#H50 – Summarizing The Steve McGarrett Story (Part 3)

The Steve McGarrett Story

– The Beginning of the End –

This is the last piece of my chronological account of the story that the show gave us over the years – up to now.

Hope I did not omit any parts of the personal story arc.

We start this next phase in Steve’s Story, with Episode 8:24.

Although he did not get credit for writing this episode, it is listed as a story by Alex O’Loughlin himself – the man behind our hero, Steve McGarrett.

How much of the content and storyline of the episode was part of his suggestion? We don’t know. But I guess they would not have credited Alex if it was not a big part of it.

It is around May 2018 and Steve and Junior go on a mission with Junior’s old SEAL team. They have another target, but part of the mission is to help extract Joe from that location, in Nigeria.

During this mission, we also realise how much Steve and Junior mean to each other. (But that is a story for another day)

Episode 8:24 

Along with this present mission, we get to see flashbacks of how Steve remembers what Joe means to him. In the flashbacks, we see the two of them on a mission way back in 2002.

(It was 18 years ago, Steve was around 25 years old, and been a Navy SEAL for 2 years)

Steve is wounded and Joe is saving his life and keeping him alive, with the hope of future and past loved ones – his future lover Cath and his forgotten father, John.


Joe: Let me ask you something. That girl, Catherine… what’s the deal there? That ever gonna happen?

Steve: What do you mean?

Joe: I mean… I’ve seen the way she looks at you. It’s very clear the feeling’s mutual. What are you waiting for, Steve?

Steve:  She’s a lieutenant. We work together. We’re friends. I don’t want to screw that up.

Joe: She’s smart. She’s pretty. She can assemble a rifle in under 30 seconds in the dark. Not asking her out is a screw up.

Steve: You need to leave me here.

Joe: No. I’m fine.

Steve: Stubborn son of a bitch.

Joe: We’re gonna make it through this, both of us. I made a promise.

Steve: What are you talking about? A promise to who?

Steve: There’s 20 of them and two of us. We’re gonna be dead in a couple minutes.

Joe: We’re not dying today, son. But I want you to promise me two things. When we make it back, I want you to ask Catherine out.  And I want you to visit your dad, and I don’t want to hear you say no, either. That’s how you pay me back for this. You got one father, and despite what you may think, that man loves you.

Steve: Okay, Joe. Okay, Joe.

After they survive the present day rescue mission, Steve visits Joe in hospital and he reminds Joe of that time back in 2002 and what those promises he made Joe, mean to him. He said that making Cath part of his life and visiting his Dad, meant more to him than being saved from death.

Steve: Listen, when we were in Afghanistan, you said you made a promise to keep me alive.

Joe: I’m surprised you remember that. You were pretty out of it.

Steve: I remember. And it wasn’t till years later that I realized that promise you made, that was to my mother, wasn’t it? Of course, at the time, I thought she was dead.

Joe: Even if I hadn’t promised her, I would never have left you there.

Steve: I know that. You know, the day I got back, I asked Catherine out.

Joe: Hmm.

Steve: Yeah. Then I went to see my dad, too. Because of you, I got to spend some great time with him before he was gone. Thank you for that. More than saving my life, thank you for that.

Then in September 2018, another woman enters the story.

But she’s actually been there all along and shares a history with Steve, from before Catherine –  she is Agent Greer

We also learn via Danny, that by now, Steve’s relationship with Lynn is over, when he suggests that Steve and Greer should rekindle their old acquaintance.

Episode 9:01

 Greer and Steve shared some sexual interlude many years ago, but it ended when he was deployed.  And she kind of blames Steve for the two of them never getting back together again. She also mentions, that she met Catherine once and that she knows that the two of them were an item.

Steve: Listen, thanks for coming.

Greer: Of course.

Steve: I just figured after Morocco, maybe…

Greer: I’d never want to see you again? Don’t flatter yourself, Steve. We spent two days of R&R in a Marrakesh fleabag. I didn’t expect you to propose.

Steve: Okay, well, I really did get deployed, just so you know.

Greer: I found your note.

Steve: Good. Everything I wrote in that note was true.

Greer: Except the part about seeing each other again.

Steve: Yeah, my life got a little complicated.

Greer: Yeah, I know. Lieutenant Rollins and I ran into each other a few years back. But you didn’t ask me here to talk about old times.

It soon becomes clear that Greer is a double agent and she is the mole in the CIA who is causing a lot of undercover agents to be killed.

They set a trap for her and she is caught and arrested by the team for betraying her country.

Episode 9:02

When Steve drops Greer off to be transported to the mainland, she threatens him ….

Steve: Congratulations.

Greer: For what?

Steve: No American has ever been charged under the Espionage Act. It looks like you’re gonna be the first.

Greer: Do you remember Marrakesh, Steve?

Steve: What’s that got to do with anything?

Greer: It’s actually what we did before we jumped into bed. I always worried our enemies would know it was us, and retaliate, but I had the comfort of knowing you never would have implicated me, as I’m sure you knew that as long as we were on the same side, I wouldn’t implicate you.

Steve: You threatening me?

Greer: Just stating the facts. Facts.

Steve: You know as well as I do, we were just following orders.

Greer: That won’t matter to the people who want answers.

In December 2018, less than 3 months later, there are simultaneous assassination attacks on the members of Steve and Joe’s old SEAL team, who took part in a specific mission. Steve survives the attack on his life.

 Episode 9:10 

Steve and Joe are really quick to figure out who sold them out – Greer.

Steve: I know why I was targeted. This is blowback from an operation that I was on back in 2002. I was part of a six-man SEAL team; we went into Morocco, we took out a high-value target. Over the last 24 hours, three of my team have been assassinated. Myself, Joe White, and another SEAL by the name of Cole are the last men standing.

However, they do not know who was trying to kill them. Steve visits Greer in jail and she admits to her betrayal. She also takes the bait that Steve sets for her, when he tells her that Joe was still alive, and that he did not die earlier that year in Nigeria.

On Joe’s farm, Steve, Joe and Cole are preparing to defend themselves against the assassins. While they are setting up their defences, Steve finds a picture of the new woman in Joe’s life and they get a chance to talk about love and happiness.

Joe: Steve, don’t wait.

Steve: What?

Joe: Don’t wait as long as I did to find someone. I sat out too long. I don’t want that to happen to you.

They kill all the attackers, but not before Cole dies and Joe gets mortally wounded. And then the Five-0 team, tells them who is behind the attack.

Steve: Omar Hassan is the son of the high-value target we took out on that operation in Rabat, 2002. He was about ten years old then.

Not only do they hear who was behind the attack, but we also learn that Greer was the actual villain during that mission when Hassan’s dad was the target that they killed. She forced them to go on a mission, where there were innocent women and children involved.

Joe realizes that he is dying and he and Steve use the time to reflect …..

Steve: There’s something I never thanked you for. Joe, I never thanked… There’s something… Yeah? I never thanked you for Carlsbad.

Joe: Carlsbad? What are you talking about?

Steve: My first week in military school, when I stole that car.

Joe: Why would you go and do-do a dumbass thing like that?

Steve: Well, gee. I don’t know. I thought my mother was dead, my father just… shipped me off like I was a parcel. I don’t know, I just… I wanted to get the hell out of there, get back to Hawaii any way I could. You know?A 16-year-old kid gets pulled over in a stolen car, you don’t– That doesn’t just go away. You don’t just walk away. I figured somebody made a call. Pretty sure that was you, right?

Joe: Now that you mention it, it does sound familiar. Your mother had people watching you. When she got word of the arrest, she reached out to me. Called in a few favors. I was-I was happy to do it.

Steve: Yeah, well. That night… changed the course of my life, Joe. If I hadn’t have gotten off with that warning, I-I never would have gone on to the SEALs. To Five-0. I realized that night that somebody believed in me. Even though I’d given up believing in myself. That’s it. That’s what I had to thank you for.

Joe: Have you lost your mind, son? You’ve thanked me every day since, with the man you’ve become. With the work you’ve done. Don’t you see that…

Steve: Joe, I got you. I got you. ….. I got you. I got you.

Joe: Listen. Listen… The way I… looked out for you, that’s the way that you… watch over the people in your life now. I couldn’t be prouder of the man you’ve become.

Steve: We’re gonna get him, Joe. You know that, right?

Joe: Of that I have no doubt.

It is about a month later, around January 2019  and Steve is still on the farm, trying to get information about the whereabouts of Omar Hassan.

Episode 9:11 

It is clear that Steve must have contacted Catherine to help him with his mission of revenge for Joe.

 (I guess somewhere along the line, he saved her number on his phone again.) 😉

She is already there on the farm to help Steve when Danny arrives to check on Steve. Once they establish Hassan’s location, they meet up with the rest of the team – Junior, Wade and Harry also form part of this group in Steve’s operation.

On the plane to Africa, Steve and Cath have some time to talk. She sees that Steve was deep in thought, while he is thinking of what Greer actually wanted from him, back in the time of their short affair.

(But what is also clear from the date on this flashback of him with Greer, and what we know of Steve’s flashback of his mission with Joe in 2002, is that Steve and Catherine became a couple very soon after this affair with Greer.)

Cath: Where’d you just go?

Steve: I don’t know, I’m just, … I’m just thinking we’re doing all this stuff to get this guy, Hassan, and for good reason. But at the end of the day, I get it … I totally get it. I understand why he did what he did. He’s avenging his father’s death. I would have done the same thing. But he wouldn’t have been able to do that if it wasn’t for Greer. Greer’s the one who sold out her country, who turned on her people.

Cath: We’ll find her. Hassan worked with Greer. He might be able to tell us what rock she’s under. But if he can’t, then we just keep looking. And we keep looking until. Okay, we owe Joe that much.

Steve: Yeah.

Cath: And I’m in this with you until the end. Okay?

Very appropriately, Harry is there to help them set up the operation. Harry finds it amusing that his plan involves Cath and Steve pretending to be a married couple. At this stage, he must already be aware that the woman Steve talked about back when they met in 2016, must have been Cath.

They all joke around about the pretend marriage.

Cath: Wait. Hate to be that girl, but, … I don’t have anything to wear.

Harry: I took the liberty of purchasing something suitable earlier today. Oh, and, …. for the purposes of this operation… you two… are married.

Gutches: Aw… isn’t that sweet. Mazel tov.

Steve: I do.

But during the preparations, Steve is pensive.

Steve: Joe’s death is my fault.

Cath: No. Don’t do that.

Steve: You asked, I’m telling you. He took a bullet for me, I couldn’t save him.

Cath: And had it been the other way around, you would have taken that bullet for him. That’s what we do for the people we love. It was Joe’s choice, okay? He wouldn’t want you feeling responsible.

Steve: But the fact is, if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t be dead. If I was able to see Greer for the threat that she was, Joe wouldn’t be dead, right? But I couldn’t see that ’cause I had a blind spot for her. Cath, there’s something you need to know. Before you and I started dating, Greer and I…

Cath: I know. I know.

Steve: What do you know?

Cath: Years ago, I was at the Pentagon, doing an Intel briefing. 

[Cath thinks back to that coversation]

Greer:Lieutenant Rollins. Listen, just so this isn’t awkward, I heard you’re dating Commander McGarrett. And I just want you to know that I am really happy for you.

Cath: Thanks.

Greer: One…  piece of advice, though; you might want to temper your expectations. As much as we all want him to be, he’s… just not the type to ever settle down.

Steve: You knew about me and Greer all this time and you never said anything?

Cath: It was before we started dating. And I didn’t believe anything she said about you anyway.

Did Cath always have it in the back of her mind – that Steve would never commit and settle down?

Is that one of the reasons she felt she needed something more for herself?

They track down Hassan at the place where he lives with his wife and kid. The wife and kid are present when Steve and the team apprehend him, after Junior shot him in the shoulder.

Hassan: Don’t make the same mistake Commander White made when you people killed my father. If you let me live, I promise… you’ll regret it.

Steve [referring to Hassans’s son]: Is that what you want? Is that what you want for him? Why would you want that for him? So he can relive the same cycle? All over again?

Hassan: Do it!

Steve: No. I want something else out of you.

We don’t get to see it, but obviously, they get the information from Hassan and Steve and Catherine track Greer down in China, and they confront her….

Greer: Finally. We’re all together again.

Cath: Yeah. But not for long.

Greer: And after all the good advice I gave you.

Steve: Why don’t you explain something to me? Help me understand. You turn against your country. You give up the names of men and women that you’ve served with, knowing full well they would die. What amount of money could have possibly made that worth it?

Greer: Maybe it wasn’t just about the money, Steve. Maybe there were… other factors.

But before we could hear what other factors she meant, Greer pulls the gun on Steve, and Cath kills her. Was she just a woman scorned, or was there more to her comment? Is she implying that she became a traitor because of Steve choosing Cath over her?

We know Steve is gorgeous, but that sounds like a bit much?

On their return back home, Wade Gutches offers Steve some advice.

Wade: My advice to you, though; find yourself a good woman, a boring hobby, and … first chance you get, retire

Steve: All right. I’ll give that some thought.

Wade: No, you won’t. Joe would’ve been proud of you, kid. I know I am.

Steve: Thanks, Gutch.

And Cath says her goodbyes.

Steve: So, what’s next for you?

Cath: Back to the grind. You know, protecting the homeland. Chasing bad guys. Yada yada yada.

Steve: Thank you so much, Catherine. We couldn’t have pulled this off without you

Cath: He was a great man, Steve. We both owe him a lot.

Steve: You still don’t know, huh?

Cath: What do you mean?

Steve: Joe wasn’t just my mentor. A father figure. He brought you into my life, Catherine.

Cath: How? 

Steve: Let’s just say I, …. I took some good advice from an old friend.

Cath: I’m really glad you took his advice.

Steve: I am, too.

Cath: You take care of yourself, okay?

Steve: You, too, kid.

Cath: Hey. Till next time….

There is no real reason for Steve to mention to Catherine that Joe was instrumental in them ending up having a relationship, but he chooses to tell her that at this time, after she said that they both owe Joe a lot.

Since that time back in Episode 8:24, it seems to be an important thought at the back of Steve’s mind  – knowing what their relationship means to him in his life.

They have both offered up a lot in the service of their country and to help the people they met along the way.

In May 2019, as I direct consequence of that revenge mission on Hassan, there is an assassination attempt on Steve’s life.

Hassan’s wife uses her little body to get close to Steve at his office.

Episode 9:25 

She fails in her attempt to shoot Steve, but wounds Jerry in the process.

It is unclear what happened to her or the boy after the incident.

Later that year in October 2019, Steve is contacted by the CIA and ordered on a rescue mission to extract his mother Doris from Mexico.

It is a ‘do or die’ mission.

Episode 10:07 

Eight weeks later in November 2019, Doris dies in Steve’s arms, while he presumed her to be a traitor to him and to the country.

In the end, he was left with only a few consoling words

Your mother stayed on target till the end. She did her job, Commander.

You can read my thoughts on the episode here:

#H50 Episode 10:07 – The Day Steve’s Mother Died?

This means Steve now tragically lost both his father figure and his mother in less than a year …..


A month later in December 2019, a ghost from the past emerges, in the form of Daiyo Mei. 

Episode 10:11 

She arrives in Hawaii, claiming to be Wo Fat’s wife. She recently escaped from a Chinese prison, where she was doing time for trafficking illegal weapons.

It looks like she wants something from Steve. What is her mission in Hawaii? What will she reveal from the past or is she just here for business?

Now, in March 2020, with a lot of pacing at night and voices of the dead haunting his days, we realize that Steve is reflecting on his life.

Episode 10:20

While digging up some of those old memories of his father, Steve receives a call from Doris’s barrister in London. She left him a package that will be hand-delivered to him, on her order of 4 months after her death.

And now we are at this moment in time before the last chapter.

And to recap….

Steve McGarrett

Was born in Hawaii. He lived and grew up there with his parents John and Doris McGarrett and a sister Mary. His mother was a teacher and his father a cop.

At the age of around 16, his mother tragically died in a car crash later to be revealed as a bomb. He was shipped off to military school on the mainland.  He made the Navy his career and family when he became a Navy SEAL. He worked for Naval Intelligence until his best friend Freddie died on a mission and his father was assassinated.

On return, he realized that he would need to investigate his father’s murder himself and on invitation by the Governor of Hawaii, he forms a task force to solve the case. He stays on to solve crimes in Hawaii. His team becomes his family.

His sister Mary and her adopted daughter Joanie visits occasionally.

Over time, he was confronted by a man named Wo Fat, who orchestrated the murder of his father. Later he realized that their lives intertwined and that his mother never died. He brings her back to Hawaii. But after a while she moves away again, to carry on with her life as a spy.

After being tortured twice by Wo Fat for information he did not have – he eventually manages to kill him.

During his years in Hawaii, his Aunt Deb, who raised his sister Mary, dies.

Steve loses the love of his life and never really finds someone to replace her.

Tragically his mentor and friend Joe and his mother, both die in his arm in less than a year. And on top of that and his stressful job as leader of the Governor’s task force, he also survived two assassination attempts on his life in the past year.

Steve is now in his 40’s. Hawaii and his work and friendships there, has been his life for the past 10 years – but will that remain to be enough for him? With all the tragedy that his family and career brought him, he seems to be tired and he lost out on personal peace and happiness as a man.

Which of all these matters that we mentioned along the way, will connect with the other at the end of Steve’s Story?

Will, there be more heartache and just more questions left?

What will life still throw at Steve and what will his decisions about it be?

On 3 April we will get our answers ….. or not 😉

And just as an afterthought, I want to take you back to the title of the first part in the series of three post that I made.

Think about the  meaning of the words of this old saying.

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were.”

What does the saying mean? 
If you are in a situation, where you will have no choice, but to let that person go. In that time apart, they will either miss you and reconnect and rekindle the relationship, or they’ll stay gone.
So yes, if someone comes back to you after setting them free, that means they loved you enough, to get back to you…..

I will leave you with the words of the men who love and know or knew Steve the best, and who are/were the closest to him in his life:

2002 Joe:

“I’ve seen the way she looks at you. It’s very clear the feeling’s mutual. What are you waiting for, Steve? Not asking her out is a screw up.”

2010 Freddie:

“I’ve seen you with Lieutenant Rollins. That’s the real deal, man. Try not to mess it up.”


“Steve has been very happy since you’ve been back. Look, I have no idea what he was like before I met him, but I can tell you now, that he is the best version of himself when you are around.”

Click on the link to read the first part here, and the second part here




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  1. Leni

    I just read all three parts and Thank You. This was a great summary of the past 10 years. It was nice to have a refresher without the noisy clutter of the fandom. I appreciate your hard work and dedication.

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    • Thanks, Leni
      I enjoyed doing it
      I have taken the #H50 ride for what it is. Felt no need to change the writer’s choices to fit my desires.
      Think I am one of the lucky ones who did not invest in fantasies for things to happen – and be disappointed when they did not.
      Of course, unfortunate things happened that maybe altered the story along the way – but that’s life I guess.

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  2. Sunny 37

    Thank you so much for These posts!
    I am still hoping Steve will get in touch with Catherine in the end
    … even if perhaps we won’t get to see her in person! A Girl can dream!
    And I try not to be too sad about H5O ending. We should not weep about times gone, but we should be happy we lived them through!
    Stay healthy! Take care!

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  3. You did an awesome job with this. Thank you so much.

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  4. mamayorkie

    – “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were.”

    You cannot hold onto someone who does not want to hold on to you. And if you live long enough, there will always be some you’ve loved or has loved you, where the feeling was not mutual. The ball in Steve’s court. Cath said that had he asked her, she would have said yes. Now it is for him to ask her for the 1st time. I imagine he still has that ring somewhere.

    There have been no pictures posted on the entertainment sites showing MB in Hawaii and PL has not said outright if she will be in the finale. If she is not going to play a pivotal role in Steve’s life and ultimate departure from the Island, then I think he would have killed off her character years ago. My heart and my head says she will be there in some way because I believe McRoll was always planned as endgame by PL.

    McDanno is only canon in fan fic by a tiny number of super fans who think they speak for the 7 million people who tune in on Friday night. (talk about a massive ego problem!) These are the 7 million people who do not know any of us in this relatively small fandom even exist. Those are the people that PL knows really matter. They are neither McDanno shippers nor McRoll shippers. They are just the people who tune in to be entertained for an hour of escapism and would be stunned to learn that they have “spoke persons” advocating on their behalf.

    None of the people in Steve’s life like Joe, Freddie or even Danny gave a McDanno ship any serious consideration or that they were anything more than work buddies.–who didn’t always like each other but cared for each other as brothers.

    As for the abC’s, my theory about them has never changed. They really don’t want Steve to be happy with ANY woman because then they can indulge their fantasies and pretend he is real and will show up at their door someday with a ring. They would be happier if Steve dies in the finale than seeing him go off with Cath. They are the Nobody But Me category and worst offenders.

    PS: Stay safe from this horrible virus and say a prayer for the medical and other front line personnel who risk their lives every day so we can survive. Social distancing can keep the vulnerable in our society alive. If we all do our part we will come out of this together.


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    • Kimphin1

      McDanno, in those particular fans, does not exist in a majority of fandom. I think people not on social media just like the two buddy cops,( and more than they think don’t like BOTH of ther characters in that pair). Theres a few who secretly are hardcore McDannos that pretend to be buddy McDannos when is convenient. The abCs i think see the writing on the wall, and double down on any other female near McG because they know he doesn’t have that same connection to any other female like he had with Catherine.

      I do take note that the people around McG, as well as Steve himself, don’t hate Catherine as much as those above on social media do. Steve has accepted what Catherine did, and to a degree so did Danny and Lou and the rest of these characters. No one character has been as unforgiving as those fans. Whatever, that’s on them.

      I often think how sad that some of the fans want Steve to live vicariously through other people’s families. To only have his work people in his life. I love my co workers, but i love my family and personal friends more. I won’t even talk about the people that prefer that he die than find happiness outside of work.

      Ive always said MY preferred ship can exist with McD. Sadly, they feel like theirs cannot.

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    • Mama, I forgot to reply to your comment.
      Yes, I see it in the same way as you. Cath said she would have said yes – but then she sets him FREE, by saying. “Go be happy with Lynn. I want you to be happy.”
      So if he really cares about her – he would come back.

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      • mamayorkie

        We are going to have our answers very soon. I wish they had kept the finale together as two parts. This waiting is killing me.

        I think I know where this is going but no one can be 100% sure since we did not write the episode.

        As to Cassiopea’s question about cast farewells, I am guessing that what Katrina may have meant is that each member said goodbye to Steve but also may have made it applicable to Alex and was given some flexibility in how they expressed themselves. That would be a very sweet gift for the fans if this is what they do at the end.

        None of us will get everything we want in the end but I think everyone will get something. Has anyone seen any photos of MB on the Island? I have not but I do believe she will be endgame either by phone call or in person.

        In these troubling times in which we face an invisible enemy, please continue to protect the medical and all emergency front line personnel by following the guidelines put in place so they and their families can stay healthy. Self quarantine and social distancing is not easy but it is vital. And when we are looking in the rear view mirror at this pandemic, we will come out better and stronger because of each other. God bless you all. You are all in my prayers.


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  5. mamayorkie

    I forgot to say thank you for posting these three parts. It was a massive undertaking and it was really kind of you to do this for us.

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    • Thanks, Mama
      I have never forced myself to do stuff for this blog. I enjoyed doing it, because Alex is my hobby, (but yes it was massive) 😮
      And I enjoyed rewatching these episodes and the parts of the episode with these stories because I also know that they are the episodes closets to Alex’s heart. And I discovered so much doing so. When I stopped doing posts about the episodes, I kind of lost track of what really happened.
      And adding them up chronologically unfolded the story for me.
      Alex always said that these personal McGarrett stories gave him something more to do. Gave him meat to work with as an actor. And you can see it in the final result of them all.
      And I also think that the endgames story started with the episode which he gave the story for. (The titles of my 3 parts were very purposeful)

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  6. jenny roos

    Aaaagh yes 3rd April, what’s gonna happen?!! Over here in South Africa Series 10 hasn’t even started. Totally reliant on short summaries a day or 2 after it viewed on your side. The time difference is huge. So will reaaaallly appreciate it if someone would be so very kind as to post in a nutshell whether Cath and Steve got back together in some way in the end? Please? ❤️☺️🙏

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    • jenny roos

      O m g, sorry I also didn’t get round to thanking you for the magnificent job you did, putting together the beautiful summary plus photos. Really looked forward to the next one every day.
      Take care everyone,.


  7. mamayorkie

    I agree with what you have written.

    I would also like to add that for a reason I will not explain, it is my belief that PL looked back to Season 2 and the whole furor over Lori Weston. Some fans took unfair credit for getting rid of the character and he wasn’t going to let any fan determine his plan for his show’s direction, or successfully bully another actress. BTW, Michele was not fired. Her contract expired, just as Lauren German’s contract expired after 216. She wasn’t fired either.

    Bringing her back each season was a statement, not tan obligation.

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    • Kimphin1

      When you’re fired, you don’t go back to the job

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    • DoubleL

      I never understood the hate for Lori Weston. I liked her and thought Lauren and Alex had good chemistry. I’m sure Catherine and Steve will be together in the end, but I’m not sure we’ll actually see Michelle. To be honest I don’t care if they’re together or not. I’ve always been meh on her character so I wouldn’t mind a more surprising ending.


  8. Kimphin1

    FOYeur…. you’ve outdone yourself. I never doubted the intense studies, but seeing this all laid out, without opinion attached.. just seeing what these episodes told us (and knowing that neither if you identify as ANY of the various shipping groups… you’re #teamAlex) is awesome. In these past years ive watched the episodes but haven’t necessarily retained all that happened like i did in the early years… THANKS!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks,
      Yes, I also lost most of the story from around Season 6 onwards – but enjoyed going back to see what actually happened along the way. GOt a few surprises. And enjoyed doing so all in the end.
      It nearly felt like the ‘good old days’.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Cassiopea 1000

    H50 is over. Okay, there are two more epis to be watched, but it’s over. And not because the audience has decided they were fed up with it but because of Alex’s decision (and that’s a fact. In an interview in the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Rachel Wesolowski, Alex’s agent, explained he needed to rest due to his back injuries). Even so, H50 has lasted for 10 years, which means the show has been a success.

    Now why has it been a success? Certainly not thanks to the weekly stories. Many have been interesting, full of action and suspense, but many more have been just routine cop jobs. No, what has made the difference is Steve’s life. Steve’s and to a certain point the other characters’ lives, but basically Steve’s. Back in 2014, you commented that usually, fanatic fans would scream “Soap Opera” if personal relationships were given too much importance in a show like H50. But knowing the human being behind the cop creates a bond between the character and the spectator. You become attached to the character, you want to know more about him or her, and if it takes watching a medium quality epi to know more, you watch, as long as the personal history is being explained. (BTW, someone should explain me why on earth the powers that be have seen fit to offer us a couple of uninteresting epis dealing with Lou and his niece Siobahn in this last season. They could have used them to unravel many of the misteries in Steve’s life. Not to mention all the Adam’s & yakuza’s rigmarole. My opinion.).

    This said, it must have been difficult for the writers to develop Steve’s history. First because from S5, more or less, they never were sure if there would be another season. So what do you explain? How far can you go? Should you keep some “information” in case the show is renewed? Michelle B. having other projects, now leaving, now being available again, has not made it easier in terms of developing a coherent, long lasting love relationship with Steve.

    There’s also the fact that many writers have been involved with H50 over 10 years. I doubt they have all been the same ones, writing from the Pilot to the end. I cannot believe that those who wrote S1, for instance, are the same who wrote all the restaurant stuff. Over the years, Steve and Danny seem to have lost part of their intelligence. Some of the dialogues have been directly asinine, unsuitable for a former Navy Intelligence member and an experienced cop.

    All in all, as I see it, it’s Steve’s history that has kept the show ‘vertebrated’, even if some parts have been rather far-fetched. Okay, mama Doris is a complicated woman, but even so!

    Steve will always have a special place in my fiction heart, and I wish he’ll be at last happy, whatever road the writers want him to take.


    • Yes, it must be difficult to write character arc, when you are not sure how long a show will last. And also who will remain available for supporting parts along the way.
      While I was doing these posts, I could find the golden thread that has been there. But it was never the main show. For the Network, the show is procedural and not a life drama.
      “Steve will always have a special place in my fiction heart, and I wish he’ll be at last happy, whatever road the writers want him to take.” << could not agree more.


  10. Cassiopea 1000

    And FOYeur, bravo! Bravo! Bravo! An outstanding job indeed!
    Take all care of yourselves and bon courage!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Thank you for all the hard work you did , Now I see really how much Catherine has been a part of Steve’s life,, I don’t know if i want a finite answer to if her and Steve make it back together . I know some never want that to happen . But it is really up to Steve and her and maybe we will be left to make up our own ending. I just hope we cry some happy tears over this
    10 year relationship we have with Steve and his friends thank you, Aloha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Best to take it with all an open mind and enjoy what the story gives us.
      If they make it back together, good – if not, then it was not meant to be.


  12. Thanks for this great review of the past 10 yrs! Met a lot of wonderful people and some less than wonderful ones too because of this show. I will treasure the wonderful ones and toss the others out with the trash.
    Stay safe, stay home, flatten the curve and wash your hands! xo

    Liked by 2 people

  13. lindae5o

    Thank you for your summaries, Foyeur. This site has been the go-to place for Alex lovers. I can’t remember when I discovered this, but it has been the best. In clicking back on your summaries to read the original posts about episodes, it has been interesting to note names of responders that we no longer see.
    Thank you, and also Paula, for all you’ve given to the fans of HF-O, and Alex in particular.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know many of the old responders still lurk here – we can see it by the numbers that still visit the blog.
      Real-life sometimes keeps one busy and there is not always much to say on comments. But we do appreciate when some of the old names pop in once in a while
      We still enjoy Alex (and his fans)
      Until I find a better hobby, I’ll be here 😀


  14. Nancy 13

    Thank you both for this blog & pictures & the synopsis. It was good to take a trip down memory lane. Stay safe & healthy. We are practicing social distancing here, washing our hands, etc. & healthy so far. Prayers for us all especially Italy & NY USA.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Really thanks for all you do. It takes a lot of work to do so. Will miss the show and really wished Catherine was back for good with Steve. Wanted to see them ad hope the two part finale will give us closure however. So keep an open mind.
    Be safe and sound and please be careful over this virus.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. FOYeur darling.
    What a wonderful wild ride you gave us through the last 10 years of this amazing show. Such great and good memories. I will be so very sorry to see it end and I am hoping that Peter gives us the lovely bow we want him to make of all the “Ribbons” that made up Steve’s story.
    You have been so incredible and Paula also to all of us “Fanatics’ “out here”. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE MY PERSONAL MEMORIES
    OF ALEX WITH YOU . I hope our friendship continues even as Hawaii-Five-0

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I’ve only been a fan of Steve for the past year, but I’ve watched each episode twice. Thank you for this valuable summary and look forward to a happy ending.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks.
      If you have watched everything twice for the past year, you would certainly know if I have missed something of Steve’s personal story in the summary.


  18. petra442000

    Thanks again for doing and sharing all your researches about Alex and now your thoughts about this 10 year lasting series. I find myself in those words. I read everything, just don’t comment so often. But be aware, that I am desparately waiting for your next text :). You are doing a fantastic “job” here!!!!!! Thanks a lot and stay safe and healthy!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. agentd6

    Wow, this was some fantastic writing and insight into who Steve McGarrett is as a man. A great summary of his life to date. His life has been full of sad moments but he rose above those to be a great soldier, friend, brother, uncle. However, it’s the lasting relationship with Catherine that has definitely made a huge impact on who he is as a man, and it to, has taken many turns which you highlight. I hope as we enter these last few shows we get to see what Steve is thinking about. It’s obvious that he is struggling to figure out what the next chapter in his life should be. As a fan I’m happy to see whatever they have written for us. As you indicate having someone to love and love you back is what is missing in his life. I think through the years the writers have been telling this long drawn out story for us to see. And yes some fans don’t like it and others of us see it and wish for it to be true. But in the end it’s the character of Steve who will bring this show to a close. He will show us what he wants in the end. When “Aloha” finally plays out on April 3rd, we will find out in 1 hour what that next chapter might look like for our dear friend Steve McGarrett. I just hope that everyone enjoys it for what it is-a glimpse of a man looking at his future. We all face those same decisions in our own lives. Doors open and doors close, we grow older and wiser. We long for people we have lost. We celebrate when we reconnect. All these things await Steve as well. My wish for all the fans is that you take the ending as a new beginning for our “hero”. And yes perhaps years from now maybe we will get lucky and get a glimpse of what he has been up to and until then there is fan fiction.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. Magnólia

    Amei tanto os três excelentes resumos da história de Steve!
    Muito grata Foyeur!
    Saúde para todos!
    Que o Mundo volte a sorrir em breve!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Kelbelle

    Hi Foyeur
    Thank you for this summary. I was a late comer to H50, about 5 years ago now, so even tho now I have seen all the back episodes, I wasn’t there to see the early development of Steve’s relationship with Catherine. She was really in the background when I got hooked so I never was invested in that part of the show and always hoped Steve would find someone new. Wasn’t to be though, so if they end up together well and good that he has a happy ending. I would have been heart broken if he had died (doesn’t look like he will). So it was great to hear their whole story in one go as I sure had trouble piecing it together with watching episodes all over the place thanks to crazy scheduling of the show here in Australia and endless repeats on Foxtel!
    Also I’m so happy you and Paula are still hanging in there to keep us informed of our gorgeous guy’s career, which is truly what I am going to miss now the show is finishing.
    Love to you both and all the best in these difficult times.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Cassiopea 1000

    I’ve read (the source is rather reliable, I think, but I’m not 100% sure), that the finale will be exceptional because the characters have had the opportunity to choose how they want to say goodbye. The text was a little cryptic just to avoid any spoiler, but I understood that main actors have had their say as to the way they wanted the show to end as far as their character was concerned.

    FOYeur, you who know all, have you heard anything about this?


  23. You mean this article:
    Katrina Law Says ‘Hawaii Five-0’s Series Finale Will Make Fans’ Wish ‘Come True’
    TV Insider::How are the upcoming episodes going to be building to the series finale?

    Katrina Law: The series finale is just action-packed and I’m pretty sure the audience, they’re going to have heart palpitations and then they’re going to cry hysterically. They’re going to cry for many reasons.

    I think one of my favorite parts about the finale without giving away spoilers is that Peter Lenkov and the writing team really trusted in the actors to take on their own goodbyes. When we did our final scene, there were just tears all around and just a lot of gratefulness so I hope the audience really picks up on that and feels it.

    TV Inside: Can you say anything about a case or whether it’s open-ended or complete closure?

    Katina: For the Five-0 fans, there’s never going to be closure because they’re going to want this show to continue on. That being said, I think it’s a beautiful finale and you see people finding closure in their own way.

    But there is an entire group of fans who have been desperately wanting something for years now, and it’s been breaking my heart to watch them on Twitter and Instagram, and I’m so excited for them, because I think their wish is going to come true and I can’t wait to see their reactions.

    TV Insider: We already know we’re going to be seeing at least three returning characters, but can you tease any others? How would you say it compares to the returns like you were part of with Arrow’s series finale? More? Less?

    There’s definitely less, because the Arrowverse is huge and expansive with multi-universes and worlds, so we definitely have less. The returns are going to be very, very powerful and very fulfilling.

    Me: Yes, well it can be interpreted in many ways. She is the newest member on the team and she might not know all the nuances of what the fans have been asking for.
    And of course, she is not there where Peter is doing his final editing. And also not there when everything was filmed. She can basically talk or comment about her own scenes and what she might know from what others said about theirs.
    She says a lot but also not. Open for anybody to interpret the way they want to. 🙂
    I do not want to guess too much. It could lead to disappointment for those who always wanted their story to play out. Some have been setting themselves up for heartache for many years.
    I would rather wait and enjoy the ride….


  24. Cassiopea 1000

    The article I read was more general and did not mention Katrina Law’s interview.

    But it would be great if the actors had the opportunity to choose their end. It would be interesting to see how they feel about their characters. After all, Alex, Scott or Chi have been living with their characters for years. Somehow they must be attached to them and I think it’s only fair that they can decide what “future” they want for them. Especially Alex, who has lived loyally with Steve from day one.

    But I will enjoy the ride all right, whatever the outcome is, even if I’ll probably have mixed feelings when it’s over.

    All in all, it’s a good thing that the season is so short. They have been able to put an end to it before they had to let it in stand by because of the pandemic.

    Bon courage to you all and stay safe!


  25. Mary Lou

    Thank you for such a great summary and for all the work you do to keep us up to date on everything Alex.

    I’m meh on Catherine but I’ve enjoyed all the Steve and Danny scenes this season so i’ll settle in for the ride for the last few episodes and enjoy the last few scenes of the bromance that has kept my family entertained for 10 years. We’re gonna miss them but we’re looking forward to following all the actors in the future, particularly Alex of course!

    Keep safe in these difficult times!


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