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#H50 10:22 – In The End It Was All About The Money?

In the end, it was just Hawaii Five-0. The Hawaii Five-0 that we have been watching for the last 10 years. Nothing less, nothing more.

Were we entertained? Yes. Were we satisfied? Of course, we will never all be satisfied with everything on such a show. We all have an idea about the story, but that is just it – we all have different ideas of what would satisfy us or what we want from the story. Peter tried to give something to everybody, I guess – just a shame that a certain group can only live with what they want and everything else derails their fantasy. 😦

I went in with not much expectation ……… and all I can say is that I got what I expected. 😮 😕

I would have rather liked continuity and consistency and some logic to wrap it all up in a beautiful bow – but that is just me and not to be. And this is a show for mindless fun and gunslinging entertainment and that is what it is.

It would like to say that I just loved it all. But, as I have said a few times over the years, the right ingredients were there, but in the end, the recipe just failed to come together for me. I would not have wanted another outcome, just a few different words during the same dialogues and scenes that were already there, could have made everything so much better. But that is me …. and I am not the producer/writer.

Before I continue, I just want to emphasize the fact that I can understand how difficult it must be for a producer to write for a show for which he did not know the day and date or season that it will end. To write stories for characters, when you do not know how long they will be part of your show. And in the end to write a finale for a show, not knowing full well if it is a season or a series finale. It is, after all, a long-running procedural and not a drama, with a set plot that’s got a beginning, middle and an end.

And please remember that this is not a review. Real reviews you will get in a few other places, with other professional review writers in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom. I just jot down a few ideas and comments … mostly more about some weird moments.

So here we go…..

 Oh my goodness, we got an answer from the last episode. Steve’s truck was at the cemetery all along, and he just left it there when he left with Danny.
Steve (about Catherine): Well, she was the one that got away.
Koala Smartass: Dear Steve you never asked her to stay forever as your life partner. How can she be the one that got away? She already told you that she would have said yes. So, if the two of you are not being together, it is your fault!
Steve’s sleeve catches fire, but he never gets burned underneath or treatment for any burn?
Koala Smartass: His wardrobe is a superhero costume. #JustSaying
Pressure on the wound? Steve finds Danny in a pool of blood, but okay, let’s just let him get up and walk and keep on bleeding.
Koala Smartass: I am sure the gun stuck into the front of Danny’s pants did the trick to stop the bleeding.  🙂 #NoPressureNeeded #ItWasNotEvenHisOwnGun #JustHisBackUpPickUp
Bargaining with God …
Steve going to the Chapel to pray without even washing the blood from his hands  – definitely in the days before COVID 19! We all know by now to wash our hands regularly (with soap and for at least 20 seconds). Even if we don’t have blood on them – JUST WASH.
Koala Smartass: Yes, all our lives will be so different from here on ….
According to the doctor, Danny is not out of the woods yet, but he is not in ICU?
Koala Smartass: Can we just count again? How many years have you been watching the show? Has the medical stuff ever been realistic? #GoWatchGreysAnatomyForThat

So, was Doris, in the end, just a common thief who stashed away loads of money? When and where did she get it? What was she doing then, trying to save up money in Swiss accounts for her kids in Episode 10:07, if she had all this stashed away since who knows when? Why take those risks with her life while in Mexico, with all this already here?

Koala Smartass: Maybe Episode 10:07 never happened? You know Alex wrote it – maybe the other writers never saw it?

Daiyu Mei: Wo Fat had every right to that inheritance. After all, he was Doris‘ son, too.

Oh, that’s why Daiyu Mei thinks this is her money as well? AND then the same question as last week – how did she even know about it?
Koala Smartass: The minds of criminal masterminds are full of surprises. #TheyKnowItAll #SorryIGotNothing?
Steve: Wo Fat never met my father?
Really? What about the video evidence from the Governor’s office in  Episode 2:01? And the whole conversation about Shelburne that needed to be lipread and solved in Epi 2:06. And why and what was Steve tortured for in Episode 2:10  if Wo Fat knew all along about Doris being the woman who raised him?
Koala Smartass: Shhh. Don’t try to sound smart. #YouKnowNothing #SorryJohnSnow #Steve’sMemoryIsShort? 
And what about Episode 3:01? How did Wo Fat know about Doris but he did not know she was Shelburne? What was that whole thing about him and Doris not shooting each other at that time? How does that fit in here?
Koala Smartass: Don’t sweat the small stuff. #NobodyCares
“Book her Cole” – Sounds interesting?
Koala Smartass: Nah … don’t think the Network thought so either. #HenceNoRenewal
Danny was shot in the shoulder, but no bandages or sign of that injury after just one week?
Koala Smartass: What did I say earlier about the medical stuff and reality?
And why does Danny need a cane? He was shot in the shoulder? Why is he walking with a limp?
Koala Smartass: With a limited shooting schedule for the actor, they might have shot it so out of sequence, that they did not really know what his injuries would be? #SorryCouldn’tHelpMyself
And then came the final goodbyes

Steve to Eddie: I got a couple things to tell you. The first one is I love you and I’m gonna miss you, okay?

Grover: You saved my life when you met me.
Koala Smartass: Those not crying after this McGrover part of the scene, they have hearts of stone! #Justsaying
And the rest….


Adam: Thank you for always seeing the good in me. You gave me a second chance at this life.

Koala Smartass: Adam (or was it Ian) kept calling Steve “brother”in this episode. #ILikedIt

And then this is just #StraightFromTheHeart!
(Two men who made a real lifelong connection)

#TheGoodOldDaysBeforeSocialDistancing 😥


A Hui hou
And Steve is off to roam the earth #WhileWeStayLockdownAtHome
…. but before he leaves there is a last-minute present from Cole#YesColeSawTheLove

Steve about Cole: He’s a good man.

Cath: Well, he must be. I mean, you gave him the keys to Danno’s car.

What car? Danno’s car was torched!

Koala Smartass: Shh, you’re spoiling it!

Steve: Well, I mean, we can’t have Danny Williams drive his own car.

Cath: Like he ever did. 

And that was the very last joke from Hawaii Five-0.

Steve: You gonna sit down?

Cath:  You ready?

Steve: Yeah.

And two old lovers confirm to each other that they are starting a new adventure – together ….

Until we meet again, in this life or the next!


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