#H50 – Some saying their farewells …

Yesterday the news broke about the two-hour series finale of Hawaii Five-0 on 3 April. There were a lot of online media and social media responses to it. We thought to capture some of the initial thoughts from cast and crew and also some actors who used to be on the show……

One word from Peter – saying so much ….



Hawaii 5-0 will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you to the #H50 family for always making me feel at home, to the entire cast and crew and to the countless fans who have loved this show since the beginning…I will miss you all. @hawaiifive0cbs


Once #ohana always ohana! This is not even half of them. #hawaiifiveo#hawaii50#h50

Love you always my Five-0 ohana! Mahalo nui loa. Aloha a hui hou. #Aloha #H50 🤙🏻🌊


Well…. that’s a wrap🙏🏻❤️


Very sad to be saying farewell to the most amazing cast and crew, and a special thanks to #alexoloughlin for 10 incredible years of hard work and dedication. It’s been a blessing to have documented the ride! #aloha#h50




It’s been a good run! 10 seasons of Hawaii Five-0 and we just got the news today that this is the last one 😭it’s got some people in their feelings 😂 see y’all on the next one #five0#ohana



I will miss you all. I love you all. Big hugs. Shooting my very last scene on 5-0 in about one hour. 🧡 Very sad.

You can click on the Twitter links to get to original post and responses to it

  • From Abby:

  • H50 writer

  • Crew

  • Chin Ho Kelly

  • H50 writer

  • Charlie Fong (still wonder what happened to this character?)

  • Hirsch

  • Producer/writer

  • From CBS

Eddie and Steve filming their last scenes …. #McEddieForever

With some of my gang on my last day of work on this great show called #hawaiifive0 💙#lastday#greatestcastandcrew#ohana

Alex gave me a really beautiful and sweet send off in front of the entire cast and crew – this was the tail end of it. I’ll miss that man and his jiu-jitsu moves


Aloha Commander McGarrett ……..


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12 responses to “#H50 – Some saying their farewells …

  1. Regina Filange

    When I first saw the post from cbs on my Facebook feed I was at work and thought it said season finale which we all knew was scheduled for April 3. I got home from work and saw it again and am devastated. While I just started watching the show 5 years ago I have seen every episode countless times.
    I get the reasons it had to end. I always knew it would. I was just hoping that they would let us down gently, not just drop it on us like a load of bricks.
    While we all know that the finale won’t satisfy everyone I hope that the cast and crew know that they have done a hell of a job over the past 10 years.
    I will always miss seeing our Comander Mcgarrett on Friday nights. Friday’s won’t be the same without him. My coworkers joke that I’ll need a lifesize Alex to get me through it. Only the real deal I said. Mahalo to everyone who worked on the show and to you guys for this blog. I can’t wait to see what the next step is for Alex. I hope he lands on his feet and does something else that is as great as this show was for me.😭❤#h50fanforlife


    • teachergrl23

      I think it’s so sudden, because Alex decided not to renegotiate again. I’m pretty sure PL has known this for a while, though. They were probably hoping Alex would change his mind again, like he did after S8. Except, he didn’t this time. He’s exhausted after ten years of this show, and I don’t blame him. It’s an action-heavy show, he’s first on the call sheet, he’s suffered multiple injuries over the years, gone to rehab, etc. It was his first show that actually succeeded, and I don’t think he expected it to go THIS long. I think they were waiting to make the announcement until they knew for sure he wasn’t going to stick around.

      Alex has long talked about sacrificing time with his family for this show. He constantly mentioned how 25 episodes a year was a lot and “too much television.” lol I think he wants/needs a break from work for a while. He wants to be with his family more, he doesn’t want to risk his health, etc. When his back issues were really bad in S7-S8, he said he wanted to be able to “throw a football with my grandkids.” He could barely move or get out of bed to go to work, he was in so much pain. He couldn’t even pick up his kids. While his back is healed, the effects of injury and a decade of stunts will always be there.

      I remember the director of 9.10 (who Alex had worked with in the past on a film) saying on Instagram that Alex told him he was ready to go back to film. For years now, Alex has talked about reading scripts he wanted to do, but couldn’t due to his schedule. He even explained that he spent his summer breaks catching up on sleep and spending time with his family, while everyone else did films. He was too tired to work on his hiatus.

      A crew member posted on Instagram close to 10.07 that Alex sacrificed time with his family last summer to write the episode. I think Alex wants to go back to film, and he probably will after a small break. That gives Alex more flexibility. He films a movie for 2-3 months, then he can take as much time off as he wants to go on vacation and be with his family. Television is a huge commitment, because it’s every day.

      He did joke at Paley Fest last year about quitting acting and focusing on directing, because he’s more comfortable with it. I don’t think he’ll do that completely, but I do think he’ll take a break for a while. And when he does return, it’ll be to film. He may not do television for a while. If he does, I think he’ll go back to non-action dramatic roles or guest spots here and there. I think he’s really itching to work in film again, though.

      Alex will absolutely land on his feet, no doubt about that. I look forward to his next project, but I’m glad he’s taking a much needed break and putting his health first. Family comes first, his well-being comes first. He’s literally sacrificed his body for this show.

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    • kimberley Rawn

      Gonna miss H50 loved watching every episode. So sad its all coming to a end wish you guys all best for the future.


      Good luck guys .


  2. Debbie Fischer

    I’m sure going to miss you and the 50 crew


  3. CassG

    Very nice and also bittersweet. It was also good to hear from Daniel Dae and Brian Yang, who I liked, and one of my favorite guests Will Lee.
    Most emotional were the Eddie posts. Seeing that face reading the posts and esp seeing him with Steve/Alex was instant 😭. Also seeing Alex’s empty chair.😭
    Thanks much for the post showing a lot of love and warmth in spite of the circumstances. True Ohana! ❤

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  4. Carol Michel

    Please never say never I was coming to Hawaii to see the show and the cast but now that won’t happen happen but anyway enjoy your life you earned it thank you and everyone else I have the original and the reboot on DVD so again thank you and thanks for the memories guys and girls

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  5. Sniff. The last picture killed me. 😥

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  6. Daniel biddle

    I will miss the show and the entertainment it gave me thru the years. P.S. They should let me get that Silverado Alex used in the show

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  7. Geoff

    Well done tribute for an extraordinary ten years.

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  8. Ida Houston

    I have watched this show every week since it cane on ten years ago and I am sad to see it end! 😢 I loved all the actors and will miss watching them all. I hope they will continue to act in the future so I can watch them on something new! Best of luck to the entire cast! You will be missed!

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  9. Carol Marshall

    Thanks all involved with H50! You made our Friday nite so enjoyable for the last 10 years.Hope you will show reruns as I dont know what I’ll do if not! Love all of you,much success in the future!

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  10. Steph6

    Aloha to my five o family I’ve watched since season 2 I feel like you are my family I’m sad to see it come to an end after 10 seasons but blessed to have the entertainment I’ve had over the years… Good luck to each and every one on next endeavor. I wish I was in right place at the right time to maybe pop by as y’all were taping to maybe shake hands with some of you …i was on cruise through 3 islands in October 5 years ago… And I rarely fly anymore so doubt if I’d coincidentally see any of u out and about… as I’m all the way in Florida. Good luck to each and every one of you.

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