To All the Fans of #AlexOLoughlin & #H50 – Replacing April Fools Day with A Day of Thanksgiving!

Those of you who have been following our site, might recall that we have had some epic posts for April Fools Day over the years. But in the light of what the world is going through at the moment, we decided to replace it with a Thanksgiving Day.

Most of us experience the feeling of being isolated from our normal way of life at the moment. Some might have already lost friends or family to this pandemic. Some might even be sick. But I am sure most of us still have loads of stuff to be thankful for – even at this time.

And I also believe that gratitude for what we have today, leads to a better day tomorrow – in spite of what we face on a daily basis.

For me, just to be able to interact with friends and fellow fans around the globe with this post, is in it itself a wonderful privilege!

Thank you to those of you who have been visiting over the years!

We enjoy your company.

We are also :

  • Thankful that we’ve had the privilege of following the career of such a dedicated actor as Alex over the years.
  • Thankful to those who have freely shared their photos and stories of Alex.
  • Thankful for the means to communicate with so many friends around the world – we all need one others’ support.
  • Thankful for a good sense of humour and not to take everything in the fandom too seriously.


For those of you who might have missed our message last week, we what to share a revised version of it again:

  • We are thankful for everybody who do their part to lessen the impact of this worldwide pandemic.
  • We are thankful for those who respect the safety of their fellow man, as much as their own.
  • We are thankful for those who calmly respect the dangers of this virus for what it is and act accordingly!
  • We are thankful to those who assist those less fortunate than themself.
  • We are thankful to those who keep the wheels of society turning.
  • We are thankful to those who take care of the sick & elderly.

We are all in this together

– Everybody from around the world –


Hopefully, we will all again appreciate the simple things in life, those little things that are the most important.


PS. Thank you Paula for 8 years of great fun with you here at Intense Study. 


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20 responses to “To All the Fans of #AlexOLoughlin & #H50 – Replacing April Fools Day with A Day of Thanksgiving!

  1. Marie-Line

    Thank you, that was a very sensitive message and what would think each one in these precarious times . Hold tight, we will get trough this 🥰

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  2. Thank you for your post and data always and for keeping a web for Sharing things about Alex without discussions of any kind, always respectful of everyone. Hope this pandemia ends soon, Keep safe you all. Greetings from Argentina

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  3. sonia

    Thank you very much alex, from Argentina I send you a kiss and hug a lot of strength. We hope to see you soon in a series or movie, I was intrigued with how the end of the series Hawaii 5.0 will be, eager for the next chapter. You are an excellent actor in addition to being beautiful. Great cast is with you. Hopefully we will see you soon together in a new series.

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    • Thank you, Sonia
      But please remember, we are not Alex. This is a fansite, with no personal connection with Alex.
      And we feel the same as you. We also hope to see him soon in something new.

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  4. Audrey Manasterski

    Thank you for your very beautiful message. Keep smiling & making us feel good by all the photos, stories. For your main goal is for all of us to enjoy Alex.
    You have accomplished that. ❤️

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  5. I am thankful for discovering Alex [mumbles incomprehensibly] 15 years ago.
    And I am thankful having discovered this fantastic site. You two never cease to amaze me!
    Stay healthy. Stay home!

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  6. Cassiopea 1000

    FOYeur, I can’t find the words to tell you how beautiful your message is.

    I’ve always turned to this blog for comfort when RL has showed its ugly face, and that’s what I’ve done now, when I’ve been told an old neighbor I was very fond of has just died from this virus. And reading you message has really been like a balm.

    It has reminded me of a book I read years ago, ‘The Listeners’ by James E.Gunn. It’s about Man contacting an alien civilization living in a faraway planet at the other end of our Milky Way. This civilization is doomed as their solar system is crushing and they are being slowly burnt by their suns. There is no way to save them, and the only message Man can send them, a message that will take many years to arrive, is that they are not alone, that they will die being known and remembered.

    And your message transmits exactly this idea. None of us is alone in this. Even if basically we all write in English, the members of this little community of ours are from many countries, and we can give one another very much needed comfort.

    Thank you, FOYeur, Paula and all of you for being there. And thanks to Alex for being the nucleus of this blog.

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    • Thanks, Cassiopea
      Sorry to hear about your old neighbour.
      I would guess that there are more people who comment here, who’s home language is not English (just like Paula and myself also), than those who are English speaking.
      Yes, our adoration for Alex brought as all here and hopefully, after all this, we will have many more years to enjoy his talent.


  7. marta13s

    Hi! It’s been in a while that i don’t comment this awesome blog. I still visit almost every day, but my life doesn’t allow me participate in here like in the past. But i want to write in this post that i’m thankful that i found you all by watching a tv show that ends this friday, that a amazing actor – Alex, made us fall in love by a character – Steve, that made us search for all of his work and make “intense studies” about the man and all the characters, having fun with all of you around the world.

    Thank You Foyeur and Paula for your work!

    I’m working from home during these weeks and i’ll continue but i count with your companioship.

    I wanted to share with you a song of hope during this unique and frightning time but i don’t know to add it in my comment. I’ll send it via instagram and if Paula and Foyeur want it, they share with you.

    Divided we fight but united we stand. Everthing will be allright.

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    • Thanks, Marta
      Good to hear from you.
      “But I want to write in this post that I’m thankful that I found you all by watching a tv show that ends this Friday, that an amazing actor – Alex, made us fall in love by a character – Steve, that made us search for all of his work and make “intense studies” about the man and all the characters, having fun with all of you around the world <<< My own words will be exactly the same.
      Thanks, we got the song.

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      • marta13s

        I didn’t comment for so long that i didn’t remember my password! I needed a new one. Shame of me that i didn’t show you my support here in these past couple years but i’m assure you that i cherish every single post, photo and gif.

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  8. Nancy 13

    Thank you both for your beautiful inspiring words & for this blog which has been a Godsend many days. My niece works with Doctors without Borders in South Africa. She is now dealing with the Corona virus victims. She usually deals with TB & Aids strains which are resistant to current medicines. I am grateful fr her also. I stay at home mostly at my age to do my part & support local businesses by getting takeout & only shop when the senior citizens for supposed to shop. God bless everyone you all who read this & may all your families stay safe & healthy.

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  9. lindae5o

    Thank you, Foyeur. Please stay safe, everyone. We will eventually get through this. Love, from Canada.

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  10. I really love this fan site. it has so much love. warmth and understanding for ALL of Alex’s fans ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!! One of course being Alex .Please wherever you are take care of yourselves. we are all in this together. .

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  11. Thank you, M
    Take care of yourself as well.


  12. mamayorkie

    And thank YOU for bringing joy to those who visit here. I don’t remember to say that often enough. It is always in my head but it doesn’t always come through when my fingers are typing away and I forget that what is really important is to express a sincere appreciation for the gifts you give us with each new post.


  13. Magnólia

    Vamos todos dar o nosso melhor para combatermos este flagelo que atinge o Mundo. Com a união de todos vamos conseguir. Força para todos os profissionais da saúde que são os mais expostos e já mostram sinais de exaustão.
    Obrigada, por mais um post excelente!
    🍀 🕊️


  14. gracenotpark

    We can always count on y’all to strike just exactly the right tone. You are so right. We are all in this together. No matter how far apart. Our humanity gives us weakness, as well as strength. We gotta try to do the right things now. Literally life and death.

    May we all stay healthy and safe.❤️

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