Meeting #AlexOLoughlin After Drawing Dusty

Last week on 16 April, it was Alex’s dog Dusty’s 9th birthday.
We haven’t seen her in a while and we really hope that she is still doing okay.

Happy (belated) Birthday Dusty!

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Here is an old, but cute story about Dusty.
  • From Alycia Brown on IG:
alycia_browne_art  On set with Alex O’loughlin after creating a beautiful painting of his dog.
(Oops, why are there so many pictures around of Alex with this red wig from Epi 3:21?)
toupee smileyface
alycia_browne_art  My artwork of Alex O’loughlin’s dog ‘Dusty’
#animalart #celebritypup #hawaiifive0

alycia_browne_art   This was taken in 2013 when I lived in the #808 Took several pics of Dusty then worked with using Alex’ favorite photo he took. They were both very happy 🙈😄🐾💕😂

Hope y’all have a good “isolated” but safe week!


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3 responses to “Meeting #AlexOLoughlin After Drawing Dusty

  1. She is very talented. The picture is very good and Dusty looks lovely!!!!

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  2. mamayorkie

    Such a very lovely drawing.

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  3. Cassiopea 1000

    Dogs and cats are one my great passions, together with Alex, Hawaii, dark chocolate and Excel (yes, I’m completely nutty, but there it is).

    So a post with Alex and lovely Dusty, which I can savour with a good supply of chocolate at hand and Hawaiian background music is just the thing I need in these black times.

    So many, many thanks!


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