#H50 10:22 – In The End It Was All About The Money?

In the end, it was just Hawaii Five-0. The Hawaii Five-0 that we have been watching for the last 10 years. Nothing less, nothing more.

Were we entertained? Yes. Were we satisfied? Of course, we will never all be satisfied with everything on such a show. We all have an idea about the story, but that is just it – we all have different ideas of what would satisfy us or what we want from the story. Peter tried to give something to everybody, I guess – just a shame that a certain group can only live with what they want and everything else derails their fantasy. 😦

I went in with not much expectation ……… and all I can say is that I got what I expected. 😮 😕

I would have rather liked continuity and consistency and some logic to wrap it all up in a beautiful bow – but that is just me and not to be. And this is a show for mindless fun and gunslinging entertainment and that is what it is.

It would like to say that I just loved it all. But, as I have said a few times over the years, the right ingredients were there, but in the end, the recipe just failed to come together for me. I would not have wanted another outcome, just a few different words during the same dialogues and scenes that were already there, could have made everything so much better. But that is me …. and I am not the producer/writer.

Before I continue, I just want to emphasize the fact that I can understand how difficult it must be for a producer to write for a show for which he did not know the day and date or season that it will end. To write stories for characters, when you do not know how long they will be part of your show. And in the end to write a finale for a show, not knowing full well if it is a season or a series finale. It is, after all, a long-running procedural and not a drama, with a set plot that’s got a beginning, middle and an end.

And please remember that this is not a review. Real reviews you will get in a few other places, with other professional review writers in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom. I just jot down a few ideas and comments … mostly more about some weird moments.

So here we go…..

 Oh my goodness, we got an answer from the last episode. Steve’s truck was at the cemetery all along, and he just left it there when he left with Danny.
Steve (about Catherine): Well, she was the one that got away.
Koala Smartass: Dear Steve you never asked her to stay forever as your life partner. How can she be the one that got away? She already told you that she would have said yes. So, if the two of you are not being together, it is your fault!
Steve’s sleeve catches fire, but he never gets burned underneath or treatment for any burn?
Koala Smartass: His wardrobe is a superhero costume. #JustSaying
Pressure on the wound? Steve finds Danny in a pool of blood, but okay, let’s just let him get up and walk and keep on bleeding.
Koala Smartass: I am sure the gun stuck into the front of Danny’s pants did the trick to stop the bleeding.  🙂 #NoPressureNeeded #ItWasNotEvenHisOwnGun #JustHisBackUpPickUp
Bargaining with God …
Steve going to the Chapel to pray without even washing the blood from his hands  – definitely in the days before COVID 19! We all know by now to wash our hands regularly (with soap and for at least 20 seconds). Even if we don’t have blood on them – JUST WASH.
Koala Smartass: Yes, all our lives will be so different from here on ….
According to the doctor, Danny is not out of the woods yet, but he is not in ICU?
Koala Smartass: Can we just count again? How many years have you been watching the show? Has the medical stuff ever been realistic? #GoWatchGreysAnatomyForThat

So, was Doris, in the end, just a common thief who stashed away loads of money? When and where did she get it? What was she doing then, trying to save up money in Swiss accounts for her kids in Episode 10:07, if she had all this stashed away since who knows when? Why take those risks with her life while in Mexico, with all this already here?

Koala Smartass: Maybe Episode 10:07 never happened? You know Alex wrote it – maybe the other writers never saw it?

Daiyu Mei: Wo Fat had every right to that inheritance. After all, he was Doris‘ son, too.

Oh, that’s why Daiyu Mei thinks this is her money as well? AND then the same question as last week – how did she even know about it?
Koala Smartass: The minds of criminal masterminds are full of surprises. #TheyKnowItAll #SorryIGotNothing?
Steve: Wo Fat never met my father?
Really? What about the video evidence from the Governor’s office in  Episode 2:01? And the whole conversation about Shelburne that needed to be lipread and solved in Epi 2:06. And why and what was Steve tortured for in Episode 2:10  if Wo Fat knew all along about Doris being the woman who raised him?
Koala Smartass: Shhh. Don’t try to sound smart. #YouKnowNothing #SorryJohnSnow #Steve’sMemoryIsShort? 
And what about Episode 3:01? How did Wo Fat know about Doris but he did not know she was Shelburne? What was that whole thing about him and Doris not shooting each other at that time? How does that fit in here?
Koala Smartass: Don’t sweat the small stuff. #NobodyCares
“Book her Cole” – Sounds interesting?
Koala Smartass: Nah … don’t think the Network thought so either. #HenceNoRenewal
Danny was shot in the shoulder, but no bandages or sign of that injury after just one week?
Koala Smartass: What did I say earlier about the medical stuff and reality?
And why does Danny need a cane? He was shot in the shoulder? Why is he walking with a limp?
Koala Smartass: With a limited shooting schedule for the actor, they might have shot it so out of sequence, that they did not really know what his injuries would be? #SorryCouldn’tHelpMyself
And then came the final goodbyes

Steve to Eddie: I got a couple things to tell you. The first one is I love you and I’m gonna miss you, okay?

Grover: You saved my life when you met me.
Koala Smartass: Those not crying after this McGrover part of the scene, they have hearts of stone! #Justsaying
And the rest….


Adam: Thank you for always seeing the good in me. You gave me a second chance at this life.

Koala Smartass: Adam (or was it Ian) kept calling Steve “brother”in this episode. #ILikedIt

And then this is just #StraightFromTheHeart!
(Two men who made a real lifelong connection)

#TheGoodOldDaysBeforeSocialDistancing 😥


A Hui hou
And Steve is off to roam the earth #WhileWeStayLockdownAtHome
…. but before he leaves there is a last-minute present from Cole#YesColeSawTheLove

Steve about Cole: He’s a good man.

Cath: Well, he must be. I mean, you gave him the keys to Danno’s car.

What car? Danno’s car was torched!

Koala Smartass: Shh, you’re spoiling it!

Steve: Well, I mean, we can’t have Danny Williams drive his own car.

Cath: Like he ever did. 

And that was the very last joke from Hawaii Five-0.

Steve: You gonna sit down?

Cath:  You ready?

Steve: Yeah.

And two old lovers confirm to each other that they are starting a new adventure – together ….

Until we meet again, in this life or the next!


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67 responses to “#H50 10:22 – In The End It Was All About The Money?

  1. scarlett

    Every comment and caption here is PERFECT! My favorite: #TheGoodOldDaysBeforeSocialDistancing 😥 Stay safe everyone and let’s hope we see some glimpses of Alex in the future.

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  2. DoubleL

    “Really? What about the video evidence from the Governor’s office in Episode 2:01? ”
    LOL! I thought the same thing. Did they totally forget that scene that was supposed to be a big deal at the time?? It’s crazy that they just ignored that.

    The ending was what I expected: rushed and sloppy. I knew he would end up with Catherine even if I really didn’t care anymore. I don’t think he would have left Hawaii, but I guess they didn’t think they could end it with Steve still running the task force.

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    • jan Schagen

      Het einde was inderdaad haastig en slordig. Er ligt na de verzoening tussen Cath en Steve in het vliegtuig nog een hele verhaallijn klaar. De start van hun echte (nieuwe) leven samen gaat dan beginnen. Maar ook in de hele finale aflevering was Cath nodig en inzetbaar. Dit is echt een gemiste kans.


  3. Madeleine T. Skoog

    Steve is exhausted. Danno is exhausted. They need a rest. And Steve gets some love and closure.
    I did not feel this is the end. After they rest I am betting that some type of show will reappear. They have too much going for them at this time. So much creativity will pop up in the future. A lot has been invested in the story line here that still can be spun up for more shows that are not so physically demanding.

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    • Unless something very lucrative about it all is offered to Alex. I doubt if he will ever revisit this character.
      He have said in the past that he does not want to play the same character twice – he already gave 10 years of his acting life to Steve. Not sure if it would be something that he would want to do.
      Yes, others might use the story for a spin-off, but I doubt that as well. The Network already said no to it by cancelling the show.
      I think the only “Spin-Off” there might be, is some of the H50 characters continuing on Magnum PI.
      But of course, I could be very wrong about it all….. and we all are living in uncertain times at the moment. And anything can happen.

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  4. agentd6

    I held it together until Steve and Lou said goodbye. I have always loved Lou, he brought a different perspective of police work to the show. Tissues were used then for sure. I concur with things we would have loved to see or story continuity fixes, but in the end, we got a good send off for Steve. The idea that he and Catherine could take time to rediscover their love and romance was pleasantly heart warming. It left a smile on my face last night that has persisted into today. It’s nice to think that in the H50 universe, Steve will get a happy family life and who knows maybe someday we might get a glimpse of it as well. Thanks for you many enjoyable reflections, they make me laugh and often say “exactly” when I agree. This show has been a joy to watch but as with all good things, they end and new good things abound. I guess we will have to wait and see what good things come to Alex down the road!

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    • jan Schagen

      Mooi omschreven. Toch hebben Steve en Cath te weinig schermtijd gekregen in de finale. Ze hadden beslist meer verdiend. Wat de reden is weet ik niet. Hun verhaallijn had eerder moeten beginnen en na hun verzoening door moeten en kunnen lopen. Natuurlijk komt er aan alles een einde maar Hawaii Five 0 was nog niet klaar. Verder een prima show !!


  5. -cheryl

    I also think the finale was rushed and sloppy. I wanted to love it, but not sure I even liked it. And I hate the lack of character continuity that I’ve noticed a lot lately. There were so many things Steve did this past season that I thought were out of character for him. I often wonder what the actors think about some of the writing. I’m sure that if we notice it, they have to notice it, too. And the last scene with Catherine. I didn’t feel any connection between the two characters, almost as if Alex and Michelle weren’t feeling it either.


    • stevemcgarrettlover

      What the hell is wrong with you??? This was an amazing episode in every sense, and we’ve known all along Steve and Catherine were to be together. Don’t taint this wonderful episode!


      • LOL
        It is okay for Cheryl to feel the way she does.
        We should not let the feeling of others, taints what we feel – we are all different and have different opinions to express.
        But to add to that. I do not really see the lack of character continuity for Steve this season. I actually think it has been working up to this point of where Steve realizes that he needs to get away to clear his head. He won’t get that clarity surrounded by people who depend on him so much on a daily basis.
        And for the last scene – I think they steered away from overacting some manufactured joy. They know what they have had and they both are cautious but want to give it a chance to work again. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and lovers for most of that time. There was that familiarity there. They gave each other space – now they can maybe both find love and peace together. That was the feeling that I got form their calm joy.

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    • En toch was er tussen Steve Alex & Michelle Cath een duidelijke insteek en connectie in de laatste scene in het vliegtuig. Toen ze hun beide handen ineen sloten was het goed. De start van hun nieuwe begin samen. Ze hadden samen veel meegemaakt in het show verhaal. Beide waren schuldig aan het telkens weer uit elkaar gaan voor korte en langere tijd. Alex & Michelle hebben hun parsonages uitstekend neergezet en vertolkt. In de finale hadden ze alleen beide veel meer schermtijd moeten krijgen. Dat had hun verhaallijn te goede gekomen. En ze verdiende het. Het zijn top talenten deze twee. Zeker weten !!!


  6. Szuzy Hill

    Very good analysis! I had a lot of fun with it! But I don’t understand something. He’s away from Steve’s character to leave his friend alone.

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    • Steve did not leave his friend alone at all. Danny’s got a family, two kids and his ex-wife is also still around. And the whole team is also still there. And even Eddie was still there.
      So no, I do not think it was out of character for him. Steve just left alone to find his peace.

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  7. CassG

    Rushed and very thrown together. But I guess we sort of known it would not by any means be a classic ending but pretty much standard fare. Emotions were definitely high with the goodbyes.
    Well Steve and Cath have flown off into the sunset. Whatever life brings their way I hope it will be worth it in the end esp for his sake.

    Thanks much FOYeur and Paula as always for ALL that you have done making this the best place to be for Alex. I look forward to hearing more whenever. Stay well and be safe.

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  8. jenny roos

    Thank you so much for getting the summary out so fast, was holding my breath to know the final outcome. Even a phone call would have been good enough, as long as Steve ended up with Cath. The way I see it, she’s always been his safe place, knowing that “Super Man” also needed tlc sometimes. And yes, ‘don’ t sweat the small stuff’, think of how long Red Riding Hood’s been a success story 😉 Aloha!

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  9. You my dear give the best reviews . I felt this could have been a two hour finale with a lot of flash backs of old characters but i guess no time. Book him Cole was Cole going to be Danny if Danny didn’t opt to return, ? or just a fun line, Did Scott injure his knee and that was what the cane was for, My only wish was that Steve really emphasized I am going away for a while to clear my head but I will be back, I know a lot of people where not happy with the ending but it was Peter’s and my choice . I want to visualize Steve back in Hawaii him and danno sitting in those chairs ,while Catherine and the kids come down for a picnic. Happy and fulfilled Aloha until we met again

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    • I think it was just a fun line in Danny’s absence – from what I have seen, everybody knew that Alex was leaving, but thought that the show would go on with Scott and the others.
      Yes, Peter always had a clear path to this ending it seems. He made that decision a long time ago.

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  10. D. Havard

    Steve gave 5 O to…. Lincoln? Why? Of all the people in the room Cole was the least capable of leading, least knowledgeable of police procedures…AND HE’S NO STEVE! He got half his people killed because of arrogance and then ran off and hid. I am glad that someone was smart enough to end it and not jumptheshark with a 11th Steveless year.

    I have to agree, the writers did not end it well. It was rushed with so many plot holes filled with bat guano. And the last scene with Catherine? He was more romantic with Eddie. Maybe it would have been a better fit if he had taken Eddie.

    Someone said that this episode checked all the boxes. Maybe they needed better boxes.

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    • I think they felt like he was the only one who would do crazy things like Steve. But I agree, it was the best decision to just end it.
      I think the last scene was very realistic in the sense that both feel uncertain about how the other will react, but they both want to give it a chance. The few words and actions said it all.
      He invited her to sit and he took her hand – clearly showing that he wanted her to be there. I think more, would have just been corny.

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    • Jan Schagen

      Schrijver Peter zou dit einde al lang besloten hebben doch soms moet je monitoren. Dit heeft hij duidelijk niet gedaan voor en in de finale. Cath had veel meer schermtijd moeten krijgen en uiteindelijk zouden Cath en Steve samen moeten trouwen. De bruiloft van Kono en Adam heb ik nooit kunnen begrijpen. Dat had echt het feest van Cath en Steve moeten zijn. De vrienden liefde naar Danny is prima maar die van Cath en Steve is en was liefde tussen man en vrouw. Met alle pijn en verdriet was deze liefde echt. Hier had de schrijver wat mee moeten doen. Een fantastische show trouwens !!


  11. Sue

    Thank you Foyeur and Paula. Hope this site continues. Hoping that Alex has a great time off. They are usually on vacation, from now until they start filming in July. Usually Alex visits France and Australia, in his time off, but, with the Covid-19 virus, I don’t think that he will do much flying.
    Hoping everyone stays well, and that we hear more info on Alex.
    Take care. Be strong. Be good!

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    • As we are a site for Alex and not the show alone, we plan to definitely continue.
      But it is uncertain times for all. And many people in the world have their plans for future projects on hold.
      Unfortunately, all this mean that we would most probably not hear any news from Alex for a while.
      Many other celebrities had social media to keep fans up to date – but as we know he does not, so we will just have to keep ourselves entertained with old stories of him.

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  12. Bea Trainer

    Not a good finale, too many commercials, too corny, no chemistry with Catherine, Ill go back to watching Moonlight. Aloha


  13. I loved it. The ending is what I wanted but never thought was possible. I don’t remember all the details you pointed it out maybe because, I am guessing like many of us (including you), I gave up on story continuity a long time ago. The writing has been bad for years with a few good episodes here and there. I thought this episode encapsulated everything about Steve’s story with the answers he was looking for. It showed love of his family (blood or not) and the two loves of his life, Danny and Catherine.

    My only slight disappointment was no Grace and Charlie for Danny and no Kamekona. But in the end it was finally Steve’s story so the rest I can live with.
    Aloha ladies, I cannot wait to see what Alex does next…..

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  14. Anne Collins

    I was hoping for a better ending. Was disappointed with all the flashbacks that I suppose was to tell us why certain events happened. I agreed that my favorite scene was with Steve and Eddie. Next with Grover and then Junior who seemed like the younger brother he never had, at least to me. Unlike a lot of fans I was not happy with Catherine taking off with him into the sunset.
    Much love to everyone In this trying time. I myself have a nephew in the
    NYFD quarantined for the virus. Fingers cross this will end worldwide soon.
    Please be safe.

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  15. lindae5o

    The consistent highlight of this episode for me, was Steve. It was disappointing that the cypher was just about money, and not something more meaningful.
    I was really angry when I saw Catherine. Maybe I’ll feel differently in a week. After approving plot-lines that ruined Steve and Catherine’s relationship, resulting in many reasons why they shouldn’t be together, Peter Lenkov just had to have it his way. I hope Alex never works for him again, on any long-term basis. Just my opinion.
    I cried when Steve bid goodbye to Eddie, that sweet, sad pooch. Steve should have taken Eddie with him!!
    I’m going to miss Alex terribly. It just seems worse somehow, when we all are trying to deal with this horrible pandemic. Alex has such presence.
    I hope we will see him on our screens again, before too long.
    Thanks, Foyeur. Take care, everyone.

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    • lindae5o

      I always liked Steve and Catherine as a couple, and thought after the other women he had dated (there weren’t that many of them), that she still had the strongest connection with him. Their relationship had a natural ease to it.
      Obviously, Steve still had feelings for her, though she hurt him. He was able to get past that, as he referred to her as ‘ the one that got away’. I just wished their scene on the plane had been longer, with Catherine declaring her commitment to Steve’s emotional state. There would not be any point to her return, given her commitment to her job, if she was not willing to fully commit.
      Also, with the passing of time, maybe Alex became more philosophical about the relationship. Not that it matters – Peter Lenkov wrote it the way he wanted to anyway,

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      • jan Schagen

        Voor dat Catherine het vliegtuig in stapte had zij haar ontslag reeds ingediend bij de CIA. In samen denken met Steve ( die zelf onbepaalde tijd verlof had genomen) heeft zij dit gedaan. Zij koos toen duidelijk en helder ( buiten de camera) voor samen met Steve verder leven gekozen. Oke haar werkdrang voor CIA gaf haar leven een rommelige en onrustige lijn. En veel verdriet voor Steve. Deze twee waren echter elkaar voor bestemd. De schrijver moest er dus voor hen ( Cath en Steve) een samen op weg verder door het leven van maken. Hij heeft dit niet goed gedaan. Cath en Steve hadden samen een halve aflevering moeten krijgen. Het acteren voor Steve Alex en Cath Michelle was niet moeilijk omdat ze persoonlijk en prive ook prima met elkaar om gingen en gaan. De liefdes ( vrienden) band hadden zij prive ook.


  16. Ann Marie

    I hope Alex does another weekly series, He is an actor that you get attached too

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    • Hi Ann Marie.
      I think it would have to be a very lucrative deal to get Alex back to doing a weekly show. And if he does that, it will be something with fewer episodes per season or per year. Something that will not take so much time away from him and his personal life.
      I personally would rather see him on the big screen, being an extraordinary wonderful character that delays his talent to its full extent,

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      • lindae5o

        I would prefer to see Alex on the big screen. The pace is much slower. If he does television, how about something edgy and sexy on cable. They do far fewer episodes, too.

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        • Sound good to me. Let’s hope he gets some good offers.
          He’s worked hard enough and displayed his talent and dedication in so many ways over the last 12 years with CBS. Hopefully, he will be rewarded for that.


          • mamayorkie

            Alex has a very close group of friends with whom he pays his share on a rental in L.A. They have been involved in many projects which may have interested him but perhaps could not participate in because of his commitment to H50. (The actress who played Ellie is one of them,) This may be his chance to find something which excites him professionally. So, let him rest, play with his kids, grow tomatoes in his garden and plan his tomorrow in peace.

            I wish him only the very best.

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            • lindae5o

              That is great to know. This pandemic will force a rest. I’m excited for what’s ahead for Alex!!


            • Yes, Mama,
              Those friends of his have really been making their mark in Hollywood these last few years. Many time it is more about who you know, rather than anything else, to get you ahead.


  17. mamayorkie

    I am satisfied. I said I would take whatever I was given and say thank you. I love that Steve and Cath flew off together in the end. She was his girl- the one that got away-who now returned.

    It was apparent from all of PL’s interviews that he meant what he said when he told interviewers for years that Cath would be there at the end. Unfortunately,there were some who did not take him at his word. Now he admits what some of us always believed. She was McGarrett’s endgame. Anyone who is surprised by this was not paying attention.

    As for the future, PL made it clear that while McDanno would have their bromance, and drink beer on the beach again some day, he envisioned Steve and Cath married, with children and grandchildren. He wants Steve to be a father. We will probably not have a McGarrett sighting very soon on Magnum but perhaps in a season or two from now it could happen. It is more likely a reference will be made occasionally by some former H50 cast member who shows up on Magnum and gives us an update on how Steve is doing.

    More shocking for me was that Rachel and the children were not even mentioned. Did Steve not call them when it looked like Danny might die? That was a dropped ball because it made no sense. As for Danny, I thought it would have been so much more meaningful if Danny did die during the finale because it would give an added reason for Steve to leave the Island. Of course that was never going to be written into the story but still, I kind of wish it was– for dramatic effect. How Alex would have rocked that scene. Sorry, but the hospital scene with Steve saying “take me” did not ring true for me. Hugging Rachel and the kids would have been more powerful. But at least “fake” Jack Lord didn’t show up so that was good.

    I get the feeling from a comment made by a CBS Exec that SC might have been willing to stay in some capacity while Cole actually led the team in McGarrett’s absence. In the end it may have come down to how much extra they willing to pay and what further reduced workload could they tolerate to warrant a S11? They made their decision by cancelling the show. They are tough negotiators.

    It’s a business, so the bottom line determines the outcome.


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    • “More shocking for me was that Rachel and the children were not even mentioned. Did Steve not call them when it looked like Danny might die? That was a dropped ball because it made no sense.” <<< Exactly – but I guess the Koala Smartass will remind you that this is H50 after all.

      Sorry, but the hospital scene with Steve saying “take me” did not ring true for me.<< Agree
      Actually, I agree with it all.
      About money – As my title, indicated not only as disappointment for the fact that the whole Doris thing just being about money, but that the end of the show would also have been, whether the Network thought that without Alex, it will still be a lucrative project.

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      • Dq

        I didn’t like the whole episode. About Doris. I have thought that she was a horrible mother and now we know that she was not a very good person. Where did she get all that money? How long has she had it? 20 years ago or was she sneaking back every year and adding to it? John knowing about Wo Fat and Doris and not wanting Steve to know was awful. Doris allowed the both pitted against each other for years. And only one of them knew the lie. Why did Danny tell Steve he should have flyed 1st seat with all of his mothers money? Did she leave any money to him and Mary? She left money in an account for Joanie and all the other money was stolen. Would have liked if Duke had been seen when the police came. Steve not calling Rachael and kids when Danny was so hurt. Steves car at left at the cemetery was too funny. Him just giving 50 to Cole was stupid. Michell not being in the open credits….so mysterious. Not. As far as the idea that Steve and Catherine just flying into the sunset. Catherine is, or at least was, in the CIA. Remember Doris stayed, you came change your name but not your past. Seems that she might have made was enemies. Rembered the Fat family never forgets revenge. Mrs. Fat isn’t died, just in jail. The whole family is a slippery bunch. There is a jail that they can’t escape from. Who knows that there might be some little Fats that will come after any kids that Steve and Catherine have. Mrs. Fat had no problem threatening Danny kids. Maybe in 20 years there will be another reboot with Steves and Catherine’s kids. The whole episode seemed as a gag reel.


  18. Sunny37

    So this was the end – or was it…
    For me it was , as you pointed out, typical Five o. I watched it two times allready – and I like it. Actually the way they did it gave my heart Peace. Now my fantasy can go where ever I want it to be… and I`m not sure, where it will be… (Maybe a mixture of everything, including family for Steve, Irelly don`t know now).
    I always saw (and still do) Steve (and Cath too) as Adventure-type-personalities. Of Course Steve Needs a break, he was more than a minute away from walking for quite some time (just how much can one man take). But will he (they) not become restless after a while of recovering and just living the days?
    So there was something for everyone in this very last Episode – with one major flaw: I,too, got upset on the words ” Wo Fat never met my Father”. For all of us who watched every Episode of the Show, it felt so wrong. But hey, as you said, it was Five o. And it left us with an open end. Many stories can develope from here… a girl can dream (wink,wink). Sadly I don`t have the skill to write them down. Luckily there are People who are able to do so.

    So I enjoyed the 10 years Show/Alex gave us – they often distracted me from my own Problems and (mostly) entertained me well. And when Steve /Alex was Standing in the doorway (I just had my eyes full of Tears, goodbye to Eddie made me cry, I knew that before) saying “Aloha, a hui hou” it felt like not only Steve but Alex too was saying goodbye…sigh. I hope, we get to hear from him again .

    Thank you two, Paula and Foyeur, so so very much for your hard work, to keep this site going. And I so hope, you will continue – so we can hear from time to time how Alex is doing. I wish him all the best, may he be happy whatever he will be doing.

    This was the longest comment I ever wrote!
    Thank you!
    Stay safe! Stay healthy! Take care!

    Aloha, a hui hou!

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  19. mark morrison

    I will miss this program i watched it from day one every Sunday episode 1 until the last season season 10 miss you guys

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  20. Magnólia

    Não foi o final belo e criativo que imaginei e esperava, mas foi o final do produtor decidido desde o início. Então… só tenho que lembrar o que foi e esquecer o que podia ter sido.
    Tenho esperança que Alex consiga algo maravilhoso se possível no cinema.
    Obrigada, Foyeur e Paula!
    Saúde para todos! 🍀🎶🎻

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  21. mamayorkie

    Now that the show has ended and Steve has taken his chosen path, I really wish that whatever the fan expectations were, whether realistic or unrealistic, this will soon fade from social media and allow the cast and the EP some peace.

    Peter tried to give something to everybody. None of us got everything we wanted. I fully expect that he will be treated shabbily by certain sections of the fandom until they do what they have always promised if they didn’t get their way–drop out and go away and never watch any of his shows again. I imagine the handful who say that terrify him and keep him up at night. They do not represent the majority who watch on Friday. I read that the numbers who tuned in for the finale were awesome.

    H50 will continue to be a shadow in the world of Magnum. We will get mentions, perhaps occasional news but no actual McGarrett appearances for quite a while. Maybe never. But since AOL lives in Hawaii I am hopeful.

    It seems more likely we will get the “Mc” but not the “Danno”. I am good with that.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. gracenotpark

    Well done with y’all’s final review with KoalaS.😘

    So-so ratings, for me, for Show itself. Peter created way too many twisty turny bizarro secret plot points over the years, and then he forgot too many of them himself, so that we end with this clusterfrik of total lack of continuity. Tho tbh, I had long ago stopped watching for the plots and mostly merely only watched the McG scenes the past couple of years.

    So I didn’t really bother to pay attention to the plot in this ep. I’m literally not sure what happened and I don’t care. BUT, I did like the ending. Apparently McG saved the constant damsel-in-distress-Danno one final time. He had to say good-bye😢 to his beloved doggie…so I’m guessing Junior will now be the doggie daddy. And I guess Junes and maybe Tawny will live at casa McG? McG got a send off by his beloved team. He will now go out into the world and try to wash from his soul his creepy mother. And he will do this with His Girl. So, happy ending! ☺️ I’m good.

    Liked by 4 people

  23. DoubleL

    Wanted to add that Mary and Joanie should have been mentioned in the finale.


    • gracenotpark

      Right? Like, Doris was her mother too. She shoulda had a chance at the cash.🤨


      • Good point Grace
        Somehow poor Mary and Joanie never come into considerations as also being part of Steve and the departed Doris’ lives. Hopefully, Steve & Cath would roam past them (as she promised Aunt Deb once) and make sure that they are looked after. Very “noble” of Steve to not involve them at all with all the money Doris kept trying to leave them all the time.
        Poor thing could not even take out a life policy, because for all intents and purposes she’s already been dead since 1992 😦


  24. Cathy

    it’s clear that Peter Lenkov wrote this episode to integrate the departure of Alex. He was considering a sequel in a possible season 11. This end is not really an end but I am happy that Steve finally finds his great love Catherine. I like to imagine that one day he finds again “his” Danno on the beach.
    Excuse my English.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Thank you as always for the great pix and comments. I really loved the episode and was thrilled that Steve and Cath finally got together. That being said I was a bit disappointed in how it played out, I do believe that PL tried to please everyone, as is his right. I feel he scripted the ending to be McRoll light. He probably did so to lessen the haters’ complaints, Personally I found there was an awkwardness between Steve and Cath and I just didn’t feel the love as I had hoped. We did get a small smile from Steve and his reaching for Cath’s hand. I’m sure Alex played it the way it was written and directed, but I was sad that I didn’t see the love in his eyes. I would’ve preferred that Steve be the one to reach out to Cath. Cole had her # so he could’ve called her and told her about his decision to try to find some peace and asked her is she would want to take the journey with him. He would’ve said “I still love you, you know” and she would’ve responded “I still love you too. YES.” For me that would’ve been so much more satisfying. But in the end we did get to see them together and maybe they would have that conversation later on, Given what they’ve been through my ending might not be as realistic as what PL gave us. Most importantly I loved Alex’ portrayal of Steve’s emotions with his words as well as his expressions. The Eddie, Lou and Junior good byes got to me. I am going to miss seeing Alex every week and hope he will be back, after much deserved rest, in front of the camera. I know you will let us know what he is up to and thank you for that.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Thank you as always for great pix and comments .I really loved the episode and was thrilled that Cath and Steve finally got back together. That being said I was a bit disappointed in how it played out. I do believe that PL tried to please everyone, as is his right. I felt he scripted the ending to be McRoll light to lessen the haters’ complaints. I also felt that there was an awkwardness between Steve and Cath and did not feel the love as I had hoped. I understand why especially after all they’ve been through but I wanted more than just a smile from Steve and his reaching for Cath’s hand. I’m sure Alex played it the way it was written and directed but I so wanted to see the love in his eyes. I would’ve preferred that Steve reach out to Cath first. Cole had her # so he could call her and tell her about his decision to try to find some peace and ask her to take the journey with him. He would’ve said “I still love you, you know” and she would’ve responded ” I still love you too. YES”. For me that would’ve been so much more satisfying. In the end I will have to be happy that at least they found their way back to each other. Most importantly I loved Alex portraying Steve’s emotions with his words and facial expressions. The Eddie, Lou and Junior goodbyes really got to me. I am going to miss seeing Alex every week and hope he will be back in front of the camera after he gets some well deserved rest and time with his family. I know you will let us know what he is up to and thank you for that.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mamayorkie

      I understand what you are saying. But this was written as a season finale, not the series finale. And it was pointed out here on another thread that while everyone knew Alex was leaving, Michele and Alex shot that scene with the expectation there was a season 11. It was hinted by PL that Steve could return someday and it was not goodbye forever for his team. But that is not how it played out. What we are left with is the future that PL envisioned for Steve and Cath as marrying, with kids and grand kids. And Danny drinking Steve’s beer on the beach with that same haircut that he was already too old for twenty five years ago. So, think of this as the extended ending. Not as good as seeing a wedding, but getting to read the last chapter in a book we love with the happy ending.

      As for PL’s desire to do some McDanno fan service at the end, that turned into a bomb. These “true” fans wanted nothing less than their McDanno ship to become canon. It was never ever going to happen. Most realized that but the hate for Cath (and in some sick cases the actress too,) was what really angered them. After spending years saying her appearances were one and done despite all the times she returned, despite all the times PL said she would be there to the end and that their story was far from over. they were sure they could get him to change his mind. I understand their frustration after spending years getting bad backs from –well,I won’t say.

      The truth is he left with Cath, his girl, the one that got away. We were given a glimpse of their future by the boss, and Danny was left behind to find happiness, I hope, with Rachel and his kids. If a fan truly loves Danny, that should be enough.

      Be happy–McRoll lives on. The boss said so.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thank you for your reply. The last scene does make more sense if they believed there would be a season 11 when that scene was shot. I have read different versions of why the show ended from Alex didn’t want to do it to CBS cancelled it. Maybe both are true. I believe the ending still left the door open if H50 ever wanted to return as maybe a limited series of a few episodes. Honestly I’m not sure I would watch it without Alex being in it in some way. I agree what’s most important is that we did get our happy ending. As you said McRoll lives on. I can live with that!

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  27. I think Danny would be very hurt if he knew Catherine joined Steve on his quest for peace. She was one that always kept him hanging on. I can’t believe how I got so tangled up in these lives of these people. It has consumed way to much of feelings.


  28. Nancy 13

    Maybe those who didn’t like the ending should maybe write in here the ending they would like….that might be interesting. What do you think guys?
    Stay safe out there. I’m hoping NY has turned a corner. Happy Easter or Happy Passover to all who celebrate.


    • mamayorkie

      I am not sure if this is helpful or what you are looking for, but there are many fan fiction sites which likely have already written dozens of possible alternate endings for the S10 finale. I don’t participate in any of them or contribute myself, but hopefully some of the readers may be able to supply the names of those sites or possibly you may want to submit your own story on one of them. I imagine there are directions on the sites as to how to go about that. If you do, please let us know!

      Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy so everybody else can stay safe and healthy too.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nancy 13

        I was just interested on what others would come up with if they didn’t like the ending. I did like the ending, as I liked Catherine & thought they should end up together. I have read some of the fan fiction in the past, so thank you for reminding me about that.


        • Hi Nancy
          To be honest with you I think those who did not like the ending with Cath, would have only been satisfied with Steve and Danny in bed together, proclaiming their undying love and devotion to each other. Continuing with their miserable arguing “like a married” couple as a married couple till the end of their days….

          Liked by 2 people

          • Yep. That sums it up.
            And btw, I don’t think you’ll become an old AND married couple if you treat your partner like D did for 10 years. Old? Maybe, if your partner is a Saint like Steve. Married? Nope.

            Liked by 1 person

  29. I liked Catherine despite not liking turning down Steve’s engagement for her own career and CIA but she needed to find her own peace. As really love it that both of them never let go of each other and loved each other regardless. Still they will have a lot to talk about on that plane ride
    BTW can envision besides Steve and Catherine getting married and raising a family and may not go back to the CIA if she should chose that.
    But this is my two cents worth…
    Danny would retire and not risk getting shot again and would open a restaurant possibly while did not want to see his children without a father
    Lou as will get to Cole later on, should had been the leader of the task force in the interim run that is, as he is the professional cop despite going all out in Chicago there with that corrupt former cop friend of his, but as he is at the retirement age and would go on and play all the golf he wants
    Cole I think despite Steve given him possibly the reigns of Five 0, really think that he can learn from Lou until it is time to pass it into Cole. Lou could be a father figure to him. Just think Lou deserves to run the task force interim wise
    Tani and Junior both would get married and have kids and stay on the task force there.
    Quinn as did not know much about her character could hook up with Rick from Magnum PI. As really wished the show could had continue to grow her character a bit.
    Not an appearance by Kameonka and Duke really? Yes screen time but still would had loved to see both of them.
    It was 8/10! Aloha indeed! Sorry know it is long. Happy Easter or Happy Passover! Stay strong and stay safe by staying home, save lives. Flatten the curb!


    • “I liked Catherine despite not liking turning down Steve’s engagement for her own career and CIA but she needed to find her own peace”. <<<< Just a correction – Catherine NEVER turned down Steve's proposal for engagement or marriage, because he never proposed! She, in fact, did tell him that she would have said yes, that time when he did ask what she would have said.

      We always have to look at this finale for being written mostly as a set-up for Season 11. Peter said as much in many interviews.
      I think he was kind of sure that because of H50 doing so great in ratings, that the Network would renew it. He wrote a season finale for that. In the end, he just deleted a few scenes that would not really be able to continue to make it a Series finale.
      In Peter's eyes, the locals like Duke and Kamakona can continue on Magnum PI – no need for goodbyes here. And it would kind of have been forced to have Duke who rarely attended the "gatherings" to also come in and say goodbye.
      There was just not enough time to fit so much stuff into the 2 final episodes, especially since most of both of those episodes were already filmed by the time the end of the show was announced. You must remember that even Scott had already wrapped filming his scenes by the time that the news broke of the show ending.
      To replace Steve as leader of Five-0, he needed a character with the same traits – hence Cole and not one of the others. If one of them ran it, it would just be another police unit with some ex-cops in it, No more working at the level Steve did -most of the time crossing the lines of proper police prosedure.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. It took me a while to bring myself to watch the finale, I was a little bit afraid to say Good Bye to Steve. Yesterday I watched it and I have to say it was pretty average. Too many plot-holes and inconsistencies.
    I loved the Goodbyes IN Steve’s living-room. Eddie and Lou made me tear up. And then the Aloha between Steve and Junior. Oh boy. They were sharing the same breath (‘ha’) and that was not only between two fictional characters, that was between two real life friends. No Ha’oles (Without breath). Just wonderful. Alo Ha. The presence of breath.
    Regarding Cole, I know why he has been there, but I wished more of him would have landed on the editing room’s floor. It is not the actor, it is the character. He is responsible for the death of his team members and instead of facing his responsibility he runs and hides? I trade 10 Coles for one McGarrett.
    The final scene was very well acted by Michelle and Alex. Loved Steve’s smile and hope he will lead a happy life with her although I wished the show had introduced another woman for Steve. Steve is a way more forgiving person than I am – obviously.
    Altruism, Unanimity, Friendliness, Humility, Patience.
    Akahai, Lokahi, Oluolu, Haahaa, Ahonui.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. joyfuljaj

    I agree with pretty much everything in the post although I long ago stopped trying to keep up with what was known when about WoFat, Doris, Shelburne, etc. It was way too hard for my ADD brain. I did wonder why Doris was trying to out away more money in the end if she already had this stash? I also couldn’t figure out whether there was anything Champbox related in all this?
    I agree with Koala about Steve’s failure to ever propose. His conversation with Cath when he was going to propose doesn’t count as a proposal. At that point he let her go without trying. I don’t know if the McG I knew would have done that, but it was the McG that we were given. I would have also tweaked a couple conversations, but was happy with the final bit of McRoll at the end. I understand with editing there wasn’t time for much more, and the ending leaves a lot for our imagination.
    There are numerous fan fics already written with alternative endings. Thankfully, they are evident from the descriptions, so I don’t have to waste my time reading them.
    Thanks for your dedication to this Alex site as I hope there will be more from him in the future. He is way to talented to stay behind the camera but whatever fulfills him is what he needs to pursue.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. “but whatever fulfills him is what he needs to pursue”. <<< Absolutely!


    • joyfuljaj

      i’m glad you liked that because it took me a bit to figure out how to express what I meant. Selfishly, I don’t want Alex to disappear behind the scenes, but we also have to respect his desire to have a family and a life that is more than portraying a character we all love. With the passion and work ethic he puts into everything he does, I’m sure we will hear from him at some point in some endeavour.


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