#H50 – Commander Steve McGarrett and His Last Birthday?

It is 10 March – Steve McGarrett’s birthday!

(Please do not confuse it with Alex O’Loughlin’s birthday.

Alex’s birthday is on 24 August)

Will this be the last time that we celebrate Steve McGarrett’s birthday? Will Steve McGarrett survive the series finale of Hawaii Five-0? The man who has lost so much during the past 10 years that we have followed his life.

He lost his best friend and SEAL buddy  Freddie a few days before we met Steve in 2010. Then Steve had to listen to the shot that killed his father, John McGarrett, minutes after we first saw him. His Aunt Deb died with him at her bedside in 2016. His friend and mentor Joe White died in his arm in 2018. And in 2019 his mother Doris, who kept om lying to him, died tragically in his arms when the only thing he wanted to do, was to save her.

Will Steve’s fate also be to follow them to the eternal rest of the big beyond, or will there still be some rest, tranquillity and love for him still here on earth till his old age?

For that, I guess we will have to wait and see what the series finale on 3 April hold for him …..

In any case, I am kind of sure we will still find a way to remember and to celebrate this day in the years to come.

The birthday of our fictional hero Steve McGarrett!!

Here is your chance to make your prediction.

What do you think will happen to Steve in the finale of Hawaii Five-0?

  1. Steve dies at the end
  2. Just another day – life goes on as usual.
  3. Steve moves away from Hawaii and leaves Five-0 behind.
  4. It will be a cliffhanger and we won’t know.


Ten Seasons Of Steve McGarrett:


And on a happier note …..

Happy Birthday




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20 responses to “#H50 – Commander Steve McGarrett and His Last Birthday?

  1. D. Havard

    I’m kinda hoping he and Eddie will go off into the sunset together.

    Happy Birthday Steve. Here’s hoping you find what you’re looking for and like what you find.

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  2. mamayorkie

    Happy Birthday Steve. You had a tough year. May the rest of your birthdays be filled with sunshine and butterflies.

    My thoughts:
    It was a cliffhanger with Steve going off to find himself until the show was cancelled (or ended if it makes you feel better).

    Now, I think Steve leaves the Island to meet up with Catherine and they finally get their HEA. Whether we see her or not is still a question, but I have a feeling we will, even if she had to shoot her scene in L.A.. PL aid she would be there until the end and this is the end.

    Danny chooses Rachel over his job, leaving Grover in charge,

    And just to make the finale have something for everybody, -Steve and Danny agree to meet on the top of the Empire State Building in ten years, and if neither is married, maybe give that relationship a go!

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    • I usually hate anything to do with “mcdanno” but your roof top meeting cracked me up big time LOL
      P.s. I was hoping for Alex´s big bang death for Steve, but apparently PL has said the tears in finale will be happy ones. That sounds a bit dissappointing to me.


      • mamayorkie

        Steve can’t die because the character is not one created by the EP. The name of the original creator escapees me at the moment, but the character was always treated with respect in deference to the family. So, in 30 years Steve needs to be alive for another reboot.

        But as a practical matter, I really believe the door was left open for McG to turn up on Magnum someday. Certainly I think AOL will be able to direct an episode or even write script if he remains in Hawaii. Then he can tell us what he has been up to since he left.

        I think the tears are goodbye tears.

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    • Or give it a go, and jump – Thelma and Louise style

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  3. Tanya

    Happy Birthday Steve, and many many more. You deserve the best because you are the best. I will miss seeing you on tv and on my worst day looking at your beautiful smile always make me smile. Love you always.

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  4. I guess this is the last time we think of McG’s bday 😢 I think Steve will be heading off somewhere in the end. That’s a cliffhanger that could be worked either way. He leaves for good but leaves the door open if Alex could have been convinced to stay with the show. I’m thinking they may kill off Adam.

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  5. Catherine

    I hope steve stays in hawaii with danny.i hope steve is not sick.i hope that is the ending we get.mcdanno forever.


  6. lindae5o

    I really don’t want Steve to die. I wondered if that knock he got to the back of his head in ep.10.19 would be significant, or whether it was just incidental. I hope he doesn’t have radiation sickness. If Steve is alright, I hope he opens up about what has been bothering him. Steve has suffered so many personal losses, while still being that dependable rock for everyone else, and their needs.
    I always hoped Steve would end up with Catherine, but I doubt that will happen. No McDanno ending, please!!! With what seems limited time, I hope they managed to create a decent ending for HF-O.
    Writing for, or making occasional appearances on Magnum, would be ideal for Alex.

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  7. Cassiopea 1000

    I’ve voted for the cliffhanger option as a way to have all of us satisfied, deciding what we want for Steve. A rich life in Hawaii with Cath and Eddie, the creation of a new task force in the continent, with a non-grumpy Danno happy at last to be with his friend and near Grace and Rachel, whatever. The possibilities are infinite and we can, each of us, cherish Steve’s memory by giving him the life we think he deserves.

    As I am writing this, I’m still saddened by the end of the show, though I know perfectly well that it could not go on forever. Never before had a fiction character made such an impact on me. I suppose that it’s because Alex made Steve so real, so believable, so tough yet so vulnerable. What an actor, guys, what an actor!

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  8. happy birthday steve i hope they write it like just another day, Just an episode where we get a lot of answers , tie up loose ends please , maybe see some old characters . but in the end they are all partying at steves house again, We end with smiles and that way we can all decide how it really ends on our own. Aloha

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  9. agustin

    happy birthday


  10. Willow

    Happy Birthday Steve and I’m sure there will be many more to come!
    I would like there to be a McGarrett junior so the happy tears are that the McG line will continue! Not sure how Catherine and Danny fit in at the end – have mixed feelings there! maybe because of the situation with Daiyu Mei (can’t be bothered to check spelling but you know who I mean!) Steve makes the heartbreaking decision to leave behind his beloved Hawaii and Ohana and go in to hiding/start a new life somewhere to give his son a chance to grow up (yes, I realise he wouldn’t be such a young child, but anyway!)
    away from his enemies.
    Obviously, there is already something brewing behind the scenes that only Steve (and probably Frank Bama) know about.
    I don’t see how Steve going on a mission to go after Daiyu Mei would be a happy ending – the Ohana would be so worried again.
    The only reason that I see Steve leaving long term is to protect someone, I don’t see him leaving it all behind to be with Cath because we haven’t seen any build up to that at all but I do think she’ll be in the final somehow. Not sure how Danny fits in at the end either! Maybe returns to Jersey to be with his family post injury.
    I also think they are hinting at Steve’s declining health but who the heck knows! The only happy outcome for me can be that there is a mini McGarrett but we will never know if he grows up to be the mensch of a man that his father is!
    Oh well, just existing in that horrible place at the moment where I don’t want it to end but I want to know how it ends.
    AAArggghh – the feels! Thank goodness for fan fiction to end it the right way.

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  11. Magnólia

    O nosso belo comandante irá dizer adeus à sua equipa e partirá à procura de paz e serenidade que tanto precisa e merece.
    Sentar-se-á no topo de uma montanha olhando o mar….Depois de algum tempo de reflexão, irá à procura do seu amor ingrato e fugidio.
    Afinal, não mandamos no nosso coração e ele por vezes, tem razões que a razão desconhece.
    Quantos de nós já amou quem não deve?

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  12. Marlene

    I love this show and have followed Alex since Moonlight. I will miss you and hope you take a rest and go on in a less dangerous role. Bless you and your family and the whole cast.


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