?  It’s not even maximum security. It’s like a super-max …

Brooke: Yeah.

Alex: …. you know, Blade Runner style prison. And he’s handed his weapon in, at the door. And so, he’s completely vulnerable. And these guys are coming in with like fully automatic weapons. And it’s like. “What? How did they get in? Who are they? And they are going to kill him. And he has nothing”. And so,

Brooke: But he always wins  ..

Alex: But he always seems to find his way out of the pickle, doesn’t he?

Brooke: [Laughs]

Alex: But he’s …. he’s in a fair bit of danger. And it’s also that whole Wo Fat thing. You know I read …. as I read these scripts and I’m like.  … It’s funny I have the same reaction as McGarrett has. I’m like “What? He’s back? How did he get out of there?”

Brooke: What about your love life? Your girlfriend is going to work for her ex’s company. Do we get to see a jealous side of McGarrett?

Alex: It’s funny, you know, I mean. He’s a stable guy. He’s so secure …. he’s so … and he knows this kid though, you know. This guy … this ex-boyfriend of Catherine’s, Billy Harrington, he’s an ex-Navy SEAL as well. And McGarrett actually deployed with him and went downrange for a mission. And so, … they have some …. they have some sort brotherhood history. Which puts another level of confusion in it there for him. ‘Cos if it was just an ex-boyfriend he could be like,  … you know, a little bit and it would be perfect. But because he is essentially friends with this young guy and he’s … he respects him, and he respects his … his combat prowess. And his combat sort of … you know …. you know, he’s got medals, you know. And they got them together. So anyway, this kid comes back in and yeah … for the first time I think we sort of see a side of McGarrett that’s … he keeps …. he thinks he is keeping it all under wraps, but he doesn’t feel too good about it, you know.

Brooke: Tell me about Chi McBride.

Alex: Chi McBride is fantastic. You know I do … I have … you know McGarrett is always … he’s just so confrontational. He’s always like  … and you know this stuff. And I’m not like a huge guy. I’m 6 foot 1, so I’m too tiny. But I’m not like, … but Chi’s like 6’5 or something. He’s the most enormous man. But when he sits, he has a theory. It’s like why stand up when you can sit down? And why sit down when you can lay down? That’s his,  like … that’s his, like mantra, right. So when he sits, he’s very like  …. You know. He sort of sits like this with Cubans and


Brooke: Yeah.

Alex: But when he stands up. When he’s just sitting there, you’re like whatever .. then he stands up and it’s like….

Brooke: He’s a giant.

Alex: And so, I am trying to do these scenes, and remain like this stoic Navy SEAL dude, and there’s this monster

Brooke: [Laughs]

Alex: But he’s a terrific actor and great guy, you know. And so … he’s coming on board for a few, I think.

Brooke: You guys are moving to Friday nights. Talk about why it’s a good fit to be paired with Blue Bloods.

Alex: I think it is going to be a fantastic fit. Look, you take Blue … Blue Bloods is a  … it’s a character-driven drama, you know. It’s not a straight procedural … it’s not, you know. It’s got really strong character stories you know … it’s got really clear, definite fanbase on Fridays where it lives. And I think we lead Blue Bloods in …. I think they follow us, right?  

And so I think for Hawaii Five-0. We are a procedural show, but we have a lot of serialised stuff in the show, you know. We have done from the beginning and I think… I think it’s going to be …. The other thing is the demographic like the Blue Bloods demographic is closer to the old Hawaii Five-O demographic. And I think it is just going to be … hopefully all you fans are going to come with us. And hopefully, we’re going to get some new ones as well. So Mondays are tough night for a bunch of different reasons.

There’s sports stuff. It’s hard to get advertising and all the rest of it. And think Friday … I feel really positive about Fridays

Brooke: It seems like a good fit.

Alex: Yeah, it feels like we did our time and now we can relax and go to Friday and keep doing what we do.

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