#H50 – The Last Unspoken Words ….

It has been a week since the Hawaii Five-0 finale. And I felt that the last scenes of the show needed some lingering and maybe some more simplification to go with it.

Alex and Michelle (and the writers) portrayed so much with so little time and words. It might not have been seen properly by everybody because of the confined space and time.

But luckily for me, my blog partner is the queen of gifs and helped me explain …..

Cath: This seat taken?

Simplified: Cath is saying “Here I  am.”

Steve: Catherine…?

Simplified: I am surprised. Is that really you? I have a million questions? How are you here?  …


Cath: Hey, sailor.

Simplified: Yes, it is me. Who else? I am the only one who calls you that.


Steve: It was you? You cracked that cypher.

Simplified: Oh, now I understand how you are here. Cole got you here!


Cath:  Lincoln, ….. got ahold of me. Said you guys needed some help. So, yeah.

Simplified: Yes, he told me you are struggling and about to leave to find your peace. He said he thinks you need me here. Do you?

Steve: He’s a good man.

Simplified: He saw my heart when we talked about you. He read me well. And he did a great job to get you here. I do need you.


Cath: Well, he must be. I mean, you gave him the keys to Danno’s car.

Simplified: I think he must have good qualities, because you entrusted those you love (and specifically Danny) in his “care”.

Steve: Well, I mean, we can’t have Danny Williams drive his own car.

Simplified: Yes, Danno always needed me and he will forever be ours to take care of, I know.


Cath: Like he ever did.

Simplified: Yes, you always took good care of him.

Steve: You gonna sit down?

Simplified: Enough with the small talk. I want you to stay. 

I cannot believe it is really you.

I’m scared and nervous that, if I look away, you will be gone.

Cath: You ready?

Simplified: Are you sure you are okay with me being here? And are you ready to leave everything behind?

Steve: Yeah.

And then…

…… we get Steve’s last action on the show, and with it, he speaks his last silent words.

He asks for Cath’s hand!

There is a big difference in offering your hand for someone to take you hand – and just taking someone’s hand …

And what does Steve do here? – he offers her his hand to take.

“Will you give me your hand?”What does those words mean when said between lovers?

– It is actually the short version of , “Will you give me your hand in marriage?

 And there we have it ….

Steve’s Last Unspoken Words: Cath will you give me your hand … in marriage?

Simplified: Will you marry me?

Cath’s unspoken answer: She gives him her hand.

Simplified: Yes!

And he squeezes it tightly!

And with contentment and peace in his heart he looks out the window,  he smiles a sweet goodbye to his beloved Hawaii …..


The End….


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  1. Susan Schoppe

    OMG, Hand in Marriage? What a major imagined stretch. Not by a long shot!
    Most here in the states don’t see it that way. But sense my comments are always restricted by you ( BC you don’t welcome opposing views, which many fans know this about your reviews) I’m sure I’m not the only one! SMH


      • mamayorkie

        FOYeur: I did not “like” Susan’s comment. I hit the like button instead of reply. You can read what I said in my reply post. And If you think my reply was too strong, then you can certainly delete it.


        • mamayorkie

          I managed to delete the like from Susan’s post. Now I only have coronavirus to keep me up at night. What a relief!


    • mamayorkie

      I actually DID NOT mean to like your comment. I meant to hit the reply button instead. I do not like or agree with it. And it was insulting to those who run this site.

      What makes you think most people in the STATES don’t see it that way? Do you personally speak to everyone of us or is it just the handful of your “friends” who hate Cath ? Many of the people who post here are from different countries but we all understand that no matter where you are from, none of us have opinions which have more weight than the other.

      I am also SMH at what you have said.

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      • Susan Schoppe

        Of course you didn’t like my comment’ it differs from yours. That’s why no ones views that do differ from yours are ever allowed to express them. You should check out other sites and reviews, you’d definitely see there are many many more who see it totally different. And those sites allow both sides to comment. Sorry if this offends you but it’s the truth. I do find it amusing that the mistaken like you gave me worried you as much as the virus, LoL, In any case stay well.


        • Can you please give me the links to those other sites and reviews?
          And this was not actually a review. I did not give a view of how I think it should have been – this happened.
          It was just a post showing the end as it was. Not re-written or left out.

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          • Susan Schoppe

            If you have to ask you clearly have Never left your own site or world, basically Any site, Pick one. So if your saying It wasn’t a review, then I guess it was more like fan fiction. That does seem to fit better. Have a good Easter, Bye now.


            • LOL
              As a site owner, I kind of make it my business to I know what is going on everywhere in this fandom. Have been doing it for 8 years. 😀
              The reason I asked, is because I really can’t imagine of which sites you are were talking about, that I might have missed over the years and don’t know about – one with all these qualities you mention?
              You can’t give me links, because they do not exist I would guess? As usual, when I have asked you in the past to give proof of any of your wild statements, you can’t produce proof. 🙂
              I really do not want to be rude to you, but you set yourself up for it every time.
              And really not a review or fanfiction, just my take on what I saw non-verbally. (My Take – not one I want to force on anyone, like many do …)

              They talked, they held hands – no fiction there.

              And I hope you are also having a lovely Easter.

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              • Susan Schoppe

                I as well do not wish to be rude to you, especially at this time of year, (Easter) however, I don’t think at all that I set myself up for anything you’ve suggested. The websites I’m referring to are on FB and I assure you there are many. Do you really want me to go down a list? I would hesitate to actually list site names for many reasons, but not BC they don’t exist. If you’re as experienced as a site owner then you should be able to find them. Of course everyone stays within there like minded groups, that’s just human nature. I’m actually not an unreasonable person, and as you pointed out it was your interpretation so if I missed that then my apologies, I will say this, I’m surprised that you’ve allowed my comments here I never expected they would have been allowed. So thank you for that & I will not bother you or your group any longer. I do hope you look around at other sites, and again Happy Easter to you all.


                • Oh, you are comparing FB pages with sites like this one?
                  Not sure if any of them offer more than a few pictures or videos to comment on? We also, of course, have our own FB page and everybody comment freely on there.
                  And I did not know any of them wrote reviews or any posts like these?
                  I would surely like to know of them if there are any. Must still be missing them somehow?

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        • mamayorkie

          I didn’t dislike your comment because I didn’t agree with it. I disliked it because you decided to attack everyone who disagreed with you because they weren’t from the States.

          Peter fired a shot across the bow of your ship. It was a ship born of fan fiction and never had any chance of sailing. The writers always knew that. They were laughing at a segment of the fandom who did not see that. I always thought that was a mean thing to do. The 9 million who watched on Friday nights knew that the little “I heart yous” were just a joke. The only ones who did not know that were people on the handful on those sites you mention who thought McDanno was real. We didn’t do that.

          Deal with the reality of how the show ended. It is over. It cannot be changed. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I had hoped that by now most McRoll haters had moved on to bargaining but apparently I am wrong.

          I am an American. I have no idea what countries most of the people who post here are from because their written English is usually better than mine. And, yes, in the days of a global pandemic, pitting fan from different countries against each other is more scary than the virus.

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    • Susan
      “What a major imagined stretch.” <<< – Have you read any fanfiction, especially McDanno fanfiction? I read a few many, many years ago as information for one of my posts – and talking and about STRETCH ……
      PS. I prefer to take a show as it is. Have never liked the idea of "fixing" it to fit my will. Shows are entertainment after all – and I like it or dislike it for what it is.

      And PPS. The only people ever "blocked" on this site are those who talk shit about Alex or his family. Or verbally abuse others here (defending a view is not abuse). Anybody else can have their view and have others comment on that. Always been that way.

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    • You sense restriction? Are you a psych? I am impressed.
      But then, what do I know… it obviously does not count, because (BC?) I am not from the States. Actually, of course I am from some state; sometimes even in some state of mind that makes me wonder why some folks go online just to embarrass theirselves, but not the States. You know, those with the capitol S.
      And no, I am no McRoll or Cath fan and I said so on this wonderful site numerous times. And guess what? Nothing happened, people shared their view, I said mine and that’s it.
      Aloha and wash your hands!

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    • teachergrl23

      Not true. LOL “Most” in the states actually loved it. Online fandom is not the whole audience. It’s a minuscule part of it, as in less than 1%. Most viewers aren’t even on social media, so don’t start making sweeping generalizations, because it’s what you and YOUR group of buddies in your little isolated bubbles think. You do NOT not speak for everyone.

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  2. agentd6

    So it’s funny how so many fans can look at this final scene and see different things. Those who don’t like Catherine act like it never happened. As in they are actually pretending it didn’t take place. But to do that is to deny Steve what he seeks-Peace. A lover to share his heart with, his dreams of a future, a family of his own. How can any fans of the show deny him these things. We got to watch this character go thru moments of terrible pain on this show. His best friend Freddy’s death, his Dad’s death, his Mom leaving twice, Joe’s Death, them his Moms. Not to mention his own brushes with death. I mean come on if any
    Character ever deserves a happy ending it’s Steve McGarrett.

    Now McRoll fans see the scene as you describe it, for every detail each spoken and unspoken action portrayed. Just him saying “Catherine”, softly spoke of his love and reverence for her. If you go back to S9-11, Steve says Catherine’s name a particular way when he is getting ready to torture the attorney. It’s not just for her to shut the door to the barn. It’s also his way of saying, “I don’t want you to see what I have to do”. It’s a “I love you” and “I want to protect you”. Well here again he speaks her name and it translates well. “Where did you come from? Thank God your here, I have missed you.” All from saying her name.

    The rest is as you say, few in words but big with the heart. The best non verbals occur as she takes her seat. He cannot take his eyes off of her. He can’t believe she is there and you can see he is realizing that this idea that she “got away” is being thrown out the airplane window. Instead she is sitting by his side. Boy their eyes are all over each other, very intense and yes romantic. Love! Then his release of breath and his wiping of his sweaty hands on his jeans! Well let’s just say he is finally realizing this is his future next to him. Then the ask “are your ready?” Yes indeed, way more than are you ready to leave? It’s an “are you ready” for this next step with me (us-together). And as you appropriately state, marriage. It’s not a matter of if, or when…cause Catherine long ago gave her answer of “yes”. It’s been a few years since that tarmac scene. But for fans of this couple we have patiently awaited for Steve to realize he deserves the right to be happy with Catherine. They can actually put themselves and their family first. So that “are you ready” is exactly as you put it-it’s the ask! Yes I am finally ready to leave the past ten years of vendetta’s and people trying to hurt me and my family behind. And as Alex says In the goodbye clip, McGarrett has gone full circle. He is back
    To where we met him. The navy seal Lt. Commander who was in love with his beautiful and smart Navy Lt. Intel Specialist. I think AOL was exactly right, Steve went full circle and is finally ready to settle down with the only woman he has ever loved.

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    • Catherine McKeever

      I love this explanation, thank you thank you! And as Peter Lenkov said, he knows his own characters because he’s been writing them for ten years and possibly Steve returns to Hawaii with his beautiful Catherine and their children to live happily ever after. And “maybe” still friends with Danny and they can sit on the beach with theirs beers while they watch Steve’s children play in the sand or the water and Catherine comes out to join them. Beautiful ending!

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    • teachergrl23

      Perfect comment, especially that last part about what Alex himself said.

      “And as Alex says In the goodbye clip, McGarrett has gone full circle. He is back
      To where we met him. The navy seal Lt. Commander who was in love with his beautiful and smart Navy Lt. Intel Specialist. I think AOL was exactly right, Steve went full circle and is finally ready to settle down with the only woman he has ever loved.”

      Exactly. Alex himself said he thinks it’s time for McGarrett to “roam the Earth a little bit.” Anybody who read Alex’s interviews in 2016 about McRoll knows his issue with them was that Catherine kept leaving, while Steve was based in Hawaii. Now that Steve is leaving Hawaii for a while himself and traveling, Steve and Catherine are actually on the same page at the same time. I don’t know why people are still citing three-year-old interviews that don’t even reflect what Alex himself said in his goodbye video last week. LOL

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  3. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love your take on this!

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  4. lindae5o

    Sigh!! I love your ‘Simplified’ version. Lenkov should see it!!!

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  5. Kimphin1

    Paula and FOYeur,

    This is lovely … at least THIS resident of the STATES thinks so. 🤪

    There definitely was a lot said between them using very few words, they definitely acknowledge that Lincoln was the catalyst for getting them in the same place at the same time. I love that the new character is the one who recognized the love that still existed between them.

    I fully accept and agree with this interpretation! And let’s be honest… the intention was to end the show on a happy, hopeful note. Steve acknowledged being unhappy in his present situation…. and now he’s embarking on his own journey to happiness. Not living someone else’s life.

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    • I live in the states too and I loved the ending. PL has always said he had an endgame in mind, even going so far as to say he won’t say a name because it would cause a ‘war on his timeline’… which obviously says Catherine to me. All the wishing in the world isn’t going to change it now.

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  6. mamayorkie

    Thank you. This is really enjoyable and is likely what was really going through PL’s mind, given the time constraints of the sudden cancellation of the show.

    Oddly enough, all factions of the fandom have wanted the same thing for years –closure for the McRoll story. And that is exactly what Peter gave us. Closure for McRoll and closure for the series. Guess he heard all of us.

    I do hope that some very vocal people have adjusted to the final scene and moved on. It is now canon. After all, it is just a TV show and it does no good to dwell on those things which make you unhappy.

    McRoll = endgame!

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  7. Leni

    I loved that scene and I am in the United States, so NOT everyone.
    I think Alex and Michelle did a great job. They have always been very good with the non verbal communication of their characters. McG and Cath have yet another chance to be together and they are both ready to take it. That hand hug shows they are not letting go of each other. Show ended on a happy note and when it all comes down to it, that is what everyone wants, for the hero to be happy. I know I do. Especially if it is with Cath.

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  8. You guys rock! I love your enhancement of the final scene. Alex and Michelle said so much with so few words….love them together. Initially I had wanted more dialogue and interaction between them but after watching it a zillion times and linking it to the convo Steve and Lincoln had in the car I think it’s perfect. I am so happy that McRoll got their happy ending….and so did a lot of us from the States. I will miss seeing them.

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  9. Mel

    I hated the final scene. Show should have ended when Steve said Aloha at his house. He should never have to have someone with him who repeatedly lied to him & left him.


    • Cath never lied to Steve. She had a job to do for her country and those she loved. She had to protect him from the truth sometimes. Joe White understood that very well.

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    • Hi Mel
      I guess, you mean he should have stayed with someone who insulted him and his family on a daily basis? And judged everything he ever did?
      And whose constant presence (in his house and work) did not help to make him feel better all this time?

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      • But then he would have stayed with the one friend, Alex, the man himself, once called “tedious and annoying”. That would be against the lead actors wishes and we all know that would be totally disrespectful, right? 😉

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  10. Vixhen

    I cheered when Catherine showed up! I was like FINALLY!!! And I agree 100% with your final assessment of the unspoken vibe between Steve and Catherine. This was great FOYeur, and I’m from the States.

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  11. This is only my opinion: What is relevant is not whether we agree with the finale or not. The issue is how Peter Lenkov and the writers did in such a restricted time. They wanted to give McGarrett hope to find the peace he needed, and that’s their view of what the end of the story should be. Also, I think Alex and Michelle did a wonderful job of acting out the script assigned to them.
    Furthermore, I think we all have the right to our own opinion, but just as we want that opinion to be respected, we are also obliged to respect the point of view of others. Thank you so much Paula AND FOYeur! for showing us your interpretation of the final minutes, as well as for the time you spend giving us good (and respectful) information about Alex and his work.

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  12. My opinion, I was originally mad at Cath for the hurt she caused Steve but after reading your long story of them together I began to understand that she was leaving him for the greater good and her job. That she truly always loved him and I think deep down he knew that. Paula and Foyeur this was so very good. I thought it was great that he needed her and she was there to take his hand . whether they stay together well that is another story I like to think they do . others may feel different but that is okay. It was a story and ended the way Peter wanted it to. All stories end the way the writers and creators of stories want . Aloha that means the same in any language in every country,

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  13. Interesting, I love your take and the photos. I interpreted it sorta the same way, his taking her hand and her letting him meant they are finally going to be together forever. Whether that is marriage or not I don’t know but I loved the ending. And I am from the USA baby!!! 😉

    In my opinion, they were always meant to be. Did she make me mad when she left not once but twice, absolutely but he never stopped loving her. She was and always will be his happily ever after.

    And I am glad it became the series ender and not a cliff hanger because now we can make up the stories in our minds about what happened once the plane landed. Instead of possibly being disappointed by the disconnected writing.

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  14. CassG

    For one born in the US and proud of it I make my own comments on what my opinions may or may not be. No one speaks on my behalf here about Alex or anything relative to him but me. I want to make that clear!
    FOYeur I like this scenario.💕 I wished the best for them esp for Steve’s sake. He more than deserves it and if it’s with Catherine who it seems turns out not to be “the one that got away” so be it. Let him live his life as he chooses and so be it! Amen to that!
    Stay safe.

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  15. I love all the comments except of course the 1st one. Thanks again Paula and Foyeur for such a wonderful positive site.

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  16. Cassiopea 1000

    How strange that being from the States can spark off so many comments. This show was developed to be distributed on an international basis. There would never be dialogues, situations or scenes with so many nuances or innuendos that they only can be understood by native Americans.

    The meaning of the end scene is universal. After going through hell for ten years, the heroe is at last reunited with his true love. You may like Catherine or not, you may wish a more romantic setting with flowers and violins for the finale, whatever. The fact remains that PL decided to reunite them and that he did what he could with the little screen time available. So this is it. That’s what he gave the audience, that’s what the audience has to take.

    Any one of us is free to imagine what kind of life Steve and Cath will have, together or not, after the plane takes off, regardless of the country or the American state we are from.

    Aloha and stay safe!

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  17. This is wonderful! And I would interpret the last scene, that was amazingly acted by both actors btw, nearly the same. Only the ‘hand hug’ felt different for me. It was more like making sure the other one is real.

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    • I have seen some comments by people who do not really grasp the concept of offering your hand to someone – and just taking someone’s hand to offer support in a crisis. 😀
      I would suggest they take a look again and see the subtle difference in this scene.
      When I looked at it again after already seeing it quite a number of times, it suddenly dawned on me of what I was seeing.
      He asks her for her hand and she gives it.
      When I google what it means to give your hand to someone to take, this was the answer that I got – so I just McRoll’d with it 😉
      It was a fun take for me to take further.

      It was more like making sure the other one is real. <<< but I also agree with you.

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      • Oh, I know the concept of offering a hand to someone. In former times, at least where I am living, the wannabe groom had to ask the father of his bride-to-be if he would offer him ‘her hand’. And you can really interpret this scene this way. I’ve got no problem with that.

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  18. LalaB77

    That’s an interesting take. I didn’t get ANY of that from the final scene, LOL, but we all see things differently. NBD.

    I was not upset by anything in the episode, the benefit of low expectations perhaps, but it was a little disappointing that the show didn’t get a better send-off overall. The controversy after has been kinda crazy, but honestly – outside of some overly dedicated folks for one ship or the other – I feel like if Lenkov 1) hadn’t written Catherine’s plot in a way so that even Alex viewed the relationship negatively, and 2) abstained from the queerbaiting, most of it wouldn’t exist. Maybe both sides could unite for better writing? 🙂

    To the last part about Alex, and the dreaded final scene, I’ve been going back and forth in my head about it a lot. H50 under Lenkov has been over-the-top-and-damn-the-plot for the last several seasons, with sloppy blunders in the finale being no exception. Based on that, I feel like PL could have made it a definitive, in-your-face Steve/Cath episode. Kissing, rings, doves flying…who knows. I wonder if the more subtle, fairly open-ended conclusion was at all due to Alex’s feelings? If it was a time issue? Something else? I can’t decide.

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    • Hi Lala.
      Yes, you said it. (Better than I would want to)
      In the end, you only have the story that you set up for yourself – and if the foundation failed you the roof might not look so pretty at the end.
      As for what the finale featured – I think Peter was mainly focused on producing something that the Network would want to continue with without Alex. He should have given Steve a better send-off, but he always believed that the show would continue even after Alex leaves.
      That is my take on it after reading all the interviews Peter did surrounding the finale. I am contemplating posting them here, but not sure yet if I want to – mainly because it is about the show, and not so much about Alex or his part in it.

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      • LalaB77

        That’s a great analogy. The foundation was lacking, so the finished product was (sadly) off-kilter. Completely agree.

        That’s a good point about the episode, too. I read a few interviews from Lenkov, but I doubt I caught all of them. His thinking/explanations still left something to be desired for me so, after reading a few, I didn’t actively seek out others. 😊🤷‍♀️

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  19. LalaB77

    Also, longtime lurker, first time poster 🙂 thank you for all of your hard work on this site!

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  20. Nancy 13

    I loved this post!! Alex always says more with his eyes & expressions then just the words that the script gives him to say. A lot of people don’t get his subtlety. You got it perfectly!! Thank you both for all your hard work over the years. Those who don’t like the ending (I did!) can always substitute Danno for Catherine in the last scene & have them hold hands if they want, so what.

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  21. Nancy 13

    Forgot to say, I’m from upstate NY USA. I finally went grocery shopping after 3 weeks yesterday & people were wearing masks & practicing social distancing. That was not the case 3 weeks ago. Grocery shopping can be scary. It was on 3/24. Glad people are finally taking real life seriously.
    Stay safe everyone, all over the world. NY had another 800 deaths yesterday but it is hoped we are finally turning the corner because of social distancing/masks/gloves. Stay home!

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  22. teachergrl23

    “Alex and Michelle (and the writers) portrayed so much with so little time and words. It might not have been seen properly by everybody because of the confined space and time.”

    And, because of shipper biases (one in particular that was never going to happen, because the show constantly poked fun at it and baited those fans). Matt Mittovich certainly doesn’t help matters either by fueling the fire, because he’s a McDanno fanboy who didn’t get his endgame. He’s so unprofessional, always has been.

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    • teachergrl23

      And quite frankly, I think it’s incredibly offensive to imply Alex is so unprofessional that he let his own feelings creep into his performance (again, based on three-year-old interviews lol). He said he would act out whatever the script was in the same interviews these people keep citing to defend their hate. Alex prides himself on being a professional. Everyone who’s ever worked with him has said he’s a consummate professional.

      Matt Mittovich and others implying Alex snuck in some sort of “commentary” on McRoll in his performance are not only making Alex look bad, but they are completely disrespecting him as a person and an actor. Alex can speak for himself and has repeatedly over the years. If he was displeased with the ending, he can and will say that himself. He doesn’t need armchair psychologists putting words in his mouth and acting like they can read his mind. Over the years, he has said repeatedly that he hates people twisting his words, misquoting him or putting words in his mouth. It’s why he hates doing press.

      This kind of overreaction from certain “fans” and shippers just goes to show you who Alex’s real fans are. Anyone who doesn’t respect his ability to defend or speak for himself, thinking they need to speak for him and can read his mind is not a real fan. They are something else, and it’s disturbing.

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      • Could not agree more. You said it perfectly.
        I am actually busy with a post about it and those interviews, and I might steal some of your thoughts on it as well to use.
        Still not sure if I will actually publish it though.

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      • I wish I could like your post several times. So True! True with a capitol T.
        I never was really interested in Mittovich’s articles, the few I read lacked objectivity all along. But this question/statement made me furious. And it has sickened me.
        I am so done trying to be decent, really.
        I am neither a McRoll shipper nor a McDanno shipper. But I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a big difference between most of the McRoll fandom and most of the McD fandom. What I’ve seen from the Danny fans (yes, the McDs are mostly Danny fans) after the finale, their words, their behaviour towards the EP made me speechless. And that is saying something… And Mittovich fuels them with this…

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  23. Magnólia

    Adorei! Amo a subtileza que Alex coloca nas suas interpretações.
    É uma delícia ver o que ele diz com os seus olhos, rosto e corpo.
    É um final que nos dá asas à imaginação!
    Obrigada, Foyeur e Paula! 🍀🎶
    Boa Páscoa para todos!

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  24. gracenotpark

    LOL!🤣My goodness, the McDs are suicidal. Again.

    Because a fake character in a fake police unit who is clearly a hetero male ended up unsurprisingly committing to a relationship with his long-standing beautiful female love-of-his-life instead of with his equally hetero cop-partner who has a beautiful female wife and family of his own. They are shocked, SHOCKED! that the ending the Creator of these totally fictional, not real-life characters, always promised/warned actually came to be. Their bad. Their quite ridiculous bad.🙄

    And none of these McDs have any chance of sleeping with either actor…or for that matter, the actress. Soooooooooo much ado about nothing, as people all over the world are dying of a strange disease for which there is no cure.

    A tv show is a lovely distraction from the grind of life. Sometimes it can be uplifting. Or educational. Most times just a brief entertainment interlude. This was a brief entertainment interlude. And it ended with a HEA. A happy and beloved hero with his beloved long-standing girlfriend. We should rejoice and be glad in it. Most of us are doing so. But haters gotta hate, I guess.

    For me, I enjoyed the HEA. McG, and Cath, deserve it. They are 2 peas in a pod. They’ve done their duty and then some. Now they’re 2 peas on a plane, committing to one another rather than to their jobs. For both of them, it’s finally Me Time. Godspeed, fictional couple. You’re both beautiful, inside and out.

    I cannot say the same for the bitching bitchers. Y’all are beyond salvation. You’ll be embarrassed someday. None of us will care.

    Thanks for your post, Foyeur. I enjoyed the delightful play-by-play. And I always enjoy your hospitality here. Y’all are delightful hosts and VERY much appreciated.😘

    Liked by 3 people

  25. D. Havard

    I’m one who didn’t care for the McRol ending. (I stopped liking Cath when she left Steve in enemy hands to save the kid.) Still it is over and there is no “do-over” no matter how much we would want one. But everyones entitled to their opinion, and I’VE always enjoyed reading yours, Paula and FOYeur. By the way, a proud Michiganian says hey.

    I’ve known trolls like MS Susan. They enjoy destroying good places like this one, where everyone is free to give their opinion. Please don’t let it happen here.

    As we are all learning, life is short and can wink out quickly. Stay safe so we can all enjoy coming here and reading about Alex and his many doings.

    Liked by 4 people

  26. DoubleL

    It’s been blatantly obvious that this how the show would end for years. I’m not crazy about Cath, but I don’t mind the ending. I just wish they had not written Catherine as a clone of Doris and instead created a unique and likeable character.


    • Apart from also being in the CIA and doing that type of work, I do not really see her as anything like Doris. Everybody doing the same type of job, do not suddenly have the same character?

      Liked by 3 people

      • DoubleL

        I see her as a clone of Doris because she dumped a McGarrett man for a job with the CIA. Plus, Doris recruited her. I don’t see her as any sort of patriot or anything “noble” especially since they pretty much dismissed Doris as a mercenary in the last season. By the end of the show, did any fans sympathize with Doris?


        • I really and honestly hoped that Peter would innovative have some sort of redemption for Doris with the cypher. But alas, the only play he had up his sleeve was MONEY. That was the biggest disappointment in the end for me.
          Doris for me was still the woman who raised his wonderful man. And no matter what Peter made of her, I will always sympathize with her …

          Liked by 2 people

        • Kimphin1

          What episode was it said that Doris recruited Catherine into the CIA?

          All I recall is that Catherine told Steve she was recruited when she was in Afghanistan. Do you believe that all CIA employees are mercenaries?

          There were a number of dirty cops characterized on H50 – does that mean that Danny, and Steve and the rest of 5-0 are dirty cops?

          Dislike Cath all you want – I’m just saying there’s more than a few flaws in your reasoning.

          Liked by 1 person

          • DoubleL

            In 7.7. The one where Cath interrupted his date with Lynn it was stated that Doris recruited her. Doris is a mercenary because she did it all for money. There’s no need to be insulting about any of it.


            • Kimphin1

              In 7.07, the one where Catherine comes to get Steve to save his mother the actual dialogue has Steve asking “When did they recruit you? ” and Catherine responds “Afghanistan”. Nowhere is it stated that Doris got her into the CIA.

              I’m not being insulting. I’m pointing out facts, I’m sorry you think that’s insulting.


        • The only things that Doris and Cath had in common, were that they were both created by Peter as characters, and that they were both screwed up by Peter as characters.
          For the rest, they are worlds apart.
          Doris lied to her husband and kids her whole life – Cath stopped lying to Steve a long time ago….

          Liked by 2 people

  27. Here’s the thing. Most people understand the concept of having a lover AND a best friend

    Liked by 4 people

    • I hit enter too soon! I think the fans of the McRoll ship understand Danny is important to McG and can still be his best friend/brother in arms, even while he is building a life with Cath.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Yes, this either-or mentality of them. is what is causing all this negativity around the show.
        In a McRoll world, Danno still has a very prominent place – as the final scene clearly showed us.
        But unfortunately, the best friend/brother concept does not work in the McDanno romance, that they believe is actually real.
        And I guess there is no place in their fantasy Threesome for them, if Cath is also there. 😉

        Liked by 2 people

  28. Audrey Manasterski

    Awesome. I love how you interpreted all that, it made more sense. I loved how Steve had this little smile on his face, as he looked out the window. Like everything was perfect.
    Thank you. I loved it.

    Liked by 2 people

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