#H50 – #AlexOLoughlin Reflects on McGarrett (Transcript)

Great to hear Alex talk about his love for the show and his character and what it meant to him.

But it is also clear, that his wife and kids are still the most important part of his life.


Alex: Pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life, everywhere I go on this planet, in every language, I am McGarrett to all these people.

[Clip from the Pilot Episode]

Alex: You know it started losing Dad, then it was Joe, and then it was Mom.

[Clip from Episode 100]

Alex: I feel a little like McGarrett, has come full circle now. I feel a little like he has done what he set out to do. Learned what he needed to learn. McGarrett has a realization that he needs to roam the earth a little bit.

[Clip with Eddie – Episode 8:02]

Alex: Similar to the realization that I’ve had when I work in my garden. I want to be with my kids.

[Clip from Episode 10:15 ]

Alex: Talking about it makes it so surreal.  If it wasn’t for the show, I wouldn’t have met my wife,  … my kids. Like it’s profound, what this show has meant to me on so many levels. It’s hard to talk about.


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13 responses to “#H50 – #AlexOLoughlin Reflects on McGarrett (Transcript)

  1. teachergrl23

    We finally get the REAL reason Alex walked away, in his own words. And, it’s exactly what I expected. While he doesn’t explicitly say why he left, he does say he wants to work in his garden and be with his kids. I love the way he talks about his family and the fact that he gardens. He’s grateful to the show, because it’s how he met his wife and had more kids. But, Alex is clearly ready to move on.

    I’m glad he’ll finally have the time with his family he’s wanted for years. This interview makes it clear he didn’t want to continue, and he’s always said family comes first. He’s always lamented not having enough time with his family. We have finally gotten the real reason for Alex’s departure, not CBS’ lame excuse/attempt at damage control.

    He seems so much happier and more rested already. Alex has earned the right to walk away and have a life, after everything he’s done for this show. He’s sacrificed enough, both physically and personally. It’s time to be selfish and do something for himself now. I’ll never get tired of that Australian accent.

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  2. Debbie Fischer

    I miss H50….


  3. Debbie Fischer

    Your Steve to me, Alex !


  4. cathy

    thank you very much for the transcription. We appreciate

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  5. Oh boy, this pic from Ina Paha kills me every time. He looks so lost, he was a little boy again.
    Alex chose, after all these years, after all the hard work, his family. Not his work family, no, his real family! That’s the way it should be.
    When it comes to Steve I think, listening to Alex, he will be travelling the world. As a tourist, as a privat man, not as a sailor. That is good. I like the idea.

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  6. Catherine McKeever

    I’m glad and more accepting for the end of Hawaii Five-0 for the fact that Alex chose his family, his wife and kids, over the show. That makes me love and admire him more! He is such a multi-talented person in everything he does, I’m happy he gets his own time now to do what he wants. I hope to maybe see or hear what he does in the future with his many talents.

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  7. CassG

    My feelings for Alex are bittersweet partly for his weekly appearance will soon be coming to an end. That’s purely for selfish reasons. The other part of that is I am so happy for him to be able to end this ride on a very high note. One he can be very proud of as he has attained and learned much. He can be very proud of what he’s accomplished and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.
    Most importantly is that he has a lot of time now to spend and enjoy with his family. That is paramount! He is such a great guy who deserves to take a lot of time to enjoy the fruits of his labor as he has laboured hard over these past ten years and paid a physical price.
    I wish him the very best!😘

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  8. Thank you for this , I have been a fan of Alex since the very beginning of his career. It is the end of this chapter of his life can’t wait for the next chapter to start. In the words that Alex once wrote to me, ” May the rest of your life be filled with joy.” Aloha until we met again

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