#H50 – Only Two Episodes Left – Who Or What Will Be Left Out?

With only the second last episode on 27 March and the finale on 3 April left, will there be time to see any of our favourite things or people around Steve?

Will we ever see:

Steve in Uniform again?

Shirtless Steve?


A well satisfied Steve?

The content of Uncle Leonard’s box?

(Sorry, I know nobody else cares, but I still do – it really bugs me)


Over the years Steve met so many wonderful people with who he had a great repour.

Will we ever get to see them with Steve again?

We already got to see Harry and Frank Bama (well he was kind of there).

But what about these people?

– Mary & Joanie?

The Governor – any Governor for that matter?

Who even is the Governor now?

– Odell Martin –

– Harry Brown-

– Alicia Brown –

– Nahele –

– Mamo –

– Kawika –

– Ellie –

We saw Wade Gutches and Cathrine last year after Joe died, and after they finished their revenge of his death.

Was that their last goodbyes?


What other thing or person would you love to see with Steve, that one more time?


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29 responses to “#H50 – Only Two Episodes Left – Who Or What Will Be Left Out?

  1. KONO!
    In stupid Adam’s face.

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  2. Oh, and you are not the only one bugged by not knowing what is in Leonard’s box.
    And I miss Alicia!!! And Odell!!!

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  3. sandra

    If Catherine is not with him at the end, and there to stay, I will be sorely
    disappointed not to mention outraged that PL lied to us in the beginning
    saying that Catherine has his heart from the start. I would hope that he would not jack we the loyal fans with an unsatisfactory finale.

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  4. gracenotpark

    I hope the 2 finale eps are uniquely satisfyingly unrepentantly extremely crazily gushingly mushily superduper no-holds-barred McG centric.

    And I hope for a McRoll hea.

    That is all.

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  5. CassG

    I would like to see Alicia one last time. Steve was crucial in her life on 2 traumatic occasions. They had a special chemistry when together that I liked esp the night he was at her house and he made dinner. Very laid back and easygoing.

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  6. D. Havard

    Jerry. He deserves to say goodbye, one more time.

    How about Catherine waiting for him at Joe’s ranch? It would be a good ending.

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    • Dq

      Why what he be at Joes ranch? Did Joe leave it to Steve?


      • dq

        While at that. Did John leave the house to Steve? What about Mary? When Doris came back even she had to rent a house.


        • mamayorkie

          I did wonder if Steve was Joe White’s heir. He didn’t seem to have any other family. Maybe he left everything to his “son”?

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          • I think Steve would be a logical choice as his heir.
            There were also a few ex-wives if I recall correctly, but I doubt if he will have any need to give them anything.
            Then there is his love in Nairobi – the Pediatrician.girlfreind – but I doubt if she will have any use for a ranch in the middle of the USA.
            So maybe Steve did got it.


  7. oh please at least one more shirtless steve , some answers a trip down memory lane and a very happy ending . fingers crossed. aloha and
    thanks again for those great pics,

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  8. Catherine McKeever

    I love these pictures and all these beautiful memories! Thank you for them! All I wish for is a Steve-centric finale and happiness for McGarrett! A happy ending because I don’t want to cry and be disappointed with the conclusion of his story. There has been so much grief and sadness in these past episodes and we need to see him happy. Maybe even leading to a reunion meetup in a movie special later down the road. Not much to ask for! Thanks again for posting these great memories! I will sorely miss this show!

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  9. I would like to see flash forward five years:
    Steve is an instructor at Pearl Harbor…
    He is walking out of a therapist’s office – with the therapist saying how far he’s come in dealing with all his past losses, that he no longer has abandonment issues.
    Steve gets into his Dad’s refurbished car and drives home to his wife.
    It’s their first anniversary.
    She is standing there with a positive pregnancy test.
    His WIFE is NOT the adrenaline junkie Catherine…
    Adam is living the life of a single man and a special advisor to the Governor.
    Danno is back in Jersey and happy
    Junior and Tani are hitched and happy
    Grover takes his retirement and killing it on the golf course.

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    • mamayorkie

      Oh, I so love your idea of a five year flash forward! My scenario is little different, though. I see Steve leading group therapy sessions as a special adviser for the Navy, helping returned Veterans with PTSD. Too bad the show dropped this story line in favor of silly fluff pieces with place holders/seat warmers for Catherine.

      And I would love to see Steve building (because he is handy with his tools- pun intended) an extension on Casa McGarrett. The McRoll triplets – John, Joe and Freddie, are getting too big for that one room and Cath just found out she is pregnant with twins! We see her surreptitiously leaving pamphlets about vasectomies around the house and Steve pretending he doesn’t see them. Perhaps if she left a big kitchen knife next to one of them………? Just kidding,of course.
      Joe’s will left Steve a very comfortable sum so he can support his growing tiny bunch of future S.E.A.L.s. I haven’t chosen girls names but maybe the rest of you have suggestions.

      I couldn’t care any less what happens to Danny and his family as long as he leaves and as for Adam, I’m not sure if he survives the finale.

      I just love romance novels!

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  10. Sandra

    He loves Catherine, they will be happy together. They are really two of
    a kind. She knows all about him. I don’t really care that much about the
    others. He needs to be happy and she is the one to make him happy…

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  11. Magnólia

    Amo Steve de uniforme! Também adoro e fica lindo com o uniforme de pele medalhado com pelos.
    Gostava de ver no adeus : Odell, Harry, Ellie , Alicia e Nahele.
    Grata, Paula e Foyeur por tão bonitos e oportunos posts.


  12. Shirley Bruce

    Please just let everything end on a happy note! Catherine back with Steve, Kono back with Adam. Tawny with Junior, A wedding for someone, hopefully Steve. Would like to see Jerry, Al Harrington, All the other regulars through the years! Happy memories!! So upset we are losing my favorite show! I loved the original series as well! The casting on Hawaii Five O, was the best!

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  13. Will we ever get to know where Steve got TWO! Purple Hearts for?
    Damn, that could heve been such good episodes!

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    • Agree, It would have made a great episode (or episodes).
      Although I guess they did give us some scenes of it in Epi 8:24. In it, he was injured (wounded) by the enemy. Not sure, but I think those would qualify him for a Purpleheart
      On most of the uniform pics, I only see the one purple heart – if there one with two that I am missing?


      • Kaye

        Yes, 8.24 would qualify for a purple heart as he was wounded in battle. If (not sure) he was awarded a 2nd purple heart a gold star would be affixed to the service ribbon to indicate that. In any case, rules only allow wearing of one particular type of ribbon/medal regardless of how many same are actually awarded.
        As to how I want it to end (which I don’t even if I do understand the why), I only want to see Steve happy whether that means leaving the island or continuing 50. He deserves a little peace and happiness. Don’t we all.

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        • Thanks, Kaye
          I saw a star on the Purpleheart ribbon – now I understand where leiCA gets the 2nd star from.
          Could not agree more about Steve’s peace & happiness
          But not sure all that could be achieved in the last episode. But there is always hope…..


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