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From #H50 Executive Producer Peter Lenkov. (Spoiler Warning!)

Some thoughts shared by Peter Lenkov during the last few days.
Please know that there are loads of spoilers in this article, as well as pictures that show a lot of what can be expected of the finale of the show. Please do not continue if you do not want to see it!
  • From Peter on Twitter:
Peter M. Lenkov @PLenkov
If you can, Rewatch the #H50 pilot before Friday – April 3 – they are true bookends. Lots of callbacks to how it all started. If you’ve been with us from the beginning, I think you’ll enjoy it. Bring tissues.

Alex & Len Wiseman (Director of the pilot episode)

  • A wonderful compliment from Peter to the series finale director.

IMHO Duane Clark did as good a job with the finale as Len did directing the #H50 pilot.


  • Peter quoting the song that was originally written for Episode 100

Blood on the Ground
Sun turning red
Head over heels
Over our heads
Trouble will rise
Tears will be shed
Wherever we go
Whatever comes next
We’ll always
We’ll always be
One for all and all for one


  • Peter acknowledging the stunt doubles, who have done so much to protect the stars from more serious injuries than they already got.

Seeing double #H50


  • Peter, reminding us that Friday will be the last one.

Last one. This Friday. #h50



  • We also include this recent interview and article with Peter.

(Remember Peter’s actual words are in quotes and in green. The rest are the interviewer’s own thoughts)

Peter M. Lenkov on Why Hawaii Five-0 Is Ending, Who Was/Wasn’t Leaving, and How Series Finale ‘Checks Every Box’

Interviews by Matt Webb Mitovich

on 31

For TVLine

Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Peter M. Lenkov says he often planned out his season finales as if they might need to end the series as well, the TV business being unpredictable as it is. That prudence paid off this time around, as Friday’s Season 10 finale will bring the CBS reboot’s run to a thrilling, highly emotional close.

I thought we had a chance of maybe going another season — every season, I thought for some reason the show would end — but I think the network just thought it was a good time” to wrap things up, Lenkov shared during an in-depth conversation with TVLine.There are so many different things that factor into this — economics, everything — and I think they felt it was the right time.”

In total viewers (a preferred measure for “America’s Most Watched Network”), Five-0 ranks fourth among all current CBS dramas in Live+Same Day tallies, and only slightly lower when DVR playback is folded in. In the 18-49 demo, the procedural places seventh. Invited to elaborate on the network’s decision to end the reboot, a CBS rep referred TVLine to the statements issued by network president Kelly Kahl and CBS Television Studios chief David Stapf.

When Five-0‘s end was officially announced in late February, that talk was that series lead Alex O’Loughlin — who for years has suggested that the wear-and-tear of fronting the high-octane drama would force him to turn in his proverbial badge — had finally decided enough was enough. Lenkov, however, isn’t so sure that AOL was definitely, irreversibly done.

“I believe Alex wanted this to be his last year,” Lenkov acknowledges. “He didn’t have a contract… but he didn’t have one last year either, and a deal was made to extend one year at the last minute, right before Upfronts [in May 2019]. If the studio had wanted to bring back the show for Season 11, I have to believe they would have tried to get Alex to stay. But it’s now moot.”

Lenkov likewise questions the presumption that fellow original cast member Scott Caan had declared himself dunzo if O’Loughlin was in fact on the way out (as the occasional TVLine commenter has claimed). “Usually, actors say they’re done when they’re up for contract renegotiations, so I think that he may have said that somewhere around Season 7…?” the EP posits, when presented with the fan theory. “I truly believe that a lot of times, those conversations are really there to get the network, the studio, to pony up.”

Regardless of why Five-0 was ending or who would have been around for a hypothetical Season 11, Lenkov had a season finale to finesse into a series ender. Luckily, an ongoing arc — set in motion more than a year ago by mentor Joe White’s death, and exacerbated by Doris’ murder earlier this season — has indicated that “something has changed” for Steve McGarrett. And that to cope with that change, he may need to bid Hawaii, and his Five-0 ohana, adieu. Such a scenario was very pointedly proposed in this season’s penultimate episode, sparking some fans to cry foul on social media. “McGarrett would never bail on his team!!!” and all that jazz.

“It’s amazing to me when somebody says this came out of the blue,” Lenkov marvels. “I’ve been playing [McGarrett’s] post-traumatic stress for years, and it plays as naturally as it does as if this were the real world, where it comes in and out in stressful situations.” Lenkov offers as one example the Season 8 arc in which “McDanno” aimed to open a restaurant, which came on the heels of Steve being dangerously exposed the radiation of a bomb in the Season 7 finale. “The restaurant was a distraction, a way for him to look at a possibility of retiring,” he notes. “This is a popcorn show, but I always try to ground everything with a real truth and honesty and motivation. There’s nobody that could do what he does without having problems sleeping at night. And he’s always had that issue.”

Will McGarrett wind up actually putting the Aloha State in his rear view mirror? Did Lenkov tweak things at the last minute so that Steve decided to stay put, knowing Five-0 will always have his six? Or is an altogether different outcome on tap? The very final, series-ending scene has effectively been classified Top Secret, so… no spoilers here.

What Lenkov is willing to reveal is what was important to him to include in this grand finale. For one, there is what he calls “my Pearl Harbor scene,” in which we flashback, via new scenes featuring Mark Dacascos’ Wo Fat and James Marsters’ Victor Hesse, to the planning of the Anton Hesse extraction that was central to the series’ pilot. “That scene has been in my head for 10 years — the planning of that, and the execution of that. It was really important for me to see that scene,” he says. “Now, the guys are 10 years older, so hopefully it plays well!” Lenkov also “wanted to know what was in that Champ box” that John McGarrett, who is also back in new scenes featuring William Sadler, left behind for his son.

All told, Friday’s series finale — which is unsurprisingly titled “Aloha”“checks every box with regards to what this show has always been about, which is family, which is about a connection between these people,” Lenkov avows. “It’s got big action, it’s got some big surprises and twists, but most of all the thing is really rooted in heart, which has been a big ingredient that has played in this show since the beginning.”


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To All the Fans of #AlexOLoughlin & #H50 – Replacing April Fools Day with A Day of Thanksgiving!

Those of you who have been following our site, might recall that we have had some epic posts for April Fools Day over the years. But in the light of what the world is going through at the moment, we decided to replace it with a Thanksgiving Day.

Most of us experience the feeling of being isolated from our normal way of life at the moment. Some might have already lost friends or family to this pandemic. Some might even be sick. But I am sure most of us still have loads of stuff to be thankful for – even at this time.

And I also believe that gratitude for what we have today, leads to a better day tomorrow – in spite of what we face on a daily basis.

For me, just to be able to interact with friends and fellow fans around the globe with this post, is in it itself a wonderful privilege!

Thank you to those of you who have been visiting over the years!

We enjoy your company.

We are also :

  • Thankful that we’ve had the privilege of following the career of such a dedicated actor as Alex over the years.
  • Thankful to those who have freely shared their photos and stories of Alex.
  • Thankful for the means to communicate with so many friends around the world – we all need one others’ support.
  • Thankful for a good sense of humour and not to take everything in the fandom too seriously.


For those of you who might have missed our message last week, we what to share a revised version of it again:

  • We are thankful for everybody who do their part to lessen the impact of this worldwide pandemic.
  • We are thankful for those who respect the safety of their fellow man, as much as their own.
  • We are thankful for those who calmly respect the dangers of this virus for what it is and act accordingly!
  • We are thankful to those who assist those less fortunate than themself.
  • We are thankful to those who keep the wheels of society turning.
  • We are thankful to those who take care of the sick & elderly.

We are all in this together

– Everybody from around the world –


Hopefully, we will all again appreciate the simple things in life, those little things that are the most important.


PS. Thank you Paula for 8 years of great fun with you here at Intense Study. 


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