#H50 Ohana Celebrates What The Show Means To Them

This video was just posted with cast telling their thoughts on the show. They saved the best for last, Alex!

He has been McGarrett everywhere for a decade, but I am so ready for his next role 🙂


“This, for me, has … has kind of been like a master class, in front of the camera, pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life. Everywhere I go on this planet, I am McGarrett to all these people. Like it’s a huge … it’s an institution.”


Alex looks very happy for this to be finally over 😛



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28 responses to “#H50 Ohana Celebrates What The Show Means To Them

  1. Szuzy Hill

    Do you describe in English what the characters say? It would be great because then I understand what they have said.

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    I hope we can find out about his career as soon as possible.

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  3. teachergrl23

    Alex sounds like he’s at peace with his decision. He’ll always be grateful to the show (he said that in his public statement), but he’s ready to move on. He already seems happier and more rested. And, I love hearing that Aussie accent of his.

    I think it’s time for certain fans to accept the fact the show is over, rather than hoping PL will “bring it back in a few years with Alex and Scott after Alex has gotten all of his stem cell treatments for his back.” First of all, Alex got the stem cell treatments for his back three to four years ago. His back was fixed years ago, that’s old news.

    Alex left for a reason, which he has not disclosed. He didn’t want to keep doing the show anymore. And, Scott always said he’d leave when Alex did. I respect Scott for sticking to his word. Alex is moving on, and I can’t wait for his next project whenever that may be. Let the man expand his horizons, instead of keeping him stuck in the same role for another however many years.

    Life goes on, people grow and move onto the next chapter of their lives. Alex has every right to do that, more than anyone else on this cast. So, let him.

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  4. I just wish him all the love and luck in the world and a great NEW career move when he is well rested and ready for it

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  5. D. Havard

    Gonna miss ya, big guy. Be well. Thanks for all the wonderful shows.

    We’ll always have DVD/DVR!

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  6. Linda Saucedo

    I’ll miss your show, Thank you all

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  7. Cassiopea 1000

    Yes, Alex will be Steve McGarrett for the rest of his life, just as Sean Connery will always be James Bond.

    This does not mean that he is pigeonholed in this role and that he cannot move on to other, big projects. It means that he has taken possession of his character. Not like the actor who puts on his character suit when he’s shooting and removes it at the end of the day, and is forgotten as soon as the last epi or movie has been aired. That’s what makes the difference. Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur, Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter or Rita Hayworth as Gilda will always be remembered. Now Alex as McGarrett.

    And yes, I put him in the league of the very great actors, not out of fanatism, but because he is. I am thinking for instance of several scenes of epi 100, especially the one when the team find him after killing Wo Fat, when he looks distraught, wanting to see his father. It was a masterclass of acting. Of course there are many other epis where he has given us the opportunity to feast on good acting.

    I cannot wait to see what he will give us in the future. Whatever it is, it will be great!

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  8. randy kohut

    I wish the show could be saved. If Alex is tired of the role try send find a suitable replacement or maybe put the newest member of the team Quinn Lou in charge and take the show in a new direction. Love the show ease try to keep the show going.


    • dq

      I think next week Steve is going to go somewhere off the island to find his life again. Go anywhere, probable not Jersey. So far his life has always been the military and trying to resolve his families problems. Mostly his mothers past and up to her death involve with the CIA. Catherine is so much like his mother that being with her is almost somewhat Oedipus complex. Maybe he will go to Iowa and open a Karate club. Or get a job in a diner and make pancakes. I think that Hawaii 50 will continue with the AWOL SEAL at in charge. Not that the show will continue, but that it will just fade away. I hope that he just moves away and is his future doesn’t involves the military, law enforcement, naval intelligent. Any thing like that. Anything from his past life. Maybe even he will change his name. I wish for him to move to Sometown, USA and just fade into a crowd that no one knows his past and he is able to just live is future is in peace.


      • I actually think Catherine is nothing like Doris. Just because she decided to help people and make a difference, does not mean she would have abandoned her husband and kids. Doris got involved with her ‘mark’ and she let guilt of what she did wrong, carry on her whole life.
        I do not see any of that with Catherine. Doring the same type of job, does not make ones character the same. It would be interesting and great to know where Steve will be going, but I doubt if the show will tell us


      • Or let him be part of social services on the islands. He already showed how great he is in helping people. His military background and sensibility would make him a great role model for conflicted young people. And there are lots of people with all kinds of social problemes he could deal with. And there also could be a connection with a renewed 5 O taskforce because social services and law inforcement work together in real life now and then.


    • teachergrl23

      I think the show honestly had run out of storylines. It was the right time to end it. And truthfully, I do not think the show would survive long, if at all with a “replacement.” Nobody can replace Alex or McGarrett, and CBS knew that. They made the right choice. All good things must come to end. Nothing can go on forever.

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      • Absolutely true teachergrl
        But I would say that the show did not run out of storylines – it just never utilized the storylines that it had. The stories never ran a full course, which would have kept a bigger audience engaged.


  9. Lillie Turner

    Watching the show has been a life saver for me, at times when I’m down and I watch the show, it lifts my spirits up. Doesn’t hurt that you (Alex) are so cute. That’s for the great shows.

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    • For me, it as not really the show, but more Alex being part of the show that helped me through some dark times.
      And yes, Alex is pretty cute.
      And we also thank him for his fabulous work on it.


  10. Reeni

    Fabulous show in fabulous Hawaii!
    Gorgeous Alex even more special coz he is an Ozzie! Sad that the show had to end but it’s probably the best timing with the world being turned upside down with this virus !
    Aloha and Mahalo to all the cast and the beautiful islands of Hawaii. 😢💔

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    • Yes, I think with these uncertain times, lots of productions of shows might hang in the balance. We will have to wait and see where the world is at and looks like in 3 months time, to know all the impact it will have.


  11. Cassiopea 1000

    From the Pilot, we know that H50 exists only because McGarrett returns to Hawaii to avenge his father’s death. If this character disappears from the show, then H50 serves no purpose. It becomes a regular cop show and there are hundreds of these. McG and his torments are necessary to the show. We always have said that no Alex = no H50, but we can also say that no McG = no H50.

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  12. Dq

    Just on a lighter thought. When Steve was in the cemetery visiting his father, Danny drives up with his black Camaro. They spoke a while. Heavy stuff. Danny offers to take care of the crime scene himself. Steve says no come on let’s go. “I’ll drive”. Long ongoing joke. But, what about Steve’s truck? How did he get to the cemetery? He couldn’t walk there. Uber? Did he just leave the truck there? Laughable.


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