#H50 – Today 10 years ago – Filming at the Punchbowl #tbt

On 12 March 2010, the Hawaii Five-0 scenes for John McGarrett’s funeral were shot at the Punchbowl in Hawaii.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of that day.

In the end, only a small scene of the funeral was shown in the episode.

A scene with Steve and Mary was filmed that day but never made it into the Pilot episode.

Mary’s character was only introduced at a later stage in Episode 1:04.

Screenshot from the deleted scene

Video of the deleted scenes from the Pilot:


Click on the link to read an article about the Pilot which we shared here in December, as well as my own thoughts at the end. 

#H50 – a Perfect Pilot?

With the show now ending, it was interesting for me to see what I wrote only 3 months ago.


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10 responses to “#H50 – Today 10 years ago – Filming at the Punchbowl #tbt

  1. Magnólia

    Como não amar tão belo e talentoso comandante?
    Era maravilhoso que fizessem um filme de todas as cenas excluídas, quem sabe se não daria algo excelente?
    Dia bom para todos 🍀

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  2. mamayorkie

    Thank you. Lovely to see these shots and also sorry so much was left on the cutting room floor.

    Ah, Mary.

    Of all the absurd things that the show ever did, like Liver, the giant claw, the wrecking ball, the flying house, the super hero robot, etc., the thing that will always top my list of writer’s room crazy is the story line allowing the druggie, unemployable, arrest prone Mary to adopt a baby. What were they thinking? Or were they thinking at all? If the point was to put a baby in Steve’s arms, there were other ways to do it. They should have given him a child of his own years ago.

    Maybe that’s a poll for a later date. Best idea for a story/Worst idea for a story/What they wrote/What they could/should have written.

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    • Kathysr

      I love your idea for a poll of what we wished we had seen on the show. Better yet, just let our members post their own storylines for Steve. The great writers on this site can surely provide much more powerful storylines that most of the ones we saw on the show.

      Sigh, these photos of Steve/Alex. I fell in love with that man when I saw him in uniform. GORGEOUS! He’s breathtaking. I love all the scenes on the show when Steve’s in uniform because they involve deep emotional storylines which touch my heart. They’re not silly or ridiculous but storylines involving the core driving forces in Steve’s life. Alex is a wonderful actor and these scenes allow him to reveal the life of Steve McGarrett.

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      • Cassiopea 1000

        Ah Kathysr, how well I understand you! We here in Spain practically did not know Alex before H50. Only those who had watched ‘The B Plan’ did, and as it was not a huge hit here, Alex went unnoticed.

        So I discovered Alex in the pilot and, like you, I fell in love with him the moment he smiled at Chin just after the funeral. It was not only his perfect teeth, his presence, his bearing, his uniform had a lot to do with it. And like you, I’ve always relished the scenes where he is wearing one. He’s so beautiful I could look at him for hours the way I can look for hours at Michelangelo’s David.

        Seeing him in uniform is something I will miss in the future.

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      • LOL
        Thank Kathy, but we are not writers of stories. There are many fanfic writers out there who would do a great job of it.
        Yes, seeing him in uniform makes who he is more real. A pity they have not done it often enough – especially the last few seasons


    • dq

      I had always wondered how Mary was able to adopt a blonde haired, blue eyed infant. so quickly. Even before seeing these scenes that had not made into the show and showed her was so unacceptable. Actually it is insulting to all the couples that want to adopt and have to wait for years and have to go through so many hoops to go through. My niece had to be completely vented. House inspected, backgrounds and more. This was for her to be able to adopt her own granddaughter that was already living with her. No need to have the story baby at all. At least didn’t go on for at least as the restaurant story.


      • mamayorkie

        No reputable agency would have allowed Mary to adopt a baby. She wasn’t fit to be given custody of a stuffed Teddy Bear, let alone a helpless child. My best guess is that the writer/writers who came up with that idea have no concept of reality and saw no problem with this story line. Choose between carelessness and a lack of compassion and you can pin the tail on that particular Donkey or Donkeys in the writer’s room.


  3. It’s regrettable they did not sew up Steve’s issues earlier. Mom should have been resolved by season four so he could show healing.
    The writers were guilty of the ridiculous story lines already mentioned as well as the restaurant with Danny. The carguments were annoying by the end of the first season.
    The writers also crafted flawed women that repeatedly deserted Steve. His mom, sister and the adrenaline fueled Catherine were in his life only when they needed something and because of his trust issues… he enabled them.
    The Twitter fury over Catherine’s return and Lenkov’s suggestion they watch the remaining shows and he’d accept their apology leads me to believe he’s got a Romance novel ’HEA’ Slapped into the last two hours, without the romance novel storyline that should have taken a few episodes to resolve.
    Personally, I never cared for Catherine, but the rapid shippers had their teeth sunk into them and ran off any other woman for Steve.
    I do not expect a finale as good as the pilot.
    I see our wonderful show going out with a weak whimper, not the pilot’s big bang 😢

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    • Dq

      I don’t see how anyone could want Steve to reconcile with Catherine. Forget the lying. Twice. When Doris died, Steve saw what the CIA did to her life. As she said “you can change you name but you can’t change your past”. She leaved the CIA, married and had a family and it was still not able to get away. She lost her husband and her family. Catherine is in the CIA. How can Steve believe that Catherine can just walk away and not have a “Doris” situation? Do you think he would want his own kids go through the hurt and broken lives that he and Mary lived?


  4. Nancy 13

    That’s how you know it’s fiction. What woman would leave Steve/Alex?

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