#H50 10:18 – Steve, the Team and Some Pirates.

Well, even with all the emotions around the show coming to an end, we should not forget to still have a look at the latest episode, I guess.

In the end, Adam’s story was what it was. Nothing hidden. He decided on his own to take on the Yakuza – risking it all. Not only his own life but also the lives and reputation of his fellow Five-0 members. But I guess in McGarrett fashion he understands Adams motives …… and we move on?

The timeline of Adam’s story and the end of the last episode and Steve now ironing a shirt again for a date got me confused – but who cares? And Steve now suddenly dating the Vet (Emma) again – even more confusing  – but who cares?

And in order to accommodate such a huge main cast and their schedules, we once again have several stories happening at once. Adam taking down half of the Yakuza on his own, the team killing the rest, Steve and the team hunting pirates and Noelani’s uncle murdered ……

After a few episodes without gunfights and other major raids and fight scenes- we even got 3 separate scenes this episode (maybe more – I lost count).

….. And a happy Ohana gathering. And again Noelani after suffering major trauma in a day, having to happily sit through another celebration of the Five-0 family …..

I do not watch Magnum PI, and not sure how much they use Kimee as Noelani on the show, but I do hope her role there gets even bigger after H50 ends.

Here is to Steve and his team to another job well done …. only 4 more to go 😥


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23 responses to “#H50 10:18 – Steve, the Team and Some Pirates.

  1. I just noticed that his back tattoo wasn’t covered this time….hmmm interesting.

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    • A peekaboo of the Back Tattoo
      That happened a lot over the years with Steve and even before that with Mick.
      We have posted footage of those peeks of the back tattoo and even the gecko on many occasions.
      They only cover it when Steve goes shirtless. When it is seen by accident like this time, most “serious” fangirls squeal about it. 😛

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  2. --cheryl

    Steve dating Emma again also confused me, especially since she said she was seeing someone. However, considering the look on Steve’s face when Emma left his house that day, I think he realized what he was letting slip through his fingers and decided to try again with her. And seeing how we’re coming to the end, I predict that since the pilot started the tool box mystery, the finale will solve that mystery. Then, I think Steve will step down from 5-0 to concentrate on his personal life. And, at least right now, it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s Emma. Of course, I could be wrong. Probably am. 🙂


    • Dq

      I didn’t understand the Emma date also. They went a date and he never called her again. Then she told him she was seeing some new. Then she agrees to another date? Really? And it seems that he jilted her that night. Who would put up with that crap? Maybe she went out to bingo with Renee. She seems to have a lots of nights alone. Why wouldn’t Grover just go home his to wife? Why wouldn’t Steve just go home, shower and go out with Emma? I think Junior is going into live in with Tani. Why is Danny still living with Steve? I think that Danny is going to sell his house and move in Steve for ever and they are going to live like bachelors till they are both old and gray. And as far Adam. You cares. He has been a fifth wheel since he came back to Hawaii without Kono.


  3. mamayorkie

    Thank you for the great photos. I will miss the ones from the set.

    I thought the Vet was seeing someone else. But, you are right. who cares. Did he even keep the date? I don’t know. Maybe the whole point of Steve and Danny sitting in the kitchen while Steve irons his shirt is to give the McDanno’s a little domestic bromance to enjoy.

    With so little time left I wish they had not used it on Neolani’s story but it is possible that when that was filmed no one knew the show was going to end. i believed the finale would be a cliffhanger but now they will write it as closure. That’s a word so many fans threw around for years but were always wrong about what actually closed. .Now they get to say it and be right. I am so happy for them.

    So Adam was a good guy pretending to be a bad guy and Steve had no idea. I don’t have much faith in Adam seeing his next birthday. Junior and Tani find happiness because the show is ending and there isn’t enough time to break them up.

    I am wondering at what point the network knew it was pulling the plug. It looks like it took some of the cast and crew by surprise just like it did the fans. Is it possible that the final decision was made so suddenly that the secret didn’t have time to leak?


    • I think that maybe the whole point of all the kitchen scenes was that they were easy to shot and could fit into Scott’s schedule on set. Maybe they were even all shot in one day?
      I get the feeling that A LOT of scenes this season were shot when they were not really shooting that specific episode. And I picked up a few that were also shot with greenscreen and added in.
      Editing all this stuff must have been a challenge.

      You speak about Noelani’s story, but I think one of the last episode will have a Quinn story as well – kind of redundant now that the show will end. We never really knew her, and the thought might be why bother now. But as you said, it might have been done before they new it will be the end.

      “Is it possible that the final decision was made so suddenly that the secret didn’t have time to leak?” << that sounds about right to me. I think the decision was coming, but in the end, it happened fast.

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      • mamayorkie

        I agree with you. I think they all realized that the end was not far off anyway (maybe an abbreviated half season to tie up the loose ends) but trying to bring in a new actor to replace Alex and have the ratings go down further was probably not worth it economically to the network. And as far as the network is concerned, it is the bottom line,(money) that calls the shots.

        I am hoping, and expecting a wonderful two part season finale. There will be something there for everybody.

        Thank you for this site. Since it is based on AOL and not the show itself, I think we will all meet here for many years to come and perhaps one day discuss what really happened only as a side issue, just as we do Moonlighting. I have a feeling we do not know everything yet. I am going to ignore all rumors and wait until we get the facts directly from Alex and Peter in their post series interviews.

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  4. I want your opinion because I still have my doubts. If CBS wanted to renew Alex’s contract with the terms Alex would do less action scenes more Mcdanno moments his health first of course,he wouldn’t have say no, because he is an honest guy he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans the crew and their families


    • --cheryl

      I think that’s what he’s been doing for the past few years, trying to hold on for the other cast members and crew. I just think that it got to the point where he had no choice but to end it. It looks like Season 10 was very hard on him. He lost weight, and yes, he’s as good looking as ever, but he’s aged this past season. I think he knew he had to go, and I think the ‘powers that be’ knew they couldn’t successfully go on without him, and that’s why they ended it this year.

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      • Dq

        I think the discussion of ending was from Alex. Maybe the contract didn’t offer more $ and less scenes. The show can continue with less scenes of Scotts but not Alex. As Alex aging? It is ridiculous that he has a whole head of dark hair and have completely gray stubble. He can shave, but his hair must needed to touched up often. He has less gray in his hair now then he had in season 1. His weight? I was thinking because some Veagan diet in his personal life. The stunts? He has a stunt double. The show should be using the double more often and should have been used earlier. Does he still practice JuJitsu? That must be hard on his back. The only is, is that Hawaii 50 can not continue without Commander Steve McGarrett.


  5. Sue

    According to what Peter has said, Catherine, Wo-Fat and Steve’s Dad, will be in the final show. How Wo-fat and Steve’s Dad will appear, will be interesting, as both are dead. Seems the crew were shocked, on the show ending. I think Alex, is in too much pain, to continue.
    Hope that the pictures and info on Steve continue. Really enjoy them.

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    • Not sure that Peter said that Catherine or Steve’s dad will be there.
      I do know that Wo Fat will be there and the champbox.
      New pictures of Steve might end, but pictures of Alex and maybe new roles will always be shared. 🙂

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  6. D. Havard

    Maybe he’s in pain. That’s what a lot of blogs are saying. Or maybe someone made him a better offer. He did say he wanted to produce/direct/write. And with Magnum taking over Hawaii-wise, the economy really doesn’t need 2 shows so maybe Alex feels the pressures off, and he can bow out gracefully.

    Or maybe they offered him 007?

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    • I wish that almost everyday he is perfect for this role,he deserves to be the 1#actor in Hollywood.


    • Yes, I guess all anybody can do at this time is speculate.
      I think the fact that Magnum Pi is there to provide jobs made a little bit easier for Alex, although there will be many who will have to seek other employment.
      Doubt if anybody is offering any jobs for 007 yet.
      The last Daniel Craig one is only coming out now and I think it will be many years before they ever think about the next one.
      BUT I do hope that there are other offers for him on the table or that there will be soon. Think it will give him something to look forward to as an actor. Something creative fresh and new.


  7. He is the perfect age and the perfect man to be the New James Bond. OH HOW I WISH!!!!


  8. Pau

    Helow, what worries me is not that I finish the series H 5o, what worries me is what Alex’s future is going to be and not seeing him anymore that would really make me very sad


    • Hi Pau
      Yes, of course, we as fans of Alex would all like to see a bright future as an actor and creative artist for him.
      Everything depends on how he sees his own future as an entertainer.

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  9. Carla

    Love the man, the seal, the the show the cast. This ending will be difficult , but we must endure.


  10. CassG

    My thoughts on the Emma date. I know…..who really cares at this point!! Just thought that maybe Emma was not really seeing anyone but just said that to Steve because the situation itself was awkward and embarrassing esp for her. I really think she really liked Steve therefore the second date. If whomever she was seeing was all that anyway I don’t see her dating Steve again esp after what had previously occurred. His delayed look after she left also said he still was interested and would maybe give it another shot which he did so hence a second date. This was my hopeful scenario anyway as I wanted him to have romance back in his life.

    As far as Adam is concerned in my gut I really was hoping that he would not go against 5’0 and I’m glad it went the way it did esp after what he’d put Steve and other team members through.

    Loved the pics.


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