#H50 – Last day on Set for #AlexOLoughlin (2 March 2020)

Although filming will only wrap up today (3March) with the stunt team, it seems that yesterday 2 March was Alex’s last day on set. Just a few days short of 10 years ago when on 5 March 2010 they started filming the first scenes of the Pilot episode.

Thank you to Mailani Photography/Tours for posting these pictures.

Please note that they were actually filming the second last (or rather first part if the 2-hour finale) last. The final episode already wrapped last week.

  • Alex and his assistant  Dillon Rafdal arriving on set.

“Five-O-Gourmet Photo Tour” has been upgraded to “Five-O-Gourmet Photo Tour”!
We’re the only company on the Five O’s Holy Land pilgrimage tour to stop at Kono’s House, McGarrett’s House, Rachel Grace’s House, Catherine’s House, Chin’s House (now), Lou’s House, and Adam’s House! If you are looking for a Five O Tour, by all means.
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# Discover McGarrett in the really true last shoot of Five O !
It’s like taking a picture today at a cargo ship wharf and launching a crank-up …




# Discover McGarrett in the really true last shoot of Five O !
Alex, crank up. Thank you for 10 years, and thank you! Mahalo Alex!


Hopefully, there will be some more pictures coming through of this final day of shooting.



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17 responses to “#H50 – Last day on Set for #AlexOLoughlin (2 March 2020)

  1. jenny roos

    Understand all the reasons for this being the end. But can’t help tearing up here. Like losing a family member. Aloha Alex and Five O.

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  2. mamayorkie

    If these are the last shots then what happened to all of the guest stars planned for the finale? Are they just flash backs scenes from past shows or scenes to be filmed in L.A. and edited in later or what?. This is very confusing. Surely if any of these people were on the Island there would have been some sightings of them at the airport, hotel etc. Did I get this all wrong?


    • Yes, there were sightings of those guest stars. They posted pictures
      Remember as I said at the beginning – this is the second last episode. The last episode wrapped early last week.

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  3. CassG

    Thanks much FOYeur and thanks to Mailani Photography for capturing Alex doing his thing as the hours count down to a precious few.

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  4. Cassiopea 1000

    I’m feeling very… what word should I use? Coronavirus permitting, I’ll visit Oahu again by the end of April, a trip I planned months ago. As I said once, Alex or no Alex, Hawaii grows on you, so I’m not going to cancel the trip because H50 is over. I never went there in the hope of seeing Alex when he was shooting and am not hoping to meet him now in a restaurant, in the street, or behind a banyan tree. To a certain point, it’s good there will be no H50 shooting. It’ll save me to instinctively crane my neck each time I see an HPD car, you know, just in case they are shooting. Now if they are, it will be for Magnum and I couldn’t care less.

    But I have doubts concerning the H50 tour I booked a few weeks ago as a surprise treat to my mom, an inveterate Steve/Alex fan. My idea of both of us sitting in those chairs in front of the ocean at McGarrett’s house so we could enjoy all the more the future scenes in the show and say to our friends “Hey, girls, WE have been sitting there!”, with pics as supporting evidence, is now pointless, and I wonder if I should cancel the tour. That is if the operators don’t cancel it themselves.

    I wonder if I should take the tour and consider it a happy reminder of good times past, or if I’ll feel I’m on a mourning pilgrimage.

    And I ask: What would you guys do?


    • mamayorkie

      Only you can answer that question and make that decision. If it were I, and the tour made that a stop, I think I would sit in those chairs, remember all of the people who sat there before me and reminisce about a show which will live forever in our hearts. Should you decide to go, and If you need to shed a tear, then do it, but smile at your good fortune to be there. Walk on the beach and be happy.

      Let us know what you decide.


    • Can only speak for myself, but if those chairs were still there many years from now, I would still want to go and sit there and say …”I was there”.

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  5. theresa brown

    I will miss the show so much and will greatly miss Alex. I wish Alex the best. I hope he can found a way to heal his back because I known how he feels. Hope to see him in another show or movie very soon. Love you Alex

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  6. Mark Landsberg

    Hawaii 5.0 is the best series ever in the modern day ever .this should not end in the last 10 years hawaii has grown and is a very big hit in south africa very very sad going miss the cast and the banter in hawaii 5.0 is there any way for it not to end .to all the cast and crew thank u very much for the best t v series ever

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  7. Dehaine

    An excellent actor, director, i wish him a lot of success for the future, a very great talent!!! , that his back improves ,this is the main, see you soon Alex ! I am an inveterate woman!!!


  8. Susan

    Alex you will be missed. You are the main reason I liked the show especially when you were after the bad guys. Sorry you were injured so many times. You have a beautiful wife. Always love her and enjoy being with your boys. They will be grown before long. Hope you will have another TV series coming up. I would like reruns of Hawaii five o. Best wishes to all your tv family.


  9. CassG

    Cassiopea I agree with Mamayorkie and FOYeur! Go and enjoy those moments. Life can be beautiful but fleeting. Take advantage and take in the beauty and reminisce. I get tearful just thinking about it. Of course we will want all the details.😊

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  10. Actually I saw Alex O’Laughlin in another show a few years back. Probably 5 years or so. The show was called “Moonlight.”
    Believe it or not he played a vampire.
    I LOVED the show ! It was selected to be given a People’s Choice Award I think, as a favorite show. And then was cancelled !! Thats not the first time I’ve heard of a popular show being given an award and then cancelled. Why do they do that ?? Anyway it broke my heart a little.
    I haven’t watched Hawaii 50 all the time, but I did like the episodes I saw. And hate to see it cancelled as well.

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    • Hi Jean
      Moonlight was actually on 12 years ago and ran from Sept 2007 till May 2008.
      Here on our site dedicated to all of Alex’s work you can find lots of information and posts and pictures and interviews and reviews about it all – including lots of stuff about Moonlight which we also feel as cancelled too soon. Here are the links to all the Moonlight posts: https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/micks-fangs/
      The scenarios for these two show (Moonlight & H50) are totally different.
      Moonlight was cancelled after 16 episodes because of many reasons including a writers strike at the time and the fact that the show did not belong to CBS.
      H50 was produced by CBS and also won the People’s Choice Award for the best new show, just like Moonlight, but it moved on to do 10 seasons and 240 episodes – that is what is called a great success.

      It is also now ending because Alex no longer wants to be in it – I think most of Alex’s fans would support him on that decision and not hate him for it.


  11. Will miss it love this programme was never the same when chin kono and others started leaving

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    • Hi Diane
      For me, the new characters brought a fresh new look and vibe on the show. I think without them, Alex might have ended his run on the show 2 years earlier at the end of Season 8 already.


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