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#H50 – The Last Unspoken Words ….

It has been a week since the Hawaii Five-0 finale. And I felt that the last scenes of the show needed some lingering and maybe some more simplification to go with it.

Alex and Michelle (and the writers) portrayed so much with so little time and words. It might not have been seen properly by everybody because of the confined space and time.

But luckily for me, my blog partner is the queen of gifs and helped me explain …..

Cath: This seat taken?

Simplified: Cath is saying “Here I  am.”

Steve: Catherine…?

Simplified: I am surprised. Is that really you? I have a million questions? How are you here?  …


Cath: Hey, sailor.

Simplified: Yes, it is me. Who else? I am the only one who calls you that.


Steve: It was you? You cracked that cypher.

Simplified: Oh, now I understand how you are here. Cole got you here!


Cath:  Lincoln, ….. got ahold of me. Said you guys needed some help. So, yeah.

Simplified: Yes, he told me you are struggling and about to leave to find your peace. He said he thinks you need me here. Do you?

Steve: He’s a good man.

Simplified: He saw my heart when we talked about you. He read me well. And he did a great job to get you here. I do need you.


Cath: Well, he must be. I mean, you gave him the keys to Danno’s car.

Simplified: I think he must have good qualities, because you entrusted those you love (and specifically Danny) in his “care”.

Steve: Well, I mean, we can’t have Danny Williams drive his own car.

Simplified: Yes, Danno always needed me and he will forever be ours to take care of, I know.


Cath: Like he ever did.

Simplified: Yes, you always took good care of him.

Steve: You gonna sit down?

Simplified: Enough with the small talk. I want you to stay. 

I cannot believe it is really you.

I’m scared and nervous that, if I look away, you will be gone.

Cath: You ready?

Simplified: Are you sure you are okay with me being here? And are you ready to leave everything behind?

Steve: Yeah.

And then…

…… we get Steve’s last action on the show, and with it, he speaks his last silent words.

He asks for Cath’s hand!

There is a big difference in offering your hand for someone to take you hand – and just taking someone’s hand …

And what does Steve do here? – he offers her his hand to take.

“Will you give me your hand?”What does those words mean when said between lovers?

– It is actually the short version of , “Will you give me your hand in marriage?

 And there we have it ….

Steve’s Last Unspoken Words: Cath will you give me your hand … in marriage?

Simplified: Will you marry me?

Cath’s unspoken answer: She gives him her hand.

Simplified: Yes!

And he squeezes it tightly!

And with contentment and peace in his heart he looks out the window,  he smiles a sweet goodbye to his beloved Hawaii …..


The End….



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