#H50 – Am I A Bad #AlexOLoughlin Fan?

This post may or may not be the direct result of being housebound for too long …..

We follow and support the career of the actor Alex O’Loughlin, who was starring in the hit reboot series Hawaii Five-0 as the character Steve McGarrett. The Executive Producer of the show was Peter Lenkov and he also personally wrote the introduction and the key episodes of the series. Peter was also responsible for the final editing of the show’s episodes.

Okay, after reading that first paragraph most of you would think this poor woman lost her mind. Why is she writing that? We all know it.

Why am I writing it then? To remind us what the role of each one was of course. And to remind us that Alex also exactly knew what his role in this Hawaii Five-0 collaboration was. One part of a body of collaboration can advise and give suggestions to the other, but if the hands want to take over the job of the feet we will have a body walking around on its feet pretty soon.

Handstand smiley

Over the years Alex made many comments about dropped storylines and suggestion for the show etc, but he always went back to the words that he is not the creator and writer on the show and that he knows his place. Not even listing them all here – because it would take some intense study to find them all. But that does not mean that we might not post some of those quotes over the next few week or months or however long it will be, until we get some fresh news about Alex – and when we all can roam free again.

Do I have sympathy with Alex’s frustrations in his position of this collaboration? Of course! Do I feel the need to shout foul and throw insults at the producer for not doing this Alex’s way? A big fat NO. Why? Because changing their roles was never the deal here. One writes, one acts.

It is actually very funny. Over the years we have done many posts, poking a little bit of fun of all the potholes, dropped storylines and just plain stupid stuff on the show. And we voiced many of our feelings of shortcomings on the show, especially those personal McGarrett stories that we also know, bugged Alex. Along the way, numerous fans scolded us for doing that. Many times telling us to stop watching if we have so much “negative” stuff to say about the show.

And many of them kept praising the show and kept writing rave reviews, week after week, and offering no criticism for it – (well unless Catherine pitched up for an episode of course) 😕 .

And now that we have seen the finale, many of those exact same people who scolded us, are now screaming at the producer for not giving them their ending. G0 figure? So according to them, we were bad fans for telling things like it was along the way, and now we are bad fans for not ‘supporting’ Alex in his (according to them) disapproval of the ending – just because we accept the end for what it is and how the Producer wanted it?


I love this story……

Our society??

An old man, his wife and a donkey were going to town. His wife rode on the donkey and the old man walked. As they went along, they passed some people who remarked it was a shame the old man was walking and his wife was riding. The man and his wife thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions.
Then, later, they passed some people who remarked, “What a shame, he makes his wife walk.” So they then decided they’d both walk!
Soon they passed some more people who thought they were fools to walk when they had a decent donkey to ride. So, they both rode the donkey. 
Now they passed some people who shamed them by saying how awful to put such a load on a poor donkey.

The woman and her husband figured they were probably right, so they decided to carry the donkey. As they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the animal and he fell into the river and drowned.

The moral of the story? If you try to please everyone, you might as well… Kiss your “donkey” goodbye! And even this ending won’t please everyone.

In short – damned if you do, damned if you don’t …..

My advice to the person that will reboot Hawaii Five-0 in future. Let Steve McGarrett be gay, his partner Danny (sometimes called Danno) be a woman who he’s got a nice (but somethimes nasty) bantering friendship with. She is also for some weird reason or maybe because of her schedule, often missing on cases. Steve has a  long time lover, Cathan Rollins (yes, there is such a name for a man), who does not live in Hawaii, but pops in every now and then to help Steve find stuff (in and out of bed) 😀 .

Just think how easy it will be then – we can just rehash all the old  McDanno Vs McRoll (c)arguments – McDanno fans insisting that Steve is actually straight and in love with Danny (because they care about each other a lot). But in the end Steve eventually leaves Hawaii with Cathan and the McRoll fans can go – we told you he is really gay and we are endgame.

Telling you now – I am already putting up my wall of silence for that one (read here: the block button is best for your sanity)

We met each other on Sardonic, and with a few other like-minded fans, we even sent him some character-themed decorated panties once. And as non-English speakers (and not from the States),  we may not always know our abC’s, but we never pinned our views (and old articles) on twitter or kissed the EP’s ass.

Most of the time we are just the fandom jesters, who in these strange uncertain times we’re living in, got sanctimoniously reprimanded by some on high horses, over our comments of those who love to hate.

But in the end, we were entertained and satisfied that Alex made us proud by giving 100%, all the time  – never holding back, not even one smile that was needed to tell the story, even in the end.

Alex, like you, we never really liked Book’em Danno, but thanks for being an amazing lead, for ten incredible seasons. In case you don’t know it –  we fucking love Alex O’Loughlin. With clothes and without …..


PS – being so close to Easter still, there may or may not be some fandom Easter eggs hidden here.



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38 responses to “#H50 – Am I A Bad #AlexOLoughlin Fan?

  1. Bravo! What a great post. Love it, and totally agree.
    I always had a good laugh when I again was told to stop watching the show. That is just wrong for so many reasons. First of all, why giving up on something one loves, just because there is stuff about it that every sane person should spot as ridiculous, stupid or both. And even more importantly, just imagine all the people pointing out the flaws would actually stop watching, stop paying good money to watch the show… there wouldn’t be a show to enjoy anymore. 😉
    But honestly, some people are just too dumb to waste ones time with.
    I always loved your view of the show. Despite all the fun you poked at it, your love always came through. Besides, it’s way more fun to read a post like yours than those that were written with rose colored glasses firmly in place.

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  2. karinnotmcnerd

    OMG! The decorated panties! What a lot of fun that was. I wonder if Diane (was that her name?) ever used her gift certificate. If we had those large granny pants now we could turn them into face masks!
    Loved your “donkey” story. You always tell it like it is. I remember one Sardonic follower was disappointed when I set up a Twitter account and then never used it. Still haven’t. Don’t need that much negativity.
    I hope you two will continue to delight us with your comments and pictures.
    Stay safe.

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  3. This may be a nice look back for you. It was the original song I wrote for
    the McRoll Saga and Video.

    I recorded the song in September and completed 90 % of the video
    before the notice of Cancellation.
    Also, 2 weeks before the last Epp aired.

    I was pretty ‘on point’ with the project
    I thought and Kudos to Shawn Garnett f
    for his permission to use his live songs for
    Pre and Post Credits (Look at the last
    frame of the song video a couple of times)

    Thank you for all your Hard Work over the
    years….. I feel you have been fair, tough
    when needed and pushed for positive
    Take-a-ways as much as possible.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards, Dave

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    • Thanks Dave.
      It is such a nice positive tribute to the show and the good memories of Steve & Cath.
      One can really see that you love the show and the characters dearly
      You caught the spirit of it all.

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  4. Leni

    “We met each other on Sardonic, and with a few other like-minded fans, we even sent him some character-themed decorated panties once. And as non-English speakers (and not from the States), we may not always know our abC’s, but we never pinned our views (and old articles) on twitter or kissed the EP’s ass”
    Mic 🎤 Drop!
    I love you for this and so much more.

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  5. I think I spotted a few of those Easter eggs! Thanks again for all you’ve done and continue to do. I kinda backed away from fandom/commenting and completely gave up reading show tag on twitter because of the negativity and high horse riders you mentioned. Right now I’m hilariously enjoying the angst. Sorry, guess I’m just a lurking bitch (I’ve actually been called that by someone in the super- fandom before) It’s pretty amazing how quickly the EP was spurned and scorned by these same self appointed mega fans. Anyhow.. sorry y’all didn’t get your way! (not really)

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  6. Yes, you fucking love Alex O’Loughlin. (<- I see what you did here 😉 )
    Others just think they do because they've been shouting it from the rooftops one time to many.
    Next question.

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  7. mamayorkie

    Thank you for doing this for us. And I am sorry that you have to take nonsense from some very nasty people who think their lives have been devastated because they didn’t get the ending they demanded. Had they been better readers, they would have know what the EP was planning for McGarrett’s endgame. It may not have been what they wanted but it was certainly what they needed. If they are very lucky, it will be the worst disappointment they ever endure.

    Exactly what do some people think they can gain from continuing this tantrum? Do they think PL will re-shoot 1022 because they will never, ever, ever watch anything he produces again? Do they believe he stays awake at night regretting his choice? Is the nastiness toward anyone who disagrees with them worth worth the wrinkles on their faces from their frowns of hate? This is a make believe show with make believe characters who entertained us for ten years. Let’s enjoy the good and forget the bad.

    If anything, I suspect that both Alex and Scott regurgitated bile at the lines they had to read in the hospital and on the beach.

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  8. mamayorkie

    Maybe these negative people are going crazy from being quarantined. When the virus goes way, I hope they will too.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Kimphin1


    I credit Karma for all that is happening right now, Karma is truly a bitch, one must be very careful when spouting sermons from on high.

    It’s hysterical, and it doesn’t seem to be lessening? The tag has just not been worth it for YEARS because of a handful (despite claiming to be the majority, ROFLMAO) of self appointed fandom police who just couldn’t handle any form of criticism of the show (unless you know… it was Catherine they were complaining about. hahaha then all bets were off), and who – when confronted would say things like “I wasn’t talking about YOU, but if you see yourself in my tweet — there’s nothing I can do about that” Oh, darling morons, you’re not that clever. Not even close. Now reading the tag is my daily amusement. Hey, I need some cheering up after listening to COVID briefings.

    The mental gymnastics that are being done to make themselves feel better (I guess? I don’t really know what the point is otherwise) is gold medal worthy – if there was a competition for most effort applied towards something that makes not one bit of difference in the end. They have absolutely no idea what Alex was or was not thinking – and I belly laugh when they say we are disrespecting Alex. Please. I’ll remember to discuss that at length with Alex the next time we have a deep conversation…..

    What was H50Sardonics mantra – “If you reside deep withing the bowels of SHOW, this is not the place for you. We will praise SHOW when it is good and spank it when it is Naughty” It was never a show to be taken seriously. To quote Alex himself “We are not making fine art here” Was it entertaining? For me, sometimes, yes. sometimes not – but no one ever bats 1000.

    I love you guys – for everything you’ve said and everything you haven’t. And may we always be FUCUPS

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  10. lindae5o

    Thank you for this post. Hilarious!! I loved reading Sardonic’s posts back in the day, too.
    Stop watching the show? I don’t think so!! I just sat back, shaking my head at all the absurdities. Sticking around for that one main attraction, was so worth it!! Alex never disappointed. Bravo!!
    Keep fighting the good fight, and ignore the trolls!!

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    • gracenotpark

      Ahhhh…Alex! What would the ratings for Show have been without him? Show woulda folded long ago. Cos Scott is no lead. They were thinking to recast Alex’s part to continue. And that dude was pretty cool. But the network knew. No go.


    • I am actually enjoying the trolls.
      The reaction is priceless.
      No need to pay for my entertainment here.

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  11. Kimphin1

    The fandom Easter eggs… some are old Easter eggs! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually forgot to work your famous tweet in here somewhere – there are so much to work with. Might just need to do another post to have it in: “Pretty sure if he’s going travelling, he’s going to be exploring the mountains, valleys, and caves of Cathlandia”
      And maybe even have some fun with our ‘difference’ of opinion about the “cancelled” and the “end” – and how none of this really matter in the greater scheme of things. 😀

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  12. Cassiopea 1000

    I’ve just proclaimed myself a bad fan of Alex.

    No, I have not supported him in his disapproval of the ending, a disapproval we know he felt as he explained publicly in an interview. Because he explained it publicly, didn’t he?

    No, I have not yelled at him when he accepted to deal with the restaurant or liver stuff in the most pure ‘Who loves well chastises as well’ way.

    No, I have not joined the ranks of those urging Alex to rewrite the show, no matter how PL wanted to raise his baby, so he could star in a tailor-made show.

    You see. A real bad fan. I have only supported him in a foolish, stupid way, unconditionally, without questioning his decisions (after all, we all know he is not trained to make sound decisions if he is not supervised by wise fans who do love him and know better. For his own good, of course.).

    And I thought I was a loyal, good fan! It is fortunate that those who do love him are here to explain what a good fan is.

    Now I will have to reassess my passion for dark chocolate. Maybe I do not like it at all after all.


  13. As someone Peter Lenkov ‘blocked’ on Twitter because I messaged him that he got a few gun things wrong… I sat in the sidelines while the McRoll shippers screamed about him being a liar because they ‘were promised’ their HEA.
    So, when he announced that he’d accept their apologies I knew this oddly written cop procedural was going to go out VIA a badly written romance HEA.
    I survived the MickBeth vs MickCora battles of 2008, I am strong… I will survive.
    When the camera went dark, all I see is that one day, the Ghost of Doris McGarrett will whisper in Catherine Rollin’s McGarrett’s ear and say… “Come along with me, it’s time for a midlife crisis. Steve can handle the twins… have I got a maneuver for you. Lock and Load.”


    • Of course, a character does what the writer writes for it. Peter felt that he wanted them to be together to have a family.
      I for one love Steve as a character because he deserved love and happiness. Luckily for us, the story is done so we all can imagine whatever we want to have for him.
      If you want to wish him unhappiness, that is on you!
      There has been so much hardship in his life, and I wish him love and happiness until his last breath! 🙂

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