#AlexOLoughlin – You Searched for Him and You Got Us (Part #11)

Those who have followed our site over the years, will know that we make some fun posts from time to time. Some of those post are about people searching online for something and landing on our site. 

Here are some of the latest ones.


  • does alex oloughlin wear hairpiece

NO, no need for it because he’s got very nice hair of his own. And I can’t wait to see his natural hair colour again.


  • are steve and danny friends in real life

Danny and Steve are not real people. Although many fans seem to think they are ….

  • are cann and oloughlin friends

One of my pet peeves – people not making sure how to spell an actor’s names (Caan not cann) ….. And yes, they are friends

Alex, Egan & Scott – Late 2012

  • did danny and mcgarrett like each other in real life

Like I said before, Danny and McGarrett are not real. And if you look at some of the footage of their characters, I am sure you might think that they did not really like each other

  • alex oloughlin photoshoot wet shirt

  • what puzzle did mcgarrett’sdad leave him

Apparently, he was looking into her death because he suspected that she was not dead –  18 years after her “death”? Meanwhile, his “best” friend Joe apparently knew all along and never told him …. #With FriendsLikeThatWhoNeedsEnemies

1sm395Rubikcube GIF | Gfycat

  • alex olaughlin stem cell treatments

Just to clear up all the talk about Alex not being well – The stem cell treatment was in 2016. Since then he said in a number of interviews that he recovered well enough to continue with the series and in the end, he made 2 more seasons before finally ending it.



  • was jennifer lopez and alex o’loughlin ever together

Yes, they were together in the movie The Back-Up Plan. But no, they were not together, together.


  • is alex oloughlin married?

Yes, later this month (17 April), Alex and Malia will celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary.

Credit frolichawaii IG (SOTB 2018)

  • what was the code message from mcgarretts mother on hawaii 5-0

The coordinates for her original tomb from way back in 1992.

  • is alex o’loughlin moving to the mainland


Kind of sure he would much rather stay in his beautiful house in Hawaii with his wife and kids.

  • whats alex o’loughlin plans when he finishes hawhi 5 0

Your guess is as good as mine. But hopefully to enjoy his personal life without carrying the weight of the show on his shoulders.

  • explain steve mcgarrett and wo fat

Confused Face Gif Transparent & PNG Clipart Free Download - YWD


  • is alex olaughlin a jerk who only cares about himself?
  • alex o’loughlin is he a good guy

From time to time we make posts with the title “They Say”. Do yourself a favour and read them. That should kind of answer these questions.


  • new pictures of alex olaughlin
  • latest news alex o’loughlin

As we all know, many places in the world are on lockdown at the moment, including Hawaii. Doubt if we will see or hear anything new any time soon.

This was the last new picture we saw of Alex before Hawaii went into lockdown.

  • is alex o loughlin an american accent speaker

Alex normally speaks with an Australian accent (because he is from there 🙂 ), but sometimes while he is playing an American in movies and on TV, he acts as if he is an American accent speaker 😀


  • alex o’loughlin instagram

NO – Alex is not on Instagram

  • why does steve mcgarrett have weird teeth

Define weird? 😕

  • porn neck vein

This made me think of a comment I saw on Alex’s Facebook page after the second last episode: “Does Alex OLaughlin have a medical problem ? I noticed the juggler vein protrudes a lot on the left side of his neck.”


I was tempted to answer the person about Alex jugular vein, but thought I would rather do it here. Alex’s neck vein have been protruding like this since his young days and can be seen very clearly in one of the scenes in Oyster farmer. This is from Season one on H50.

  • online scams about alex oloughlin

So many false accounts opening up on Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram – just because they use the word “official”, it does not make them real. Always look for the blue mark ( How many followers are needed to get a verified Instagram account ... ) next to any celebrity name, to know if they belong to the real person or Verified.

There are evil people out there who will always prey on naive and inexperienced people. Please do not fall for people who pretend to be celebrities (in this case Alex), especially if they start asking you for money or to share your personal details. Those people use the desperation of innocent people to be in contact with a star – NEVER be that desperate!

From Meaghan – On the set of the final episode ..

After what I have seen on social media this week, I am once again relieved that Alex does not communicate with fans on social media. To see all the nonsense and insults posted by so-called fans, really make me cringe. As much as I would have loved to get first-hand information about how Alex is doing, especially in this time of social distancing, I would rather not have him subjected to all this negativity around the show. And especially those who are claiming they know how he is feeling and those who put words in his mouth of things that he has never said. One thing I do know, is that he can’t stand it to be misquoted or quoted out of context …




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13 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – You Searched for Him and You Got Us (Part #11)

  1. Susan Schoppe

    Will your site stay open now that the series has ended?


    • Yes, we have mentioned it in many of our posts over the past month already.
      But I guess not everybody read all our posts and we will just have to keep on repeating it. As our name says, we are a site for Alex and his career (and not H50). So therefore as long as he remains in the entertainment business, we will be here, until we are not. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. gracenotpark

    This was, as always, a fun read.
    Have I told y’all lately that I love y’all?❤️🥂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. D. Havard

    I came here for a smiley. Thanks for providing one. 😆

    Keep on keeping on.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. agentd6

    Always a great read and tonight a good laugh. Yes over the past days I have wanted to tell people that Steve and Danny are characters and not real people. And why do they assume to know what Is thinking or feeling? I have no doubt he is friends with many fellow actors/actresses, past and present and crew. Not sure what else you need to know as a fan. Anyway I thought his wedding anniversary is April 18th, which happens to be mine and my husbands as well. Maybe you can clarify? So it’s a happy 6th for them coming up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Agentd6
      Glad you asked. Look out for my post on the 17th – explaining the correct date of their wedding anniversary has been in a draft for nearly a year already.


  5. I can’t understand those people! What’s wrong with them! Alex and the rest of the cast have the elemental right to make decisions about what is best for them and their families, just like the rest of us. No one has the right to have an opinion regarding his private life. What we, his fans (the real ones) feel is a deep respect for his work, a great admiration for what he has done for his friends, for the people of Hawaii, his activities as an ambassador to promote organ donation and the list goes on and on. He’s a great guy, no matter what other people say.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Some people… 😡 ❗
    Love the ‘Wall of Silence’ gif. Best thing Steve has ever done. :mrgreen:


  7. lindae5o

    Off topic, but Mr. Mike, if you read this, are you going to do a review for 10.22?


  8. Cassiopea 1000

    Those who ask “Is Alex O’Laughlin a jerk who only cares about himself?” or “Alex O’Loughlin is he a good guy” must have twisted minds. What do they expect to find? An article or site stating he is selfish, wicked and he enjoys hurting people? I wonder if there are many jerks like these wanting to know that kind of stuff about other stars.

    Obviously what they know about Alex can be written on a grain of sand.


  9. mamayorkie

    Still smiling. Just surprised no one asked you to explain Doris.
    Glad you reminded people you are still going to be here.
    Stay safe. Be happy. Take care of each other.


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