We Continue With More #H50 “Thank You’s” , Farewells & Memories

We are trying to capture and share as many of the messages as they come in every day.

  • Memories from Peter Lenkov (July 2010)

First day of shooting post pilot #h50 #blessing



  • From Ian Anthony Dale  (aka Adam Noshimori)

Hawaii Five-Ohana forever. I love you guys. Aloha. Mālama pono. A hui hou. 🤙🏽

  • From Rey Payumo (Guest actor on Epi 7:12)

Thank you #hawaii50 for the work and thank you #alexoloughlin ,it was a pleasure working with you and enjoyed the conversations of my old hometown #Venice ,California when it used to be were the debris meets the sea the #oldhood .also thank you for throwing the #VeniceBoyz V up with me ! True Homie! Good luck and continued success bruddah! THANK YOU #HAWAII50 I will missed working with you guys #BLESSED#piratemailman#venicepunx#suicidalraider#punkrockactor#hawaiifive0#miguel 

  • From Rosesita Guzman (#H50 Crew)

Until next time 🤙🏾 Aloha and Mahalo my Ohana #h50 #hawaiifiveo #hawaii50

  • From Matthew (Stunt double for Beulah Koale (aka Junior))

Hawaii Five 0 mahalo mahalo. What a journey and run it has been. I am so grateful for the opportunities that this show has provided and continues to provide. Starting out as a background extra seasons 2-7 then moving on to stand in then stunt double for my man @beulahkoale. I appreciate you brother for everything you have done for me and my family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to work and do things that one can only dream of. I have gained a brother for life and true friendship. The many sacrifices that the crew and cast put into this show has been amazing. I will be forever grateful for being a part of this awesome production. So many people to thank, such a tight nit Ohana. From the PAs to the Directors on up it has been a pleasure working with each and everyone of you. Much mahalo to stunt coordinator Eric Norris and Laura for the many opportunities you have given me. Let us continue to grow and learn something new each and everyday. Mahalo Hawaii Five 0 for an amazing 10 years! #hawaiifive0#h50#h50stunts#hawaiifive0stunts#h50stuntteam @hawaiifive0cbs#season10#mahalohawaiifive0

Forever my Five-0 Ohana.❤️ Yesterday was a Series Wrap on HAWAII FIVE-0. I’m so grateful to have known, worked, and become friends with each and everyone of you! Remember it’s not goodbye. It’s Until I See You Again! Love you all! Aloha. 🤙🏻🌊 #H50 #H50Ohana

  • More memories from Peter Lenkov (March 2010)

Here’s another. Wish it wasn’t so blurry. This was our first weekend together – we had shot 5 days of the pilot, then went on a shark dive on the North Shore. #H50


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6 responses to “We Continue With More #H50 “Thank You’s” , Farewells & Memories

  1. thank you so much for the great pics and articles you always provide . Thank you for bringing Alex and the crew to us. Love how you mixed the old and the new thanks again for this awesome site, Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tricia Seesaran

    I love this show, the cast are amazing incredibly talented actors/actresses. I’ve watched them from day 1 and I absolutely love Alex and Chi. My one wish for my birthday was to talk with them via WhatsApp or Skype or facetime…but I’m sure it won’t be possible. I love them all. All my love from all the way in Trinidad, Caribbean.


  3. I remember the first time I watch alex on h50 I didnt even see him I was watching Scott then I saw alex he is one of the best actors I know I bought everything he ever did but I’m going to miss him on Friday nights


  4. Kathleen Pirpamer

    Watching from Toronto. My husband and I watched H50 for all 10 seasons and knew what we would be doing every Friday night. We will totally miss this show. I particularly loved how you brought world issues to the screen. Thank you all so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rose M. DesJardins and Kaylyn V. Johnson

    Never miss an episode of your show. Will miss your show and all of you. My 14 year old and I flew to Hawaii in 2018 with the hope of spotting a filming a or seeing an actor, but no luck. Wishing everyone continued health and prosperity.


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